The America First Caucus, Bad, Good, OR Racist?

As far as I can tell this small group of actual Americans are simply calling out what it is. This American thing. Well, what is it? An idea? A people, for sure not. A tradition? Who’s tradition? Well it’s been many things to many people, since it was an idea. That idea was carefully tended to, until the seedling of liberty started a fire in the minds of men. This fire spread and tree of liberty took root. Then it was nurtured by the blood of patriots and tyrants until it could stand on its own.

It’s just a fact of history that these “united” states began as 13 seperate British colonies. They all settled in their own ways, had distinct regional cultures, but they shared a common language and faith. They were all christian even though there was over 1000 different denominations, they all read the same book. They all practiced English Common Law, as it was the tradition from their homelands. Others that happened to be German (today at least, Germany didn’t exist yet) or another European pioneer, were all too happy to adopt the system and it’s brilliant simplicity. English Common Law is the law of common sense and the golden rule.

The law is the result of a thousand years in England as the people, the Anglo-Saxon people, were at war with the Norman conquerors that eventually ruled what became the British Empire. For like 500 years the royalty in England spoke French. All of Europe is essentially ruled over by a very small handful of families. My people, the Northern English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and a few nordics, etc… didn’t take kindly to serfdom. It started with, out and out thievery through the lords from the serfs. The lords knew the serfs would revolt if taxed beyond about 15%. After that they were asking for revolt.

That’s right! The medieval serfs would raise up with sticks and revolt if taxed beyond about 15% of their labor. If this doesn’t make you feel like a cowardly, worthless, freerider that doesn’t deserve to carry the kilt of his ancestor serf, you are hopeless.

This unruly taxbase was a real pain in the ass for the lords. The lords themselves were expected to kick up way too much and their own personal liberties were barely better than the serfs they managed. This agitation developed into many, many conflicts. Eventually the first concrete contract between the crown and the management class was made law of the land, under threat of death, of course. The Magna Carta is that document. Below is a great link to its history and text.

After you read it though, you’ll no doubt notice the parties to the contract are not exactly universal. It’s a charter between the crown and the nobles. The important thing to realize is this. The people that have lived on this little couple islands on the northwest tip of Europe are a bit peculiar. They don’t accept much when it interferes with their traditions and legal customs. They have a very “eye for an eye” and “live and let live” philosophical approach to court. Capitol crimes were different and nobody wanted to be publicly tortured to death. The legal system pertaining to the business of the serfs, was one of common law.

It’s what we have come to know as civil law in the present. It used to be the only real law you would find yourself involved in. Injuring a person or property of another would be settled by making the other party whole. The crown courts that dealt with capital punishment were separate. All disputes between individuals were decided in courts where the juries ran the show. Penalties were directly related to the interests of the injured party. Monetary settlement was the norm.

Anyway, the next several hundred years are followed by many civil wars, foreign wars, and wars for conquest. My people drenched that island in enough blood that once they were rid of it, they blossomed into the US, Canada, Australia, partly South Africa, etc. Point being, we were a baby making people constantly trading them in for the next generation’s betterment. So many lives lost simply for a chance at a better life for the grandkids. This was the motivation that drove war after war. It had nothing to do with church and everything to do with control. Later when the English would come down hard on the Irish in their attempt at obvious genocide. It was power and not pulpit that inspired the war.

So the “Anglo-Saxon” tradition that eventually led from the Magna Carta to the english bill of rights and the infamously unwritten constitution of England, are the fruits of the tree so generously watered with the blood of my ancestors. When the 13 colonies had finally had it with being governed by a tone deaf and out of touch parliament and king, tradition was their guide. They knew how to effect change and set about to use the legal system they were educated in. When legal remedies proved inadequate they had to fall back on their roots for more guidance. Knowing full well the extreme consequences for failure, they rose to the occasion of their time. History knocked and they answered.

After an arduous struggle and difficult rebuilding of the colonies was underway a government was formed. This was a federation with common cause against England and it was to govern their relationship going forward as well. The Articles of Confederation were sufficient for a pact among individual sovereigns but failed to abolish the sovereignty of the 13 separate nations. The people of the states were very much citizens of their state. The very fact that we have “states” determines the government we could have been “given”. State meant sovereign, no different than the crown. Indeed the crown made individual peace treaties with each “sovereign” state.

