Follow The Science, Retards

How tired are you of hearing this phrase? Forget the particular wording, the message has been, “we know everything, and you are a retarded troglodyte, if you fail to bow down to my medical tyranny”. Never a source for their “science” because they refuse to blow their hands and tell the truth. They don’t know a thing about the science of disease, or covid in particular, at all. What’s worse, their sole source of information on “the science” is the network news channels. CNN being among the worst.

All you have to do is ask what science they are sighting when they make some claim. It should be an answer like, “In JAMMA I read…” Not a single lunatic mask NAZI has answered with anything close to what I began with. I have spent the time reading abstracts on papers about childhood mortality, ivermectin, the mortality rate adjusted for all factors involved, the danger of constant masking, the fact that children are far more damaged from masks than adults, the fact that this is destroying the world for children for the sake of destroying childhood. This is the science and I have been obsessing over it since the lockdown first presented itself as a sane medical emergency response. 

Regardless of my source, the common sense of it, or the truth in what I’’m saying, I am constantly being hit with the most self righteous and insulting dress-down by morons who know nothing, but think they can still tell me what to do. The mask mandates ended where I live finally. Yesterday I entered gas stations, restaurants, and even the bank. All with no mask and not even a second look for it.I was even going to clients houses and when I asked, (company policy), I was told no forget about it by all of my 4 calls.

The one place I was refused to be unmolested and accosted at the door for not wearing a safety blank was a weed store. I walked in and immediately some soft looking loser told me I had to wear a mask. I asked if this was their stance, they think this is what the pot smoking community wants. To continue to be bullied and fucked with by losers who make minimum wage.

The douche nozzle was so self righteous he spouted off about how some of their clients are for medical reasons and we have to take them into account. At which point I lost it. I asked if he was insinuating I was selfish. Then I told him I have been working throughout the whole pandemic as an essential employee. If anyone has selflessly served the community it’s not going to be a pot dispensary over a guy that gets your heater on when it’s 30 degrees outside. I explained to this loser that if not for me and my ilk, he wouldn’t have a customer base at all. If Cali had outlawed my job people would have left the state in even more of an exodus than we’re seeing now. Legal weed isn’t keeping Americans in California, it’s a novelty.

I have plenty of sources of weed that bypass all regulation, taxes, and anything else. My decision to pay the insane taxes and deal with this particular place is just a matter of convenience. I can get the product from thew people he does, at the same price, and I have supported these businesses regardless. It’s been solely a matter of voting with my money. The taxes make me sick, but the idea of caging people for using a perfectly safe and healthy herb was the most disgusting thing I have come to realize about the prison industrial complex. Putting potheads near killers is insane and if that’s anyone’s idea of justice, you are a sadistic prick that deserves to get theirs.

Of all the places, I expected the bank to be the most uptight. Nope, they even had a young lady that was unmasked herself. I was very happy with my new bank. I recently switched to a local credit union and the experience has been awesome. I regret not knowing the benefits and differences sooner and just all around better treatment. Now I would never go back to a conventional bank. My last bank was a fairly local and small bank but they screwed me hard and didn’t even give a fella a reach around.

So, with all my experience over the last week I have only had one mask NAZI and they worked at a weed shop. I immediately protested and was hit with a lame excuse that they are a medical facility. You sell weed moron. You ain’t no doctor and if you were you wouldn’t be doing this. What science are you following. He had no answer. When offered a mask I took it, grabbed what I wanted, and left. I told him I wasn’t in the mood to go someplace else and just wanted my weed and to go home. That this would be the last time I ever use their services again. I talked loudly the whole time about the wisdom of calling your customers selfish.

I told him I was an “essential” employee. So while he was hiding in his house hiding under the bed from a 99% survival rate germ, I was in 4 houses everyday making the world work. How dare you, sir. Selfish? Gofu** yourself. I walked the line on being told to leave and getting what I came for. On my way out I told him he wasn’t a doctor, had nothing to do with medical anything, and you sell weed. You’re selling drugs far more than CBD and you know it. Just look at the stock and it becomes clear, their bread is buttered by THC heavy products. The CBD moves but they sell to recreational users more than anyone else. Hey gotta follow the science.

