Fu** Mental Health

Always more colorful, but far less refined, wink, wink.

Ya, I said it, fu** this modern day crutch that holds up millions of weak, manipulative, and needy people. They’ve decided that all human emotion is a condition of some sort. They make war on self medicating people that use chemicals to feel better. Then, they offer a system of pseudoscience that depends upon dishing out chemicals to make people feel better. Maybe opiates are actually good for relieving stress, pain, and general euphoria. Totally natural, and if taken as opium, vs the isolated and supercharged constituent components. It’s far less addictive and dangerous.

We have a whole host of mood altering plants that are readily available. Kratom is a newer to hit the seen plant, that is valuable to many people for many reasons. My own daughter was having the usual stresses of her adolescence, and her mom was right off to get her prescribed some heavy drug. I fought this the whole way. Eventually I asked her to try a couple Kratom pills instead. She threw the scipt in the trash and she takes Kratom as she feels. She doesn’t ever abuse it, she hasn’t increased her intake or dosage in a couple years. 

The health effects? Not a single downside for the small amount she takes. The same amount of Valium would wreck her personality, liver, and her body would develop withdrawl if she stopped. I doubt she would even have to, but weaning off of a tiny habit would be a piece of cake. Nothing compared to the weeks possible of hell, that comes from stopping any prescription antidepressant.

All of these SSRI drugs are dangerous for those taking them, and those that happen to be around those taking them. They all seem to cause suicidal/homicidal ideation, if the patient isn’t regular with their meds. Even if they are taken as prescribed, they are responsible for many deaths, suicidal or not.

Every single channel on the tube seems to peddle this dope. They run these loopy commercials of people running through flowers, and care free. If you’re depressed and you are actually motivated to get whatever the fine print is rattling off the consequences of, you’re nuts. Chances are, you’re desperate because you’re watching TV in the day instead of living. 

Do you have positive relationships, a job, or a family? Have you ran every good person out of your life? Do you honestly believe that you have a chemical imbalance in your brain? Ever had a brain scan or anything done to actually test the balance of your brain? Do the doctors use anything objective or practical to get a measurement of your brain chemistry? 

No. They just throw the latest Prozac at you and tell you to try it out. This is so far from actual medical treatment, that it boggles my mind to still see so much of it. With skepticism by much of the medical community. Psychiatric care, so to speak, is scientific experimentation. There “specialty” is not medical, scientific, or even ethical, in my opinion.

Psychiatry and therapy are not to be confused. Therapists are absolutely beneficial and far more effective than their doctor counterparts. Therapists are there to listen. In a world that has so many selfish psychopaths, and con artists, we have never needed listeners so much. We all need a sounding board to get our thoughts out. We pay good money for good listeners and their advice. Mostly the pay is for the listening, much more than the advice. A good therapist can talk you into the answers you’re looking for. 

Just by giving you the freedom to be honest, you can be forced to confront things that you’ve simply ignored until it presented itself as an issue. If our family and friends were better, you wouldn’t need to pay a stranger to listen, and not interrupt with their own opinion, story, or decide to stop paying attention. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one living in this rat race that causes depression, anxiety, and all manner of uncomfortable emotion. 

That’s the odd thing regarding “mental health”. The explosion in disease, explosion in patented medical treatments for them, and the basically, free hand they have in prescribing drugs. They have any number of chemicals to offer up to any age, and condition a person may be claiming to suffer from. If I’m depressed because my fathers an alcoholic, beats my mother, and beats on me, what pill is gonna fix that? If I’m depressed because I’m bored, dissatisfied, and don’t feel perfectly fulfilled, what pill fixes that?

Why are they giving teachers the authority to diagnose mental disorders, and involving them in the decision of prescribed drugs? Why was every teacher I had, telling my mom I was broken and required speed to be normal? On what actual basis was their assessment made? I was a young boy that didn’t like sitting still and obeying orders. Even worse, after about 3rd grade I started to see my teachers for the flawed, and not particularly impressive, intellectuals they claimed to be. I started to understand I was smart, but not good at school.