A confederation of equal, sovereign states was the initial government. It was fought out through the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers. After the people were given every guarantee of the limits that this document put on the government, did they ratify. Total ratification took a long time and several states were holding out for fear of trading in the power they held for the power they were promised. Rhode Island was the last state to ratify like 3 years after Delaware.

This was the time of political “stump” speeches, an explosion in newspapers and pamphlets. The book Common Sense, by Thomas Payne. The absolutely moving speech by Patrick Henry in “Give me liberty or give me death”. I’m jumping around in time but we’re talking about the same era. It was amazing. Americans had a higher literacy rate than the do today. They were engaged in everything that a community takes care of. Churches, mens clubs, women’s clubs, the first public libraries, all right at this time. Nothing was “public”. If it was getting done, it was done by private people working for private contracts.

In this atmosphere of enlightenment thinking, a generally hardier stock of people, and a tradition that values liberty over life itself. The stars aligned and something that had never really been seen before or since, began. An experiment in self government. The logical end to the statement that “all men are created equal before God” is that sovereignty lies with the people. The government in theory, enjoys the consent and guidance of the people. Protecting trade, life, and property is the only purpose for the government at all.

Do you feel like the government is protecting your property by taking their “share” from your paychecks? Are they protecting trade or hinduring it? What does a “free” person require in order to accept work on a person’s home with satisfactory terms already decided by the 2 parties? License, permits, bonds, insurance, sexual harassment training, OSHA safety meetings, payroll taxes, workers comp, on and on. It’s unbelievable how much money we have to waste in order to get the things we need. In California you will be cited for letting your kids sell lemonade on the sidewalk. The Mexican citizen that’s selling strawberries on every corner? They don’t even have to worry. They can use banned leaf blowers to clean the yards of cash customers without so much as a question.

Love it or leave it. This is the culture of America. It’s the history of its founding stock and the forming of those people into a country of their own. They didn’t make any agreements with the world about who gets to be American. Americans chose who got to be a citizen of the greatest country formed by men. In fact, They were able to be very particular about the people who lived here and what those people would be expected to do. Europeans of good character. These were the people America was built for.

I would give anything for a return to the Constitution. Even though it is flawed and never should have replaced the Articles of Confederation. If the elite wanted access to every state’s militia for rebellions, I think the people would have said no. So it was sold as a republic in which the people retain sovereignty. It’s a written and evergreen document of the utmost elegance and simplicity. It gives the basic outline, on one large single page, what has become a $7 Trillion/year abomination, and threat to mankind.

The Constitution is a “living document” in that there are mechanisms for changing it. Amendments have been made up until midway last century. The law we call federal law today has no relationship with the constitution. It’s a disgusting patchwork of short time vote buyers trading voter’s modern day wampum, for actual labor, control, and military freedom to bomb whoever, for whatever.

I’m an Anarchist. I don’t believe in the superstition of government. I believe in people and people are interested in what’s good for each person. Putting people over one another was not part of the deal. Equality before the law is the SUPREME LAW OF THIS LAND. Standing armies were warned against and have proven to be America’s death kneel. The empire will and must die. Only question is, who dismantles it? It will be dismantled. Better us than a coalition of nations looking to do to us what the world did to Germany.

I’m for taking back as much power as we can. While being philosophically opposed to any government, I’m a realist too. I don’t expect anarchy to be achieved in my lifetime. I’m’ much more worried about civil war, real or contrived conflict with China, and naked tyranny at home. I just want to push back and there’s any number of places to do so.

The degree in which the past has been demonized and polluted is unbelievable. It has been done so with purpose so that it turns people off from even wanting to know about it. If you’re only taught America began with the first white slaver and his boat of Africans you might be discouraged from really looking into it. The fact that the most common name used to be John Smith also wasn’t an accident. It was the result of a very strict immigration policy heavily weighted towards Europeans. Until 1965 the country was a melting pot. Even if you weren’t English, being European gave you a shared history. These people have been neighbors since long before Rome or Greece. The Celtic tribes ruled Europe and are obviously bound commonly through art and culture.

Here’s some quotes from this groups platform;

The America First Caucus (AFC) exists to promote Congressional
policies that are to the long-term benefit of the American nation. The
North Star of any policy proposal will be that which serves the
American people, and any consequential analysis of policy platforms
must be based on this first principle.

