The 60’s Were Garbage, Sorry Hippy Simps

Here’s my take on why the 1960’s destroyed our society, government, and culture. It isn’t some hippy dippy apology to the commie USSR, a virtue signal for the Orwellian named “civil rights bill”, or some BS about righting wrongs against black soldiers returning from a conflict 20 years in the rear view.

All within a mere 5 years inside this awful decade, just a half of the 60’s, saw 4 of the most famous and most lied about political Assassinations this nation has witnessed.

If just the murder of JFK had happened, this alone would damper the decade. This is appallingly clear. The man took a kill shot to the front of his face. The American public has had video proof showing the graphic and undeniable evidence of such for decades and yet, no accountability. In fact, before we were ever shown the video for ourselves, Dan Rather made his bones by first purchasing the tape on behalf of his network, then describing how it showed Kennedy being thrown, “violently forward”. Fucking shameful and he’s dead now, hope it was worth it.

The next major assassination was right quick. Early 1965 gave us the murder of Malcom X. This was also very clearly a part of COINTELPRO. An undercover project to infiltrate the KKK, black militant groups, civil rights groups, and everyone they could justify, to themselves, as non American.

1965 Gave us the full retirement of anything you could call civilian control of the military. At this point Johnson was totally bought in to McNamara, and his famous morons. Johnson just gave up and rolled over to an egghead pussy that knew nothing of war and the generals that lived for it. The result, more explosive ordnance dropped on that little strip of Asia than all the bombs dropped in WWII together. After 20 years, or so, of killing, bombing, raping and burning… We were ran out of that country like fleeing roaches with nothing to show for our efforts except 50,000+ dead Americans, hundreds of thousands of drug addicted or mentally injured Americans, and millions of dead Vietnamese.

In the end, the military industrial complex hated the people of America and blamed the failure on the home front for the disaster, in country. This has birthed an even more paranoid and secretive military posture. The covert operations world bloomed in the chaos of the 1960’s.

But let’s move on.

King was next, at least when talking “most notable”. King was a guest in the white house and was on speaking terms with 2 faced Johnson. Hoover on the other hand, made no bones about it. That twink hated King with white hot and reckless abandon. Hoover considered nothing off the table with regards to discrediting king but killing him must have seemed too likely to produce a martyr.

As long as King was begging white folks for pity and hiding his commie beliefs, at least from the public, he was just a character assassination. When he came strong against Vietnam and actually knew the history and was as persuasive as anyone, he had to go. We should start to see a pattern here.

Last most notable assassination that quickly followed the last and perhaps finally gave the deep state a moment to relax and enjoy victory, was Robert Francis Kennedy. Just as the murder of his brother this crime was covered up and absolutely insane from jump street.

RFK couldn’t have offered a better threat to the deep state, organized crime, and the military defense industries. He asked Johnson in a personal moment overheard by a photographer, “why did you kill my brother”? According to the account given, it shook Johnson and turned him white as a sheet. Bobby got his answer, whether he really knew or was bluffing. Johnson knew more than he did, and that meant conspiracy.

These are just the most notable assassinations and they don’t even scratch the surface of important people who met their demise in this disgusting decade. It was a time of patriotic fanaticism and anti communist over reaction to all things. The perfect backdrop for a glorified, even deified, authority figure like Hoover to do whatever the hell he wanted. Including living almost completely openly gay, enjoying the cover of calling his lover a friend and the press fawning over the “tough crime fighters”, and Johnson and Hoover were neighbors. They knew everything about each other and knew that JFK was on them both. Johnson was facing murder charges for several missing folks, including his own blood sister. Hoover was so compromised by pics of his mouth full of his buddy, as to render him utterly not a threat to anyone serious. He was only still in position because he lived by the sword that he was eventually killed by. Blackmail on everyone that could remove him, gave us an FBI director that remained in office for 48 fu**ing years. Half a damned century?!?

It wasn’t just assassinations though. The first attempt by reconstructionists was in 1875. This was a first draft of the same bill they brought back in 1964. Difference being, the Supreme Court threw this crap out just a few years later. An 1883 decision said congress has no right to force private individuals to associate with anyone at all. They did suggest that remedy might be appropriate from the state they reside in but the national legislature overstepped its jurisdiction.

After this clear social engineering by the national government was seen as a continuing issue, states made it legal. They used their state legislatures to codify separated but equal accommodations for both races. This was an attempt to defend themselves from forced integration more than it was to guarantee segregation. If the spiteful, hateful, and vengeful north was going to “reconstruct” without regard for the safety or security of any women or children, something had to be done to separate from people who might be after blood.

To just make this clear how much the original tyranny of the reconstruction republicans actually motivated the laws for segregation and if not for the feds, the states wouldn’t have had to think this way. The state of Arizona, hardly Alabama, outlawed marriage between whites and anyone else. Maryland outlawed interracial marriage and required, by law, separate railroad cars for races. Oklahoma went far enough to make teaching mixed races at the same school a misdemeanor. They also required separate showers for miners, separate phone booths, and separate rights to fishing and hunting. New Mexico outlawed integrated schools. Wyoming outlawed intermarriage. Lots of states, by extension the people of said states, were made defensive by a federal government that just opened up a can of democracy all over the south and it felt like oppression, not reconciliation.

The states with the most codified segregation laws were Georgia, with 8 laws, Alabama with 6 laws, and Mississippi with 5 laws. Most of these “segregated” states had one law regarding marriage. Wyoming voided all marriages between a white and anyone else. That’s your “Jim Crowe” boogie man. Virginia went so far as to separate theaters and railroad cars. You only need to watch a movie with a single black couple surrounded by whites to notice a difference in behavior.

