When Do We Take The Declaration Seriously

Excellent question. This is the mode of thinking we need to be in. Our constitutional republic is dead. If we are to ever get back the precious liberties we have given away, we must take them back. Waiting around for tyrants to get tired of tyranny isn’t working.

Without actually referencing the document I assume you’re referring to the part that says, we the people get to decide our government, and if it gets out of line, we the people can abolish it and create something more to our liking. I think this is a self evident truth, we surround them.

So, as our forefathers did, so must we. It’s we, who must put our lives, fortunes, and honor on the line for committing treason to tyranny and staying true to liberty. Treason to tyranny is obedience to God.

Unlike the colonists, who had the great Atlantic Ocean between them and the king and parliament. We are very close to our oppressors. So close that they are not likely to be avoided in our planning. We must make up with our “peace officers”, and get them with us. They have to know that they are on the wrong side of history. If they wanna be tarred with NAZI or Bolshevik for all time, keep working against the people. If they want a place in the history books that honors them, they must act honorable. That means they side with the people over the clique.

We have to provide a way for us to meet and freely discuss our intentions and plans. It has to be made plain as day, this will not continue as it has, there is no going back to normal. What we have to offer is so much better than the empty promises they might get from some political criminal.

Literal immortality through the historic record. That’s the type of thing that you can’t put a price on.

We have to redeclare our independence and remove all multinational and foreign influence from our country. It needs to be made into a place for Europeans to be. A safe space, so to speak, for the extreme minority among the races, whites. Give us the Eastern sea board and we will recreate the greatest nation ever to have lived and died.

Seems fair enough, right? The fruit loops can have the rest of the whole continent but for the nation we create. Even with this and the absence of unwanted white people, they will fight us on this. They know they can’t make anything but smut and computers, and they can counterfeit money like no others. Can’t live on smut and apps. Or smug, for that matter.

The answers are simple, the execution of said answers is going to require a monumental effort by a sizable amount of well armed and dedicated patriots. We are going to be under constant attack by sabotage, spies, and sell outs.

Washington had one turn coat to contend with, we will have many. So to will they though. Loyalties are going to be questioned daily.

If we fail to do this, we have failed our children to a life of utter despotism, hunger, and fear. This is the 4th quarter and we are coming down to the end. If they are not seriously derailed, we are screwed. Our time is now. We will never be more ready, be under less surveillance, or have more access to guns and ammo. We choose to be governed this way, whether explicit or implicit.

The day we choose freedom, they lose. What’s best, they have done the war games and know it’s true. They are helpless to the type of asymmetric warfare we are going to bring them.

Let’s bring it boys!

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