Newsom Is Stealing The Vote Right In front Of Us

I’ve been watching the election as it unfolds at a snail’s pace and am disgusted. It is a replay of the presidential election, but with the shenanigans too many and concentrated to miss. I have been concerned with the integrity of the election from the jump and as with most things, my concerns were well founded.

As of now Newsom remains ahead in the polls and is being predicted the winner by all the corporate tools. I don’t know a single person that wants Newsom. In my work I get to meet and actually talk with a lot of people. I’m in their homes and we have actual conversations, not like a bagger who might see a lot of people. I get to ask these people where they stand on the recall. Even in Marin the vast majority of those I have interacted with want him gone.

The campaign that Newsom has ran has been nothing but an attack on Elder. He hasn’t tried to justify his behavior or destruction of the state. He simply calls Elder a self hating black, that wants to end abortion, put women in the kitchen, and end the minimum wage. He is against this lunacy of forcing a “living wage” from employers to pay people to sweep the floor. $15/hour isn’t even close to a living wage where I live anyway. All it does is force employers to reduce their staff and increase the responsibilities of the current employees. 

Minimum wage laws destroy employment opportunity and that’s it. There has to be a beginning for school kids to start off. After school jobs, cleaning a shop or bagging groceries for fun money shouldn’t be designed to be a “livable wage”. Again $15/Hour is not enough to support a single person in this area. Every position that used to be filled by young people, either high schoolers after school, or college kids working their way through school. Now all of these jobs are filled by foreigners in their middle age. We have destroyed employment for the young and given away these jobs to criminal trespassers.

Kids living at home need fun money, not a career to support a family. There would never have been this push to explode the minimum wage if not for the change in employee demographic. When jobs paid what the value of the employee brought to the organization, they had flexibility to pay kids to sweep the floor for a few bucks an hour. Something impossible at a minimum of $15/hour. My first memory of the minimum wage I think it was $4.75. I was working under the table at 16 for $4/hour. Full time and at 16. I was happy for the work and didn’t care if it failed to meet the law since my very employment was illegal in itself.

This guy was my first real boss and he screwed me and fired me without giving me my last check. I had to have my mom threaten him with court before he finally paid me the couple hundred dollars he owed me. Best thing that could have happened because I found a better job and a boss that became like a father figure to me. Best of all I was shown the way to make money without college or killing yourself working 3 jobs. When I started he was amazed I couldn’t read a tape measure and was motivated to work hard but totally worthless in the skills department. By the time we parted ways I was no longer a helper, but instead I was installing and making good money for my age.

This detour around the main point is just a personal perspective on the minimum wage. Had I been forced to contend with such a high starting wage, I would never had gotten my helper position, at all. That pathetic starting wage I got to help carry things, clean up the work area, and grab tools on demand was totally appropriate. As I began to take on more of the installation process and learn skills my wage went up. Eventually I was getting paid piece and could make as much as I could install. By 18 years old I was making more than some of my buddies parents. It started at, I believe, around $5/hour. If you are so worthless that all you can provide is the minimum value to a business than you must be concerned with the minimum wage.

Americans prior to letting the border evaporate never much cared about the minimum wage. They knew it was a minimum and they were confident they would be able to increase their value and compensation, or find a better opportunity. Now these positions are filled with folks who have no ambition for advancement. No interest in expanding their skills, and they are entitled to the point of insulting. How dare you demand a damn thing, you free riding pukes? You should never have even got the job in the first place. If you refuse to learn English in a way that makes you capable of communicating with customers, piss off. It’s a straight up decision to refuse to learn the language of America. A decision only Mexicans seem to make and can get along just fine with, thanks to our acceptance of their refusal to integrate into our culture at all. Rewarding this is criminal and all of these employers should be fined out of business and their employees sent home.

Sorry folks, ya know my brain is like a pinball machine by now. I just let it fly and maybe that’s why I can’t seem to get traction with the search engines and views. No matter, this is the way I write and when you put out as much content as I do, it requires having a lot to say. I had more life experience by 25 than most see in their lives. For better or worse, it’s molded and shaped the man before you today. My book education came from personal initiative and began around my early 20’s. If I had been born just 10 years earlier I would be nothing like I am today. I owe my education and skills to the time and place I was born in. The internet allowed me to combine my incredible work ethic with the endless and uncensored knowledge on the internet. If not for the net, who knows where I’d be, if even alive.