Any real teacher would have recognized my talents, and my challenges, and guided me to best exploit my differences, to be positives in my life. They only saw my uniqueness as bad, and told me constantly that I was odd and going nowhere. I had teachers make me sit in the back with my desk facing the back wall. This would be my seat for like weeks at a time. It was terrible, humiliating, and taught me to hate authority, and not a single other thing. Nothing I learned in school has been of any value to me in life. Every single thing I know, I have learned myself. I started school already reading, they gave me the embarrassment of math skills I have. Because of the flow of math, it’s really important to be current and up to speed on one subject, before starting the next. I got lost on fractions, and was basically frustrated to the point of giving up on math completely. Little did I know, I actually have all the math I need for daily life. I carry a computer in my pocket that corrects spelling, does any math I ask it to, and can even translate for me. Add to that, the ability to pull up any historical document I want, right outta the air, and you have to ask yourself, did you learn anything in school?

When surveys are done on retention of school material, it’s incredible how little we actually get outta this 12 year plus, experience. In particular they use foreign language to gauge, because we all take a foreign language. We don’t all use this language ever again after the class. So it’s a good metric for what sticks, and what doesn’t. 

Some 10% of adults say they can speak their second language well. The vast majority of adults don’t remember a single phrase, or perhaps one phrase that they memorized for a test. Functional communication in a foreign tongue, is not taught in school. It’s a subject you must pass to get your diploma, but they don’t care if you know anything. Spanish would be fairly easy to use in my area of the world. You can get by in this place without knowing any English at all. There’s plenty of people that would treat you better, if you differed to them, and used their language to order your stuff. Still, white Americans speak almost no Spanish. They’re surrounded by it, and those who do, but they have lost their formal instruction on this language. I can teach anything to anyone in 2 years of study. 

While on the subject of foreign language, why not touch on the fairness of allowing Mexican kids to take Spanish, and call it a foreign language. It’s their native tongue, and likely spoken and heard more than English. Why should they be allowed to take a class they already know, and get the same credit as an English speaking person? Maybe for these kids, they should have to take a second English class. One that’s actually focused on functional usage, and mastery over the English language. They should be just as strict about accents, syntax, and grammar as the Spanish class is. Same with black kids, if they haven’t mastered English, why even try a foreign language.

You don’t “axe” a question. Proper speech isn’t just important to employers, it’s a sign of intelligence in general. When I hear people speaking broken English, either black, or Mexican, I consider them less intelligent. The way black people have formed their own language out of mutilating ours, is very odd. Lots of black folks talk in such poor English, that I have a hard time understanding them. what’s better, they prefer it. Speaking properly is “acting white”. Talk about a winning attitude.

So here we are, some half of all American females are on at least one mental health medication. We are seeing overdoses soar as people resort to self medicating with unknown and dangerous alternatives. Every single school shooter has one thing in common. They all have mental health records, and going back to Columbine they’ve all been prescribed Prozac type drugs. Columbine was actual Prozac. The active ingredient of which is, fluoride. There’s tons of this crap in our water. They are trying to hide their mass medicating by blaming people for flushing medicine. As if people are flushing billions of pills into the toilet. So much that after being treated and let back into the wild, and then treated again to be drinkable, there’s still measurable amounts of prescription drugs in the water.

Mental health is brand new to the human experience. We’ve always had lunatics, but never treated emotions like an illness. Most depressed people have depressing lives. There’s no pill for that, you need to change your life. They claim that life is fine, it’s you that’s out of balance. They have a cap on mourning. 6 Months and you’re still missing your husband of 40 years, you’re broken. So broken you need to be numbed by medication. What and how much? We will find out by “practicing” medicine until you finally say it’s working. 

Our body doctors tell us to take chemicals to fix our condition. They should ask what put you into the condition you’re in. If you have trouble breathing and moving around, and you’re a hundred pounds over the morbidly obese number, you should be offered advice, not drugs. You need to get your weight under control, and then see what problems remain.

