Anarchy, Time To Set Things Straight


Anarchy is a philosophy that takes the phrase “we are equal before God and the law” to its logical conclusion. Anarchy can be understood by simply breaking down the word. 

“An”, meaning anti, and “archy” meaning rulers. 

This is the philosophy. No rulers, not no rules. No government but self governance. Absolute equality and respect for all. Any governing bodies would remain on the most local level and be allowed the least power possible. 

I am a proud anarchist. I used to go by “an-cap” for years to try to differentiate myself from the ignorant definition, the wider public has for the word anarchy. I eventually dropped the attempt  at differentiating myself because it didn’t seem to matter. So now I take the title anarchist and if they equate that with chaos and destroying private property I try to explain, if it’s not a waste of time. Usually when you tell someone I’m  an anarchist you just get dismissed as being immature or ignorant or both.

The truth is, I’m an anarchist through a long process that started off as a George W conservative, to Ron Paul libertarian, to full blown Rothbardian anarchist. Every increase in “extremism” was bolstered by real philosophical underpinnings. This was a decade long journey that came with all of the typical peaks and valleys that come from expanding your mind.

Anarchy is the law of the sovereign. It respects and abides by the natural law with absolute fidelity. This philosophy respects the animal of man for his clear supremacy over the natural world. It is an a priori truth because it can be made universal and without the cost of anything to anyone. No coercive action, all taxes would be voluntary and specifically earmarked for a reservoir, power plant, or some other project that requires cooperation and agreement.

Anarchy is the natural state of man. He has developed superstitions to confuse and conquer his fellows. We have been ruled by priests, kings, dictators, mobs, and the worst of all, democracy. All of these systems, by their very nature elevate some, over others. Whether you are ruled by a mob or a king you are ruled by force. 

Anarchists consider this as immoral and ludicrous on its face. Anarchy is the logical conclusion that all men were created equal. Slavery is the logical conclusion of all other systems of rule by force.

So, anarchy is the only moral system of governance available. 

This alone should be enough to give it a try. People are so brain washed they are horrified by the thought of actually ruling themselves. Even more, they fear the behavior of everyone they live around. If not threatened with the police to behave, surely mad max is the result. This is just projection and an admission that they don’t trust their own conscience to govern themselves and can’t fathom a whole society that will.

No rulers is nothing close to meaning no rules. This is conflated regularly. Life has rules and governance is absolutely necessary for everyone. In today’s America the rules are enforced at will, depend upon who you are racially, politically, and your attitude as perceived by the cop. The criminal codes have been expanded to make every single citizen a 3 time federal felon every day. There’s a book on the subject titled similar to the way I put it. 

Having a legal system that’s trillions of words and millions of pages, is tyranny. The tax code alone contains some million or so pages. This is the complete guide to understanding your income tax burden. Misunderstanding one of the several billion words can cause you to be audited and if so decided, they will attach themselves to your paycheck until satisfied.

Anarchists happen to believe in private property as a pillar of their world view. Coupled with the “non-aggression principle” it provides the most moral, ethical, and prosperous way for society to arrange itself. Voluntarism or agorism are two close cousins to anarchy. They both are more palatable words that mean the same basic thing. 

Voluntarism is a voluntary world, pretty clear just by looking at the name. Agorism is a philosophy of living around the state as best you can to make them irrelevant. Black market living, off the grid, barter and payment with Bitcoin or the like, trading value for value based solely upon the party’s involved. Agorism is an action plan for freedom and self sufficiency. 

Government is a mental construct. It exists in our minds only. We have created a system in which the natural law is subordinate to man’s whims. The buildings and all of the assets are real. The people are real, at least most of them. The government they control is just as fictional as a cartoon. Man has no way to prove he has authority over another. In a desert island each 2 survivors are free and would remain equals forever. When our tiny civilization of 2 grows to a million, doesn’t that change the situation? Nope.

In fact, the more people in this society the more dangerous a state is. The more resources, military power, and tax sources at has, the less and less freedom you will have and the power over the state is illusory and relegates you to a single “yay” or “nay” over the political decision already carefully molded to force you into a false dichotomy of R and D.

Our society has outgrown our government and allowed our government to outgrow its original charter. Constitutional government appears to be the best state system, so far. Yet, look at how it too can be destroyed. Calling our system a “constitutional republic” makes about as much sense as calling the CCP a charity foundation. Mob rule at best, oligarchy rule is the norm. You are the least considered party among the legislative procedure. Yet, the idea of self rule is utterly incomprehensible to 90% of Americans.

We have 5% of the global population and house 25% of the worlds prisoners. An odd stat for the “land of the free and home of the brave”. Embarrassing to myself and a massive reason to leave the state at least, maybe the country that used to be the United States of America, at large. Puerto Rico seems cool and is good enough for Shiff, maybe I’ll check it out.

Anarchy is the philosophy of Chomsky, Rothbard, and I believe if Thomas Payne were alive he would be our greatest representative. All people who believe in natural law and the corruption of power should be anarchists. 

We want only to be left in peace to pursue our destiny. We have no designs on the power of DC and want only the power to control themselves. The reason anarchy is described as chaos by the state ran schools is obvious. 

The actual truth about anarchy would create instant converts for life, just by hearing the real truth of the philosophy. No rulers, would resonate very well with coerced school children. It would cause the chaos they call anarchy once the students learned a legitimate philosophy exists that rejects all arbitrary authority. School teachers being the very definition of state power that is corrupt and useless.

Anarchy should be taught far before they are even introduced to the word communism. The political graph needs to be updated to the current diamond pattern. Or the old school way if it’s done properly. 

One side is total government and where communism, fascism, and dictatorial authoritarians live, on the left. Absolute anarchy on the right, and the US Constitution one or 2 notches past total anarchy and a mile from the left side.

This nonsense graph of Democrats on the left and Republicans on the right and you’re made to fit between these somewhere. As if the elites of both parties were different at all let alone opposite each other. This social engineering construct makes the middle of these 2 crime syndicates the “moderate” and supposedly honorable position.

Moderate means what? You like some of the socialism offered by the D’s and some of the socialism from the R’s? It allows no option that exists outside of the tiny paradigm they have engineered for you. If you are a Green Party or libertarian you are too radical for the elites to accept. 

2 parties is plenty and you should be happy with what we offer you. You will elect one of the 2 options that have been groomed for your approval and eventual hatred. Hatred when they turn out to fail to honor a single campaign promise. Even if they began with honorable intentions they are tools to the elite by election night. If not they don’t win. Case in point being president Biden.

Anarchy is voluntary, cooperative, and coercion free. It has yet to be declared the governing philosophy of any country I’m aware of, thus making its benefits theoretical to a point. We have enough historical evidence to indict every single system of governance thus far. Churchill famously said democracy was just the least awful method of governance. He understood no governance is compatible with individual sovereignty and for him and his time this was an acceptable trade for war making power.

Anarchy would end war on a national level. Any violent disputes would be local and mediated by the surrounding communities. The end of the nation would also end the super national entities known as the world bank, IMF, IBNS, UN, EU, and all other anti-democratic unaccountable, and illegal entities.

Carpe Libertatum!

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