Fu** Israel And Their Minions Too

Israel is beyond the pale. They are a foreign power, that’s totally off the rails of civility. They’re bombing Palestine all the time, taking territory all the time, and murdering innocents, all the time.

Why do we allow a foreign country to lobby our representatives, at all? Why the hell do they have any input in the decisions made by the law makers of America. They have a country they can lobby for whatever they want, why would they even be allowed to have the biggest influence on OUR legislature?

They straight up own the media, Hollywood, and the Federal Reserve. They pay millions to influence our elections. They are so thoroughly embedded into our government, university’s, and media, as to be far more important to these institutions than WE THE PEOPLE. They have bought, borrowed, and stolen everything this country had.

We used to have borders. We used to have prayer in school. We used to respect life, all of it. We used to have wholesome entertainment. We used to know the difference between men and women. We used to have free speech. We used to have homogeneous neighbors. We used to have the most literate nation on Earth. We used to produce more consumer goods than any other country. We used to be the worlds bread basket. We used to be the worlds fruits and nuts. We used to be energy independent, and exporting as well. We used to be rich beyond all measure.

Where are we now? What have we become? The growth of the media, from radio, TV, to the net, has tracked the decline of our society. If politics are downstream from culture, than culture is downstream from the media. So every new fad, trend, and disgusting acceptance of perversion has been pushed by the media. Likewise the political traitors have found sanctuary from the same media. They are absolute filth.

They were so effective that the country voted FDR into a 4th term. The man was clearly dying and the media knew it. The man they produced for the people wasn’t even suffering from Polio. This is the power they have. Would Americans vote for such a fragile man when in the middle of a global war? We’ll never know because the people only see what the Jews show them.

They need to be removed from their powerful positions, and made to leave. Either you have citizenship with the US, and being born here would help a lot. Or, your loyalty is to Israel and you simply can’t be trusted. You have said yourselves, just how much better than the rest of us are. If your Gods chosen people, and Israel is yours by right, get the hell out. If the state of Israel is the home of the Jews, let them make it their home.

AIPAC Needs to be banned and labeled a foreign espionage gang. All Israel dual citizens need to be removed from office and given a ticket to Israel. They dishonored themselves, as well the oath itself, when they swore allegiance, without meaning it. Truth is, our law allows for a much harsher punishment, but for the sake of peace, let them be marched to an airport and banished from this land.

I’m done fighting for everything, and it always coming from one tiny minority of malcontents. These people have been in our politics from day one. They have hidden their part in the global, African slave trade. A part in which it’s questionable, if their could have been such a long lasting exploitation of the African, without Jewish slavers, traders, and slave ship owners. I doubt it.

I have no guilt with the Jew. I’ve never been anything but friends to him. Why he hates me and mine so much? I have no clue. Refusing to accept the reality of the matter is going to worsen the matter. This must be dealt with, without care of hurt feelings. We need them removed from our society now. How they are removed, is totally up for grabs. I’m not proposing anything that way. Just saying what needs to be said. Jewish control over our lives is total, and destructive. It must stop.

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