Is It Safe For White Kids To Be Surrounded By Black Kids

This was a question on Quora. It’s an obvious mine field but I felt it was worth trying to help. Please understand, it’s about the safety of your kid. In all cases for all kids. White parents owe their children an environment that is free of constant violence. Especially racially charged violence. So do take my opinion in the spirit it’s intended.

This is more about the community you live in, and it leads to the ultimate taboo. Can we really justify putting our children in danger, just for the sake of “diversity”. The logical conclusion takes this question to, “is it moral for the races to live together?” We know that healthy trading relationships can be fostered between wildly different cultures. All honest truth seekers have discovered that diversity, in, and of itself, is horrible for the people being diversified.

When it comes to your children, all bets are off. You are the rock in their life. You are the learned elder, or your parents, of the home. How many beatings could you stand to see before deciding your kids safety is more important than the opinions of horrible people. I lucked out and although in some hoods chicks scrap, where I live they just try to make each other commit suicide. A serious danger when you’re in an environment that is actively against you, and actively supporting those who openly hate you. This is lunacy in fact.

If you don’t want your kids to be hurt by black culture, you have to remove them from it. I think everyone can see several challenges here. I would not teach my kid that “blacks are violent”, even though it’s true. I think letting them come to their own thinking with regards to personal safety. It’s just very important that you get to regulate their days. That means home schooling.

I live in a town with a tiny black population and we are heavy with CRT. If you are white, public schools are nothing but bad and dangerous. I don’t know how you think a well adjusted person can be produced by giving them to your, literal enemies, from preschool to their 20’s. They are the problem. The black violence is a symptom. Not that it isn’t important and require attention. But who is creating self hating kids who have lost their own identity through this dehumanizing ritual we call school.

The silver lining of the flue tyranny is the huge bump home schooling got, and has largely retained. The people are regaining their confidence, and it’s confident people who prefer to govern their own damn lives. We’re seeing great things on home schooling, a Christian revival of sorts, and the decentralized banking possibilities. Oh and the biggest, most pressing issue of the time for the last 50 years. We are finally seeing a change in the purely satanic narrative we have had my whole life, regards the hideous act of creating a soul, and then murdering it out of pure selfishness.

People that murder 60 million babies look at children as you look at a dog. They are empty vessels to be filled and stifled. The schools are the battle ground, and for damn good reason. Hope this helped, we are living in like historically trying times. Stay strong for you and yours.

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