Science? What Science?

So it’s official. The World Health Organization(WHO) has come out clearly and without reservation. The lockdowns are not to be used as an effective measure for stopping the spread of the China flu.

The economic and mental damage has far outweighed any advantage we may or may not have had against viral transmission.

The issue isn’t 90 year old champagne socialists that are dying. It’s millions of Africans dying. Living on $2 a day is miserable beyond American comprehension. Take away that $2 and people die. This doesn’t even account for the billions living on $5 a day and so on.

Masks, lockdowns, totalitarian edicts from power drunk governors who are constantly caught being absolute scum bag hypocrites. What more do you people need? When is enough, enough?

I’m done. no vaccine, no mask, no more blind obedience. Life is risky. If you can’t handle the daily risks of walking alone outside in the sunshine without a mask, how the hell do you stomach getting into a car? Viral pandemics are as old as travel. We have dealt with them the same way forever. Through the process of adapting to the virus and the virus adapting to the hosts. Eventually a threshold is met and the virus learns to become more contagious but far less lethal and becomes something like a seasonal flu or cold.

Since we have known for months that children and young adults are basically immune to this particular virus, we should have allowed them to act as if everything was normal and let the virus run its course.

Would people have died? Yes. Most of the COVID deaths have taken lives that were unlikely to see 2021 anyway. This isn’t about science, lives, or safety. This is a chance to depopulate the third world, mentally break the will of the western world, and force us into another reality that’s been crafted for us for a long time.

A new economic system, the internet of things, and constant health monitoring through electronic chip or something similar.

Will you take the shot? What if they threaten to turn off your internet? What if they go town by town and force medicate the nation with a novel RNA vaccine that’s rushed through every step of the vaccine efficacy and safety protocols of last year? Will you let them inject your children?

Decide now. Either way the consequences could be life threatening. Do you want to die on you feet, or live on your knees?

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