The Implications Of Trump’s Raid?

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This subject has been beaten to death by just about everyone. I’m not sure how much I can add to this conversation, but I’ll try. This was simply an unprecedented use of federal assets, used against a former president, and current candidate for the office in question.

This isn’t some so called politicization of our institutions. They are wholly owned by one party, the mono party, that Trump isn’t apart of. This is so unprecedented, because since Johnson we have had almost no choice in presidential candidates. Up until they expected us to choose between a Bush, or Clinton, did the people finally opt for the unknown.

Enter Trump.

I myself, can’t figure this man out. That’s not surprising to myself, I’m aware of his incredible success, and intelligence. Be it less refined, there’s no question he’s a sharp cat. I have a very hard time with his relationship with Israel. I think his action in fiddling with the capital of a country that’s totally illegal, is suspect beyond end.

Regardless of my suspicion, he continues to impress. Getting raided by the feds is a positive in my world. This would appear to make Trump a victim of an unprecedented power grab. There’s plenty of good evidence that throws the last election on its head. The real power that runs this country seem afraid of Donald Trump. This must mean he’s good, right?

No, it really means nothing. All one has to do is look at the polling for the media, congress, and pick your issue. The establishment is so openly hated by the majority of the country, they need Trump to get anything done at all. Would they have got the tyranny they had, without Trump to start it off?

No. Half the country woulda been hard against everything. Trump opened up the world to Anthony Fauci and basically pushed the jab. Then he stood back and did almost nothing for the rest of his term.

Then we were introduced to Q. This shadowy figure that tells people to “follow the plan”, and that behind the scenes there’s an actual battle between black and white hat agents. This continued to consume all of the peoples attention until it didn’t. Now nobody talks about Q, yet the anons are still at it.

We know this is politics run wild. We know that we’ve all witnessed a crime of pretty high consequences. Breaking and entering, to remove sensitive documents from a political candidate, is exactly what happened in WhiteWater. The republicans broke into the DNC and it cost the sitting president his job. What’s going to happen to “Pedo Pete”, when it becomes known that he was fully aware of, and likely had to approve, this outrageous abuse of power?

My guess would be nothing. There’s no federal position that seems to be on the level. They aren’t concerned with the constitution at all. They don’t seem terribly concerned with party affiliation, until like 5 minutes ago. Now they have attempted to make half the country terrorists, and listed them as such. Being a “conservative”, is becoming illegal. There is no commie puke that’s under investigation. It’s only patriotism that they see as criminal.

Trump may be smart, but might be being used. He might be in on the game as well. With Trump, it’s just too hard to tell. At this point I guess the unknown is far better than the known. Anyone would be better than Biden. At least that’s the situation that we are in now. The question is, is this destruction of Biden part of the plan? They have a perfect zombie to blame everything on, while they are jamming the system with spending bill after the next.

The idea that the government is going to spend money to fight inflation, is insane. Every cent they spend is just making it worse. Adding IRS agents are expected to bring in some $80 billion dollars. That’s a lot of audits. What’s it cost to audit a single family, that’s found to be on the level? Thousands, tens of thousands of dollars? Who knows? We’re going to find out, I guess. Whatever it is it’s not going to “fix” anything.

I’ve never heard Trump reference the Fed. All this talk, he’s constantly yapping, does he say anything about the Fed? I’ll have to admit I don’t follow him or listen to him. I take note of how many do, though. His popularity has not waned a bit. Regardless of how I feel, I think this election is his to lose. The Dems just have nobody that’s even close to having the following of Trump. I’m actually really curious as to just what they have planned, because from where I sit, the country hates Biden, and they are blaming him for everything.

We know Trump did some good. His actions at the border were more effective than any president in my adult life. His 30 ft high wall is so effective, that where it stops, the state of Arizona is picking up. They’re stacking shipping containers, twice high, topped with razor wire. They expect to have this completed for like $6 million bucks and it’s cooking along quickly. Talk about resourceful and motivated.

If trump does nothing more than secure our borders, he will have been a success. The problem is, he isn’t going to remain, and while he’s president he doesn’t seem to get the same respect. The same as the rest of those that have held that office, from the beginning of the office.

At least we see the difference between, message and behavior. Where other presidents are probably more puppets and just nod when asked questions. Trump made orders, that were constantly fought by people that should have clicked their heels and said, yes sir. It seems that even his inner circle were imposters. Can one man really clean a swamp?

Given trumps age, and our history, I find it hard to believe that he will even live to be president again. Not if he is, truly the man he presents to be, in front of his massive rallies. He’s either the greatest con artist we’ve seen yet, or he’s a good man trying to fix a broken nation. Every time he’s treated to this sort of tyranny, he gets more credibility with folks like myself, not less.

The Russia hoax, the illegal surveillance of his campaign, the impeachment, the election shenanigans, and now this. Clearly they don’t want this man in charge. They are the enemy, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, I guess?

He’s promised to give clemency to the political prisoners of Jan 6th. This alone is reason to support him. He unclassified all the documents that pertained to the absolute criminality, that had been perpetrated upon him.

Then they raided his home under the auspices of national security. As if this billionaire, wants to sell nuclear secrets to some terrorist. Trump is many things. A straight up traitor, he is not. This is outrageous and should be the beginning of the end for the power behind Biden.

This has shown their hand to all who see. They’re not concerned with rules, laws, or any human decency. They want to finish their plan, and Trump isn’t part of that plan. So, if he’s still alive come election night, I think he’s already won. We’ll have to see how crazy this gets between now and then.

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