America was founded on the basis of individual and state sovereignty, to ensure that no free
American would be lorded over by a Monarch ever again. Unfortunately, bureaucrats in
Washington, D.C. and the elites who control them have risen to form a new oligarchy — one
that is far more decadent, corrosive and hostile to the will of the people than the Founders could
have ever dreamed of. This is why sovereignty is of paramount importance to the AFC.

We will work to divest power from the federal government and give it back to the states and the
people to restore the balance of federalism. We believe in, and will fight for, the principles of
federalism and decentralization of political power; the government closest to the people is the
best equipped to handle their concerns. At the federal level, this means exposing deep state
actors, shrinking the regulatory state, and eliminating thousands of regulations and indeed
entire bureaucracies.

As such, America’s legal immigration system should be curtailed to those that can contribute not
only economically, but have demonstrated respect for this nation’s culture and rule of law.
America’s borders must be defended, and illegal immigration must be stopped without

A measure of a country’s greatness is the value recognized in being a citizen. As such, we
cannot tarnish this important designation by rewarding those who failed to follow our laws at the
expense of those who have, which is why amnesty must be rejected in all forms. Additionally,
we must abolish unnaturalized birthright citizenship, which actively encourages hostile interests
to undermine the legitimacy of democratic self-governance by engaging in subversive “birth
tourism” and chain migration. Lastly, federally imposed refugee resettlement programs should
be rejected due both to disruption to small communities and the corruption rampant within these

American tax dollars should not go toward teaching gender studies in Pakistan or supporting
ideologically subversive non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Taxpayer money should be
spent at home, allowing individual Americans to make charitable contributions to those around
the world in need. The America First Caucus believes that the American people are the most
kind and charitable in the world, and they would be far better at allocating their own money than
having corrupt bureaucrats play around with it.

Above is obviously were I got the 7 page document. Not exactly the covid bill. Slavery is like really cool to be branded with and known for, for like ever. I just don’t think it’s really fair or consistent with actual historical fact. I would prefer to be seen as an ancient people who have existed on this Earth for God knows how long. As a fairly small local on this big world the people to come from my island, Albion, are a special people, to me and to the world. What’s the international language of business? English. Who, after spending the people’s ,money to buy the freedom of all the slaves in England, then set about to rid it’s trade from the atlantic at large? England. Who brought the rule of law, christianity, and literacy to so many people? The English. All good stuff I would be a part of today? Hell no but don’t be stupid. On the whole dating back to the last real Celtic victory of Boudicca. Against Rome when she Raised London to the ground and delivered her people one last honorable victory before rome would be back decades later, and there to stay. The important work carried on by monks to preserve the Greek and Roman writings. The conversion of Rome into a Christian empire unifying Europe under a common God. The invasion and several hundred years of occupation of Spain and Italy by the African Moors. The Muslim slavers that would steal Europeans, specially women for slavery. Europe has been at the center of the world. It has safeguarded civilization from the mongols, muslims, and all other attacks by force. Communism, however, has polluted our body politic like no outside force could.

A great man remarked that if America were to fall it would be enemies from within rather than without. This was obviously a genius and a man who understood America and the dangers of such an open society. It’s assumed he still understood the defects of freedom far outway any gains from tyranny.

When it comes to buying into being American I think it’s worth the ride. We have a rich history that we allow, and even encourage (when coming authentically) the so called “new guy” to adopt the traditions as if they were his own. Why else would you want to live somewhere? To suck as much wealth out of the economy by undercutting natives to build homes in the country you are a citizen of? Is this what US Citizenship has become? Are we the worlds whores with no standards and no pride. We can’t be choosey in the slightest if it means adding to our country instead of debasing it? We have no right to free association at all. The country wants borders but I don’t think that’s what they mean. Borders wouldn’t be too much of an issue if the healthcare was cash only. Schools that require bilingual teachers were private and not available at public schools. All forms of any financial aid have to be tied to a SS # with corresponding ID. No license of any kind should ever be awarded to a foreign national who is here by way of running through a desert or a “coyote” experience. Promoting these human trafficking and exploitation second rate citizens is cruel and must stop.

I’m all for as many so called representatives adopting a policy that puts the taxpayers first. Why this would be in any way controversial, I have no idea. We are in serious trouble and the more people talking about putting Americans first the better.

Carpe LIbertatem

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