Should COVID Vax Be Mandatory For SR Schools?

A question courtesy of reddit.

This is insane. There are so many issues I’m not sure where to even start. The issue of mandatory vaccination has already creamed California. The current so called law, makes the current CDC schedule mandatory for public school kids. It offers almost no leeway for those who prefer natural immunity or perhaps have a religious belief that forced vaccinations are incompatible with.

I’m disgusted that this even passed at all. Forcing free people to put their kids in government approved schools, is disgusting by itself. It at least offers homeschooling, private schools, and charter schools. Unschooling isn’t an option but it’s also not exactly in high demand.

They desperately want your children and they steal so much youth from us it’s sad and pathetic. From 4 or 5 years old until they choose to stop. 18 For most but some continue their “education” well into their late 20’s, early 30’s. Just the 13 or 14 years they own during primary and high school is insane. They have far more time and influence over the kids than any parent can even compete with.

After a day of school the kids are still not free. They then get to complete homework that can take hours. When, exactly, are kids supposed to be kids? The summer, I guess? A few months a year. In the end it’s all for not. If they graduate with a 6th grade reading ability the system pats themselves on the back and calls it success. The amount of high school graduates that are functionally illiterate is staggering.

From a DoE report;

According to a study conducted in late April by the U.S. Department of Education
and the National Institute of Literacy, 32 million adults in the U.S. can’t read. That’s
14 percent of the population. 21 percent of adults in the U.S. read below a 5th
grade level, and 19 percent of high school graduates can’t read.

This isn’t about the utter failure of public schools, which isn’t in question. It’s about forcing the kids to take an untested, unapproved, and novel shot in order to go back to school. This is said to protect them from COVID but the problem is, they have zero risk from COVID at all.

The numbers are in people. The hysteria was totally unjustified and the risk was exaggerated to the point of being ridiculous. Healthy children are at zero risk from COVID. There is a slight risk for the most compromised children.

If your poor child is suffering through cancer, fuck school. Keep them home and with you as much as you can, while you can. Short of that, your kids are in no more danger from COVID than they are of lightning.

The real danger to children is seeing adults behave this way. Watching grown ups that you depend on and presumably trust, act like hysteric yahoos losing their minds, is harmful. Forcing the fear onto your own kids and even guilting them with terms like “super spreader”, is child abuse. Taking sports, band, and every other positive thing from children for the fear of adults is shameful and criminal in my view.

You only get one trip around the merry go round. One childhood and it goes by in the blink of an eye. The cowardly boomers and their pathetic kids have stolen 2 years from innocent, safe, and healthy children for the excuse of, it might reduce the threat to the old and compromised.

Teaching the youth that they owe total obedience to the boomers. The life they live is totally trivial and can be “cancelled” if it threatens one hair on a boomer head. The boomers are not only living off of the taxes taken from their children and enjoying healthcare on their dime as well. They have demanded the end of their grandkids lives and forced a “new normal” upon the host they feed off of.

Even though the survival rate for healthy adults stays in the 99% area until you hit your 90’s and it gets real scary. Only like 98% survival rate for the 95 year old. Good reason to steal the precious lives of the young. As well as destroy their economy, make their parents jobless, and perhaps even destroy a family business that has served a family for many generations. All to be made optional depending on the mood of the boomers.

The boomers can do their part by either shutting up, advocating the stop of this madness, or quietly passing away. Continuing to wreck the present and secure a hellish future for the rest of us is not acceptable. You people have had your day and it’s time to hand over the country to the next generation.

The fossil in the white house can fuck off and his whole elite oligarchy can be dismissed as well. We want reality back and we want out of this car. You maniacs are driving towards a cliff and determined to take us all with you, I’m breaking the window and jumping out.

The jab isn’t a vaccine. Vaccines are tried and true technology that is easy to understand. They introduce a small part of a virus, live or dead, to trigger an immune response that achieves synthetic immunity similar to the natural immunity you get from fighting the real deal and winning.

The jab doesn’t work this way at all. It forces its way into your cells where it starts to hack your RNA to create, by your body, COVID that can then be attacked. I’m no doctor and this is an extremely dumbed down version of what I have read and heard.

The amount of doctors being censored by youtube, google, and the like, is frightening. Why are they silencing medical professionals? Only the ones that are skeptical of the safety and wisdom of vaccinating the entire population, regardless of all factors, are censored.

Tell people the jab makes your dick grow and you will not be censored. Make the true claim that children are not in any danger from COVID and thus should not take medicine they don’t need, you are anti-science, disinformation, and fake news.

Just like giving infants vaccines for hepatitis is insane, this makes that look totally logical. At least the hepatitis shot has been around long enough for long term effects to be evaluated. The COVID jab has been attempted since the 50’s.

It was seriously revisited in the SARS outbreak in the 2000’s. The results were the same. The jab increased mortality and symptoms, instead of protecting them at all. The results were so negative the whole technology was scrapped and considered impossible.

Now there’s several corporations all too happy to accept government contracts for millions of their products and the unbelievable kicker, zero liability for any harm done by their product. J&J Were recently sued for knowingly giving cancer to many women with their baby powder. Now we love big pharma I guess.

Do people think these are free? When asked to provide shots at cost due to the emergency, they all declined. The profits are soaring for corporations that have no liability or responsibility for the effects of their products. This is scary and not at all ok.

The fact that the vaccine makers told the government they could no longer produce vaccines in the 80’s due to the legal costs of defending their safety in court would bankrupt them. The government fixed the issue by removing legal liability from any producer of vaccines.

They established a taxpayer financed injury fund for those who can prove their child suffered injury from a vaccine. They have to first convince a government that is rife with conflicting interests, that their child was injured by the vaccine without question. Then if they are lucky (if you can say that about a broken child) they get a settlement paid out by the US taxpayers.

The reporting on the new jab is all over the place. Apparently the adverse effects are not being properly tracked by any single agency and the normal games that parents have had to play to get some relief from their damages has become a circus and is shameful.

If adults want to take experimental drugs that play around with cell production and have for the last 60 years proven to be dangerous, they have that right. Forcing children to take any jab is abuse. Forcing them to wear masks, isolate from friends, or miss sports, is abuse.

The way this thing has allowed adults to dismiss and ignore, abuse, and torture children is disgusting. Teaching them that their lives come far behind the safety of the boomers. Teaching them collective guilt, punishment, and social responsibility is fucking communism and outrageous.

It’s not enough for all white kids to hate their skin, family, and history. We need all children to liken their very breath to poison and them, themselves, “super spreaders”. Fuck off jackals and leave children alone.

You coward punks that fear your own shadow are useless and pathetic. You are nothing but tools for the devil and you have no god. Money, government, and the media are your gods and you are down to sacrifice all that they demand for the promises they sell you.

Where you’re going you will have an eternity to consider just how evil you were. Old folks like the heat right, lol. Enjoy burning in hell you bastards. St Peter is going to have some questions for you. Grace is reserved for the innocent. You should expect none.

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