We Live In A Police State

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Not if, but hell yes this is, and has been for some time, a full blown police state. By every reasonable metric. This country has Carte Blanche to do as it pleases, to whoever it pleases. Just ask Donald Fu**ing Trump.

For myself, it starts and stops with the drivers license. This act of making an existing right illegal, has been found to be totally unconstitutional. Fact is, the right to freely use the public roads, was well set in precedent. They had no right then, nor now, to license private travel in these United States.

We don’t even have to harp on my own personal sovereign citizen beliefs. Sticking with the regular old illegality of the police on the roads, is easy enough. For whatever reason, the roads are “unconstitutional zones”, it seems. No 4th amendment, no 1st amendment, no 5th amendment, the 9th and 10th as well.

They’ve made an absolute mockery of your right to privately be secure in your person, property, and papers. This is obvious to any reasonable observer. Every single traffic stop, the goal is to escalate it to an arrest. Unless they’re on a motorcycle, they’re motive is to find drugs, money, or a DUI. I know this as a matter of fact.

This is why every stop is so talkative. This is why they want to search your car. For some reason this is a time where you are required to assert your rights. They are expected to try to overstep their authority and we all accept this.

If they have to, they call a dog to bark, and this is supposed to relieve you of your constitutional rights? What a joke. Can the dog testify in court? Testify to what he smelled, or “sensed” during the stop to provide probable cause of an active felony? Even a misdemeanor? No, obviously not. Why are we allowing this?

Then we have the truly insane practice known as, civil asset forfeiture. This absolute theft, masquerading under color of law, is so offensive to the actual law, I’m shocked they’ve been using it for decades.

They just jack you’re shit, put a civil claim against the actual property, and then force you to prove its not illegal. Happen to be carrying a large amount of cash to buy a car or whatever? Get “caught” with it, and it’s likely to be stolen. Then at your expense, you’re going to have to prove a negative. This is, highway robbery, by definition.

We have no knock warrants being so casually issued by judges, that swatting, and wrong addresses get hundreds of people murdered a year. There’s some 30,000 of these, middle of the night raids a year.

This is insane, and the most dangerous way, for everyone involved, to serve a warrant.

They used to knock on your door. Now they dress up like ninjas, with sub machine guns, and body armor. Then they stack up on your door and maybe they yell out something about police, maybe not. Either way your door gets kicked, your dog gets shot, and everyone is put in extreme danger, the idiot cops included.

Then there’s the surveillance state. This is just, not even cool to talk about. The facts are well known, there’s no privacy at all. Ring Doorbells default is to record sound, and they’ve admitted to picking up conversational speech up to 25 ft.

They’re also default is to give their data to the police without warrant, or even question, apparently. Plus your own phone is able to be used against you. I guess we’ve all accepted this intrusion as if it’s the only choice. Too bad, now it’s very difficult to escape constant surveillance.

This surveillance system is all hooked together through federal fusion centers. These are federal agents, and federal police, of sorts, and they provide total access, and ask for cooperation from the local police, in return.

This is a total federalization of the local police. Totally illegal. The highest legal authority in your county is your county sheriff. Period. You have full electoral control over this law officer. He holds elected office. The sheriff’s have jurisdiction everywhere in the county if they choose to use it. We really should use them better.

This roles us into the federal 1033 program or whatever it is that gives the local police the leftovers of our wars of aggression. Little towns all across America have tanks, grenade launchers, drones, night vision, and on and on. They only have to pay shipping. And they tax you to pay for it.

Through tickets, DUI’s, and drug slavery. Are police are militarized beyond denial. They act totally disconnected from the public. As if they were not even their fellow citizen. Instead they belong to a “brotherhood”, or gang. They aren’t public servants, and sure as hell ain’t peace officers.

I could go on, but if you don’t get it yet, what can convince you. They throw flash bang grenades through windows of citizens who are supposed to be innocent until PROVEN GUILTY. They murder family pets by the thousands a year. They cost towns and cities millions of dollars in law suits. Every year.

It’s come down to a point where calling the police is almost always going to make things worse. Unless you’re looking for a missing kid, they are worthless. Best to handle things our own way.

Take care of child molestors our way. Take care of the gangs our way. I think we’d be better off without the police. The sheriffs need to step up, and deputize as needed. Otherwise, someone comes to my house, I’m taking out the trash and going on with my life. They can piss off.

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  1. My guess would be that this particular post will not be very popular with the “blue-line” people.

    I personally believe that police serve a purpose in society, but that purpose is being eroded away.

    There are many times they over step that authority – yet other times they understep.

    Good or bad, thank you for the blogs today


    • My brothers a sheriff’s deputy. I don’t hate police, I’m disgusted by their policies. It’s the leadership, as per usual. Luckily my family is in a safe place, if he worked Oakland I’d be freaking out. The scumbags that are calling 9-11 and then unloading firearms on police, deserve to be curb stomped. I want peace officers that follow the firehouse model. When we need, we can call.

      Thanks for commenting man👍🏻


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