California Hates Pork And You Are Going To Pay For It

This wonderful post comes from a tweet to a Press Democrat story. Apparently there is a pork shortage and it’s expected to cause a massive disruption on pork for all of California.

Starting in January, California will enforce the Farm Animal Confinement proposition (Prop. 12) passed in 2018, which requires more space for breeding pigs, egg-laying chickens and veal calves. Currently, only about 4% of the nation’s hog operations, most of them in Iowa, comply with the new rules, according to the Associated Press.

This means that all pork products imported into Cali have to be in line with this lunatic law. Why lunacy? The law requires all animals have 24 Sq ft of space per pig. I found a 4-H manual that recommends 15 Sq ft per pig. That’s for raising show pigs at the fair. 

The manual also goes into the history of hog farming and the incredible efficiency with which each part of a hog is used. Pork is a huge staple in the American diet. It is incredibly bioavailable to us on every level. We absorb 95$ of the available protein. 95% of the available fats.

 Then it says this,

Pork is one of our favorite meats in the United States. It is high in vitamins and minerals and is very tasty also. Fresh pork contains 15-20 percent high quality protein and is a rich source of energy. It is an excellent source of phosphorus and iron, as well as one of the richest sources of the vitamin B group, especially thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B 12.

And this,

One-third of the meat eaten in the United States comes from hogs. Hog meat is called pork. Some pork is sold as fresh cuts such as pork chops, sausage, and roast. Pigs are not all “pork chops”. You can only get 120 to 130 pounds of retail cuts from a 210 pound pig. This means that only about 60 percent of the pig can be sold as retail cuts.

Pork is not something we can let lunatic social engineers play around with. These lunatics Hate human beings and consider everything else on Earth a blessing, but humans are a plague. Viruses and bacteria get more respect than human beings. They are engineering famine and mass starvation that is specifically going to cull the poor.

The PD,

Although California pork prices are expected to soar initially, local restaurateurs and butchers hope the rules eventually will become the national standard when processors step up to avoid losing such a large share of the market.

California consumes 15% of the nations pork. They are trying to strong arm the rest of the country with legislative boycotts that are enforced by law. This blackmail will guarantee higher prices for pork across thew entire country. The vast majority of farmers will likely just stop raising pigs rather than pay to completely remodel their farms.

This is not just coincidental, people. The price of beef has doubled where I live. Gas is going off the charts. We are being told not to use water. The state’s burning down, and they blame climate change. They have declared war upon us and we just failed to notice. This isn’t “representation”. It’s willful destruction. Destruction of our children, our minds, bodies, and spirits.

They want to destroy humanity and rebuild it in their image. They want to rule the world like gods on earth and they’re so deranged to actually attempt it. With each passing day they become emboldened, not cautious. They are arrogant and sloppy. They have let the mask slip and shown their true colors. Truly dark creatures we are dealing with.

The PD,

The good news for local bacon lovers is that artisanal bacon processed by local butchers from humanely raised pigs will still be around, although it won’t be cheap, and it may not be plentiful.

It’s good news you peasants. The bacon will be the delicacy of the rich and just not available to you lesser people. Healthy, delicious, and antibiotic free carbonara for me, Some soy based substitute for you. That’s where this is heading if you people don’t wake up.

Californians are so proud of their chains they preen like show horses to appease their masters. The article is full of local restaurant owners praising California for its bold and heroic stance on pig treatment. The fact that pigs are an invasive species that are only good for killing and terrible for the environment, matters not. The only thing that matters is that the baby boomer elitist customer base that reads the PD rag, hears them all vomit the same propaganda.

These lunatics have a 25 Sq Ft minimum for pigs that are headed for the slaughter house, but think nothing of housing 2 men in an 6 X 10 ft cell. They think more for the welfare of their food than that of their fellow man. Nothing could redeem these pigs. They are a virus to humanity and we must remove the cancer before it kills the host.

Pork Handbook

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