Hey There Europa

I’m not sure who to credit this wonderful video to. All I can say is that it’s inspiring, heartbreaking, and beautiful. That, I think, is the point of art. You really should watch the whole thing regardless of race. Realize that this is the culture they hate so much. This beautiful and diverse people are being attacked by every angle.

I don’t want your pity or your money. I simply want to be recognized as part of an ancient people who have done incredible things. None of Europeans success is meant to denigrate or offend any other group. We all have meaning and tradition that makes us a people. Please, those who aren’t white, recognize we are being attacked and ask yourselves, who next.

If you think that white people are the only ones slated for removal,, think again. Maybe slavery instead of genocide, but your lot is not much better, or far off than ours. This video celebrates Europe. It doesn’t put anyone down or claim to be God’s chosen inhabitants of an already, well populated, and millennia old nation. Yet, this could never air on YT, legacy TV, or any respectable place on the net. That’s why it’s hear. An inspiration to my people and a focus on the beauty and majesty, instead of some hate filled narrative about an irredeemable race.

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