New Mexico segregated schools. Assuming this was a hatred of blacks is unfounded. It was more likely a recognition of the different behavior, learning ability, and average grades. If you can find an honest one, every school has at least one, teachers know without reservation that black and white students act, talk, and learn differently. If you think our “woke” school teachers are secret white supremacists, you’re hopeless.

Better to be fairly judged by your equals than struggle for average in a class above your head. If you just look into it, you see segregation as the wedge issue of its time and nothing more.

If the average American knew they were supporting race mixing above all, it’s the most common regardless of north or south, they would never have supported forced integration or even a change in state law.

If the homicidal Yankees really cared about freeing slaves, they could have purchased every single soul in bondage for a fraction of the cost of the war and without losing any lives, instead of the million white dead after. No war, no reconstruction. I think the latter gave purpose to the former. Shameful what the Yankees did, even if the soldiers are still well worth celebrating. Just no yankee generals, president, and war department.

By 1664 the people had been propagandized so effectively as to accept anything that would promise peace. Which brings us to the next prong of the coup we slept through.

The 1960’s showed black America that riots, work. Alabama-1963, NYC-1964, Watts-1965, Chicago-1966. Tampa, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Newark, New Brunswick, and the big Detroit, all rioted in 1967. 110 Cities all saw riots on April 4th after the feds killed King. Just the Watts riot alone produced $40 Billion in damages, at least 34 lives, and thousands of injuries. 50 Square miles were occupied by national guard units to put the riot down. The spark that set it off, white officer arresting a black woman for spitting on him.


Hemingway “committed suicide” in 1961. Norma Baker, aka Marilyn Monroe, 1962. Patsy Cline, 1963. Sam Cooke, 1964. Bobby Fuller, 1966. Lenny Bruce, 1966. Dorleac is a French star that I mention because of the relation to Roman Polanski who seems to be surrounded by unfortunate death. Otis Redding, 1967. Judy Garland, 1969. Sharon Tate, 1969.

The list of celebrities who died in the 1960’s is insane. I don’t recognize most of the names but their credits tell me how well known they were at the time. The downright freaky part is, the amount of suicide, overdose, and bizarre accidents are unbelievable. This was a short list that I considered common. The fact that almost no American celebrity ever seems to die from natural causes is fu**ing scary. It seems to have began in this era. Now celebrities act like hostages or lunatics. Wtf is going on in Hollywood?

Looking through the Brown Vs Board of Education of Topeka lawsuit I am stuck by the actual wording. The Supreme Court had already ruled on segregated schools, as I mentioned. Then they said, “The object of the amendment was undoubtedly to enforce the absolute equality of the two races before the law, but, in the nature of things, it could not have been intended to abolish distinctions based upon color, or to enforce social, as distinguished from political equality, or a commingling of the two races upon terms unsatisfactory to either. Laws permitting, and even requiring, their separation, in places where they are liable to be brought into contact, do not necessarily imply the inferiority of either race to the other, and have generally, if not universally, been recognized as within the competency of the state legislatures in the exercise of their police powers. The most common instance of this is connected with the establishment of separate schools for white and colored children, which has been held to be a valid exercise of the legislative power even by courts of states where the political rights of the colored race have been longest and most earnestly enforced.”

That’s the precedent that the 1960’s supremes felt obliged to overturn. As it turns out, this question was not new and the court had been consistent until Brown. The law in Kansas that was so offensive, segregated schools lower than high school and only in big districts, just grade school, just the basics.

The prevailing issue, as it reads to me, is the issue of travel hardship. White kids being the vast majority, had many more schools and could likely get there on their own. The funny thing is this. Already Topeka was sensitive to this and offered free transportation to colored students but not to whites. White kids were expected to be there on their dime. Even separate but better wasn’t good enough. Free transportation on a bus, vs, walking miles both way, is privilege. Straight up.

Brown vs… also says this, “we conclude that in the maintenance and operation of the schools there is no willful, intentional or substantial discrimination in the matters referred to above between the colored and white schools. In fact, while plaintiffs’ attorneys have not abandoned this contention, they did not give it great emphasis in their presentation before the court.”

Meaning, while they may have cried racist, oppression, and white supremacy… They failed to prove it or even defend it at all, once given the forum to present evidence of such.

I think this demonstrates the madness going on in education.

Well, I could keep going but why? The insanity of murder, social disorder, legal shenanigans, military coup, political coup, the complete control of all media by deep state institutions, the constant deaths of all celebrities, the forced integration, and total disconnection from the people’s interests and birth of the empire. This is the 1960’s. Any god damn baby boomer that sees this era with rosy glasses, went on a trip back then and never came back. One embarrassment after another. One psyop after another until they had everything they wanted.

legal and social blessing for the attack on white people. 2 Graphic examples of what happens to dissent by whites. Many examples of what happens to blacks who get “uppity”. Free reign and a blank check to fight commies, no need to even let us know. COINTELPRO, PATCON, and the many many more efforts to divide, infiltrate, and destroy all groups who disagree with the state. MKULTRA And god knows what else, put boots on the ground, on the TV, and on the radio to shape public perception and own US policy.

This decade and the years around it birthed a new nation, living inside a host country that failed to notice. We have two governments, one for us and one for the world. Two foreign policies, defense at home, war everywhere else. Two political party’s, communists and socialists, that actually fight?!? Two justice systems, one constitutional, one for the corporate persona you have, from a security number assigned to you. Two economies, one hidden by philanthropy and tax free, and one for the serfs who work for several months of the year before ever getting to keep a cent, every year.

Much of this started before the 1960’s but it all came to be, right around this time. It was this generation that they felt they could conquer and they pushed in all of their chips. We folded. Looking back, my mom is too young to be a boomer, I fu**ing hate the 60’s and the sellouts that romanticize it make me sick.

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