So let this be a warning to avoid SPARC. Their company mission reads as such,

SPARC exists to be a positive, guiding light for the industry, communities, patients and customers.

Isn’t that cute. They have been at this game for decades. Apparently they helped move along the 1996 law making medical weed legal. This just threw the medical industry into a farce. I got a prescription for shoulder pain. I was only doing it because I was on trial for having been caught with quite a lot of hash oil, and by getting my prescription in the meantimes they dropped the weed all together. The driving on a suspended license got me 50 days in jail. possession of a deadly weapon, for a baton, got me 5 days. Yes this is the “justice system”. 

That just happened to go down in Marin County. I’d been to Sonoma County, but Marin was different. About half black and the rest are Mexican and white. Sonoma is almost all white and Mexican. At least back when I was living that life. I was “black pilled” so to speak. I was right smack dab in the middle of a very weird period in my life. I was discovering the philosophy that I have suggested many times, saved my life. The philosophy of liberty. I was at my most innocent with regards to blacks, and I was sure that we were all the same and could be a utopia of people if only we could fix parenting and philosophy. Naive, to say the least.

I was introduced to black men when they have the numerical advantage, and are even in with the staff more than the woods. One particular black fella took instant interest in me. I suffered his comments for a minute. Then the philosophy went out the window., I told him he was just a racist hater and his problem was his, not mine. Unless you want to make it with me, knock it off. He backed right down and kinda whimpered I’m not racist, how dare you… The rest of the room, white and black just laughed at him and eventually we squashed it. 

Just like bullies. If you’re in jail or prison you should never back down from a fight unless it’s on your way out of the facility. Once out at the “honor farm” I was talking smack to this middle aged loser during count and he lost it and swung at me with a hay maker. I just slipped it and jumped off my top bunk onto him and we squabbled. Had this been a street fight he would have overtaken me. In jail things have to be quick or the whole group gets in trouble. Not a way to make friends. So my instant reaction to meet violence with violence got me respect from the whole dorm. The retarded loser, that’s likely dead by know, even he gave me props for not flinching. He caught me with a black eye and cut eyebrow, like I said, had it been on the street, he was way too big for me.

If you aren’t used to my ADD by know I don’t know what to tell ya. I just let it flow and the stream comes out as it comes to mind. A stream of consciousness that I just let fly. I don’t claim to be a professional writer and I am an admitted high school dropout. Lucky for me, The internet changed my life and gave me the real education that I wouldn’t have gotten from any high school, or college for that matter. Now I am proud to be a dropout. The title is crap. I left high school when it stopped offering me any value. I preferred to work and start to figure my life out. School was a burden and hardly better than today.

So SPARC weed shops are still forcing their pseudoscience, and damaging, and humiliating policy of covering your face with scientifically discredited masks. They have chosen woke over health and they claim to be all about health. You weren’t around till recreational weed became law. You cater to people who use the THC concentrates, not for health, but for relaxation. Taking a middle ground of those who wish to, can, and those who decline are all welcome, is the way every other business is doing it. The weed seller that adds almost twice the price in taxes and is totally not needed in So Co. seems to think they matter. I only supported them to support the normalization. Now that, that’s well established I will never pay the state of California another cent for anything weed related. I have access to the wholesalers that sell to you, SPARC. I don’t need you. We pot smokers haven’t needed you ever and look at the progress we have made in developing a plant that’s damn near perfect.

The black market provides and it does so at half the price and no taxes or records of the transaction. Ya, I’m going back to my buddies, and the weed shops can cuck out for the state as much as they want. After the baby boomers are dead, your business model is dead. The younger all know a better supplier. Cheaper, a friend, and no record or taxes. Good luck SPARC. Calling me selfish almost got you socked in the mouth by shear, involuntary reaction. Luckily I made it through and got home and wouldn’t ya know. Popped on some tunes and rolled a joint, and it all meant nothing. Thank God for weed, People like myself are so high strung, without it I am a total asshole.

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