This election is being stolen folks. There are tons of people who went to vote and found that they had already voted. When they said that this was impossible, they are given a “provisional ballot”, until the identification can be established. You’d think this woman could just give her ID, social security number and birthday and that would be the end of the investigation. Nope. This is going to be Newsom’s kingdom regardless of what the citizens may want.

Some voters are receiving multiple ballots for the one registered voter in the home. Many people are being told they already voted and they all happen to be republicans. Sorry folks, when accidents happen they aren’t bias. They would be equally disrupted. I have never heard a democrat claim vote rigging is real. They even blamed Trump’s win on Russian influence, not the integrity of the voting process. The last time the dems complained about vote integrity was 2000 and they lost.

They encourage illegals to break our laws and disrespect our citizens by voting illegally. They flood any democrat registered house with ballots with no names on them. If you are a republican you have no chance. Maybe 50% of republican votes will be officially counted. The rest are disenfranchised by fraud. This state is done for. It’s committed suicide/homicide by replacing the people who made the Golden State with the wretched creatures south of our border. Politically, culturally, and demographically this is a foreign nation and can not be considered part of the Union any longer. American Citizens have absolutely no control over the politics, culture, or schools. Newsom has one demographic he cares for. The illegals he has let millions into Cali. The 20 million losers in the LA area make up half the state. If you live north of SF you matter not one bit. This will not last forever, and I think it’s coming to an end soon.

I stated before that Larry Elder was the last chance California had to keep the people like myself here. With the absolute fact of voter suppression, illegal voting, and straight up fraud coming to the surface, how will Cali react? If they take it seriously and make Larry Elder the governor by whatever means necessary, I’ll hang in there. If they are made aware of this flat out denial of democracy and tyrannical fraud, and fail to act, I am out of here if I have to pack a bag and jump on a bus. I’m willing to start from zero anywhere else than continue the treadmill of working my life away to support foreign invaders that hate me, the country, and all of our laws and customs. 

It was silly for me to even consider this a possibility. I know, as well as anyone, the depth of corruption that exists in this state. I’m aware and totally understand the reasons why the votes of illegals are being counted in place of registered republicans. What I can not understand and will never accept, is the reaction of my fellow countrymen. They have sold out their country and themselves for the sin of being white. 

How instigated is this by the magical whites that aren’t white when they don’t want to be, but white when it suits them. My guess is that they have had a hand in this. Ask any Israel citizen how they feel about giving votes to the Palestinians. They will straight faced tell you that, that would take away their control from their country. Ask the same jew how they feel about immigration to America, and they will support it wholeheartedly, and proclaim that, that’s what America is for. Israel isn’t America, you see. They didn’t sell themselves as a nation of immigrants and want an ethnostate. Funny thing is, we have never claimed to be a nation of immigrants, jewish professors decided we were a nation of immigrants and they fail to mention our quota system that was heavily weighted to Europeans. Immigrants from Europe, not the entire world. The worst immigrants we have ever let in are the stream of Russian Jews that came in in the early 1900’s. These jews founded organized crime, took over our educational institutions, took over our money, and own the economy and play with it like a toy. The Federal Reserve, ADL, NAACP, and ACLU are all founded by jews. Yes black people, the first black president of the NAACP wasn’t until the 70’s. Farrakhan is right about a lot.

Either way, this is the end of anything you can call democracy. I have no respect for democracy but finally it’s being discredited in a way as to be blatant and in your face. If you don’t see this as criminal, which the liberals won’t because it’s liberal to be so hypocritical that it becomes accepted and expected. These lunatics still support Bill Clinton after he has been shown as the drug and sex addict he is, while squealing racist at 70 million Trump voters. If this doesn’t give the state of Jefferson a huge shot in the arm, steroids not vaccines, nothing will. The patriots of Nor-Cal are in great shape for completing the process of statehood. We have no representation and can prove it imperially. We have lost all pretense of representation. We are hated by Sacramento and everyone south of the bay. Let us go you maniacs. This is a hostage situation on a level that’s ridiculous. If we want it lets do it. We first need to secede from Cali and declare sovereignty from the state and nation. Then if we want we can apply for statehood, or remain our own country. I’m for the nation of Jefferson, but will happily move to the state of Jefferson. That is, if God hasn’t already abandoned us to reap what we’ve sown. 

God bless us and keep us safe. God damn this satanic state, of vile hatred and debauchery, to hell.

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