How Much Do Your Children Owe The Boomers

This is about something that’s been on my mind for months. It grows and grows and is becoming an issue that breaks out of my mouth every time I open it. We all get one life. One trip round the merry go round. It passes in stages and once a period of our life has been lived, it’s history, or his-story.

We’re going on 3 years, we have normalized, encouraged, and invented fantastic new ways to torture children. We know that young children are sponges. They soak up their surroundings like crazy as they go from baby, to toddler, onto full blown personalities and wonderment in between toddler and preschool. These years are so impressionable they stay with the child forever, and can lead someone to, fear all dogs without reason, or love all dogs without question. So formative these years are.

Life is no video game where you can go back and redo mistakes. Once these experiences and impressions shape the view of the world, they don’t stop. Children continue into the world in what should be, a state of total freedom, but instead is filled with make work nonsense called grade school. It’s my opinion that school shouldn’t start until Jr High. 

Reading, writing and arithmetic should be taught at home and children should be given the parks we’ve spent so much money building, to I don’t know, play. Interact, work things out amongst themselves, and develop confidence. The confidence to handle yourself among your peers in a manner that is totally organic and has been guided by the parental guidance to ensure the right moral lessons are being taught when needed. Certainly with boys and girls alike that discipline will be required. Just perhaps at different times and topics, to be delicate.

A young man of this caliber, getting ready for a placement exam regarding academic achievement, before being given a tailored curriculum to their needs would, be in a fantastic situation to take the world by the balls, at a mere 11 or 12 years old. At this point their family and real world problem solving on the individual level has been so thoroughly conquered, this young pupil, likely knows what they want in life and can be motivated already to make it a reality.

Following my, possible, but far less traveled road, our boy who entered Jr high a mere 2 years ago has mastered the mathematics, that were perhaps beyond mom and dad’s capabilities. He’s improved upon whatever specialty he had in mind, by taking care of the prerequisites, so to speak. Jr high can easily fill in algebra, offer selections in reading material for world history, and expand on their understanding of the Constitution.

By high school we would now have grown up with the people in our district. We began cooperating on the local park basketball court. By now everyone knows everyone else and new comers, if within reason, would be welcome, and seen to be an opportunity for another perspective. Boys and girls raised in this manner would create a new Renaissance Man. 

Obviously I could elaborate on this system for raising children for days. That’s not the point. We all know that children are being treated like they mean less than the greeter at some restaurant. That their identities, educations, job prospects, health, and lives are being sacrificed to make one age group more comfortable. What’s more disgusting, is to see the parents fall in line, and just do whatever granny that watches CNN all day says. Instead of researching for themselves and taking responsibility for the most precious thing in their care. They divert to idiot, baby boomer, non logic.

I see a broken generation and am horrified at the consequences. These young people walk around, outside and alone, and they’re wearing masks. Of all of the asinine data to come from this plandemic, the masks have been the most contentious in society, they’re polluting the world with these throw away masks, and for not. Masks can’t stop the moisture from seeping through on a cold day, yet microscopic particles, way smaller than water vapor, are stopped by same said mask. Please.

So much of communication is non verbal. We pick up on the slightest changes in facial expression to see if someone is uncomfortable, happy, sad, disengaged. We talk by looking at each other and having the full range senses to read and understand each other. Taking this away is literally like removing an ability for a child to learn how to read emotions. Without a read on emotions, how the hell are they going to gauge empathy? Hell, what is empathy to a person who doesn’t recognize emotion? Are we breeding Psychopaths?

The other day I installed a wall furnace for an elderly Jewish woman. This woman was an absolute nightmare. She would talk and talk and as soon as I responded, she didn’t want to talk to me again. This woman had no children, was never married, and when she dies, good ridens to bad rubbish.

I did my best to try to make her understand what this is like for the children. I began by telling her my mothers was a Covid nurse and hoped that would give me permission to have an opinion. Nope. Told her my mom took the first shot out of coercion and it hurt her enough that another ultimatum would result in my mother quitting. This Jewish boomer then decided to downtalk my mother as selfish. 

Knowing all of their idiotic symbols I was well aware she was jewish so I treaded lightly. Explained that my father, who I believe at least had a jewish mother, hated my mom and me. I mentioned “shiksa” and all of a sudden, this, “see you next Tuesday”, understood. Said my mom probably tried to keep me from him. That he was the good man. After I told her I tracked him down in my mid 20’s. She still defends the jew she never knew vs the woman that raised me because he was in prison.

Karen is often a pejorative for a white overbearing woman. This is an incorrect definition. Karens are Jewish overbearing women who have no ability to even pretend to be on equal footing with you. The last thing I asked her majesty, before having to completely shut up and just work to get out of there, was simple. “What age were you in the 60’s”. Her face lit up and you could see a million stories in her eyes that she wanted to tell me. I stopped her though and asked. Was anyone telling you how to live, you in fact said you lived in a teepee. Why is this fair to do to my daughter?

This kike lost her mind and refused to talk to me the rest of the visit. I got mine and before I left I had a $5,000 check from her. I hope she’s dead today, I hated her that much. Satan get behind me.

So how much more are you parents going to ruin your kids lives? How many school shooters are you manufacturing with 11 hours of hardcore violence a day, through video games and media? These last three years are going to have ebbs and flows, on the landscape of our humanity for the next 70 years.

That’s the psychological part. What of the physical? A good test. Call a blood bank and offer to donate blood. If you’ve been jabbed, I hear they refuse your donation. If you aren’t jabbed, and  natural, non chimera vaccine, they want as many liters as you can spare. Need I say more on that?

The gig is up, you guys are committing mass child abuse. Forcing healthy children to suffer Myocarditis, ending a teenagers ability to care for themselves independently, and killing them on the spot. So a boomer with no kids can have less chance of severe symptoms. If that sounds right to you, get the fuck out of here.

If this makes sense to any of you at all, on any level, get the fuck out. I won’t cater to the abusive, malthusian, and Luciferian bull shit anymore. 

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