Likewise, our head doctors simply tell us to take a chemical for whatever ails you. They should be looking for the cause of your problem, not tell you it’s a physical imbalance that’s in your head. If it’s an imbalance, then it’s not their fault. Isn’t this obvious? We are affirming bad lifestyles by attributing them to the patient. They should be blaming their problems on their lifestyle, their past, or the problems in their present. Not telling them to accept things as they are, but use a chemical concoction to be satisfied with your situation. 

If feeling crappy is cause for medication, than what is the war on drugs? Clearly people use things to escape reality. If they get it from a doc, they’re given the states blessing. Failure to follow the rules will land you in a cage. If you thought your life sucked before, now you’re in a cage, and without anything but mental torture.

People are way too soft and our system is so contradictory that it’s insane. We are constantly being hit with mental health warnings, and offers for drugs. At the same time we are spending trillions of dollars, and making cartels more wealthy than nations, on war against Americans that self medicate. You can drink all day every day. Smoke a joint in the wrong state, and certainly in my youth, you get caged. Take a pill that has so many side effects that it has to be rattled off by an auctioneer at the end of every flowery commercial, and you’re being responsible.

They spent decades trying to normalize mental health, and it’s drugs. They have at least 2 very practical reasons for this. First, they want you medicated, and physically dependent upon them. Second, they have allowed for millions of Americans to be stripped of their rights, simply by being medicated for mental disorders. Red flag laws, are just a step away from a law that would make mental health a prohibition on purchasing firearms and ammo. You’re accepting the possibility of this being used against you. Furthermore, you should be smart enough to know that. Every school shooter is a mental case that’s got a record of mental health problems. How far is it to go, to say, if you’re being medicated for mental health, you aren’t stable enough to buy a gun. It seems like an open plan to me. 

This country is collectively insane. The exploitation of emotions, to push medication on people is evil. Treating us like children, who can’t be trusted with their own health, is totally cool. Making war on natural opium, while raking in billions on the synthetic analog of the same chemical. making mental illness cool, and then using it against the victims of their con. You can’t trust these people. Not the docs, the government, or the media. If this isn’t clear by now, what’s it going to take. 

Doctors kill far more people than drugs could come close to. Psychiatrists are charlatans that have had to fight their way into legitimacy. Their trade is absolute nonsense and unscientific. They have no right to be called doctor, let alone diagnose your brain chemicals by talking to you for a few minutes. Their gigantic manual for diagnosing and recognizing mental disorders is so massive and covers every single emotion. With that manual, we all can be diagnosed with several disorders and prescribed a whole host of cocktails of chemicals to try out. That’s not science, not medicine, and not ethical at all.

We need to rid this country of this pseudoscience, and it’s snake oil salesmen. It will only cause us more pain if we continue to let them classify emotion as an illness. Our emotions are like pain. They signal to us certain messages. Like, your in a toxic relationship. There’s no pill for that.

Mental health is nothing more than a mass medication program, and red herring to take your guns. Prove me wrong. Find me one person a psychiatrist has healed. After all, doctors fix us, right? Psychiatrists have yet to have a successful patient. Any of them. People use therapy and get what they need, and stop going. This is a success. The patient is improved after treatment, and requires no further service. Psychiatrists would consider this a failure. They want you hooked for life, because it’s a brain imbalance. It has to be a life long problem, or their whole philosophy on mental health is a fraud. Well, based on the explosion in mental disorders since they started, I’d say they are causing the problem, not fixing anything.

No more mental health talk, drugs, or docs. Therapy works, pills are good at masking reality. Life sucks, and getting through it is tough. It doesn’t require constant medication and medical bills. It just takes the will to do it. Hard as it may be, y’all need to man the fu** up.


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  1. Can’t patent nature!

    Everything has to be man-made (best way to control the potency)

    An easy way to control a group of people… control their health – through medicine.

    It’s no coincidence that pharmacy has the word “harm” inside


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