Our Bill Of Rights Is The Constitution

The Bill of Rights wasn’t just added, at the end, Willy Nilly. After spending lots of time and ink selling this new form of government, to the people who will be governed by it.

These were people who were Virginians, New Yorkers, and the like. They loved and respected their individual states much more than any idea of a unified mono-state.

Even after writing pamphlet after the next, provided by Hamilton and Madison, mainly, called the Federalist Papers. Followed by the Anti-Federalist papers, penned in part by Patrick Henry. This very good, slow moving debate was taken in by the country at large.

In the end, the Union appealed to the people, but the worry of federal tyranny was very real, and well founded. So they drafted the Bill of Rights to entice the hardliners, and put to ease the idea that the feds could be tyrannical. Hindsight makes the electorate of then, stand out to their modern counterparts. The early Americans were smart, skeptical, and far more involved with the workings of state.

If we today, happened to be given a new government, it would just be passed by fiat, and imposed upon us.

For instance, if the US Constitution had been suspended, and the country was living under martial law, the government would be wiped out, back then.

These well read, and wise commoners were able to see the loopholes in the body of the constitution. Holes that really don’t exist, but there were plenty of specific prohibitions on power that they demanded, before allowing for the ratification attempt to even begin.

Looking at this amazing legal document in the context it was drafted, we see that the Bill of Rights, while called amendments, were actually the crucial component, that got this government started. Without the Bill of Rights, we might still be governed by the original Articles of Confederation. I think we’d have been better off, had Madison and Hamilton, been less successful in selling their own pet project.

The Union was a pet project of a certain wing of the founders. Even Jefferson was mixed, and he gave us the Declaration of Independence. He was a Virginian of very high status in his home state. He was conflicted by the slavery question, the balance of power among the states, against each other, and then between the new federal state.

Jefferson was a very practical man, that was more a statesman than we’ve seen in centuries. Sending him off to France while the Constitutional Convention took place, comes off as convenient for the federalists.

Luckily, we the people were fanatical about everything. Religion, government, and property rights. Fanaticism in these respects is no vice. It’s the health of a nation, their role in government, might as well be the heartbeat of the nation. As the people fell away from their duties, the feds gained, untested intrusions into the very lives, that they were promised never to touch.

The feds were “chained down” by the Constitution. That’s how Jefferson put it. He also gave us the ultimate Trump card, nullification. JT Started developing this legal precedent as a representative for Virginia.

He expounded upon his original ideas, and said, it would be much preferable to have a union by choice and common interests, then to ever hold a state by force. He considered it wholly immoral for a Union of force, to exist at all.

Too risky for any single body to monopolize law, money, and enslave the states that created the monster.

We should refer to the “Original Constitution”, and make no distinction between the final amendments, and the rest of the document. These were apart of the document prior to ratification, so even calling them amendments, instead of original clauses, is deceptive.

It comes off like something that was added afterward. Not the very necessity to get the people to adopt it at all.

For myself, without the 10 amendments, I woulda been an anti-federalist, hardcore.

We hear about how inferior the Articles of Confederation were, but rarely do I hear anyone that can tell me why. It’s also a current legal document.

Our legal system began with the Declaration, which is a law, like any other. It was not replaced by the Articles of Confederation. So, were the Articles made null by the adoption of the Constitution? No. It’s simply a layer upon which the foundation is, the founding document.

Just because the Constitution claims to be the supreme law of the land, doesn’t annul the previous law. If it did, we wouldn’t be a union at all. The original compact was the Declaration. Without this, the following contracts are frauds, that have no effect in law.

The states acquired their nation status through treaty, and it was 13 separate treaties, recognizing all 13 prior colonies, to be sovereign nations.

This is the foundation and fact of “states rights”. Of which the last 2, very short amendments, makes plain, and protects through contract. They made it plain.

If it’s not an enumerated power through the text, it’s not a federal consideration.

If that wasn’t strong enough they capped it with the all mighty 10th. This is just matter of fact written, to be understood by any English reader.

All powers not mentioned by this contract remain the business of the states, only, and the people respectively. This was a requirement before any sovereignty was going to be ceded to a central power.

Had they taken the prescient Patrick Henry’s view, we’d be unrecognizable from what we are today. Since this great man, all but moved the world, with his famous, and spine tingling “Liberty or Death”, speech. I woulda been a Henry fanboy, big time.

Virginians we’re just the best Americans. I love Adams as well, but the people of Virginia, were special. Hell so were the rest. The puritans of Massachusetts. Quakers from Pennsylvania. Virginian coal miners, and the intellectual center of the Enlightenment. New York, a Dutch colony that was acquired diplomatically and was quickly the industrial powerhouse of the colonies.

I could admire the states for days and write books on each of them. The history of the states is far richer than any so called American history.

The formative decades that shaped the political landscape, was fairly chaotic, full of differing interests, and from the beginning, there was an antagonism between the North, and South. Any outside observer, and many of the people of the time, would have known that forcing the the same laws on all states, would cause a civil war, or a tearing up of the Union.

The contentious slavery question, threatened to kill the Republic, before it began. The final draft was a hard compromise as it was. A compromise seen as one sided towards the North, at the expense of the South.

Then there’s the most obvious problem with centralized authority, over a diverse and independent collection of sovereign states. The broad difference in labor practices, property rights, religious preferences, and the fierce independence that was shared by all states.

The slave question destroyed the country. Adopting the use of imported chattel slaves, was the legacy of the crown, and it’s the reason we were doomed, after the horrid “war among the states”.

The “reconstruction”, disenfranchisement, and constant moralizing from the racist, exploitative, and openly hostile, North. This was their reward for fighting with the most honorable, dedicated, and outmanned, and totally out funded, war for independence.

Lincoln can say whatever he wants while the Union was getting spanked for a solid 2 years. Rebellion?!? Civil war?!? This was neither.

The Confederates wanted their state sovereignty returned and they drafted their own constitution, military, and printed their currency. This was a revolution, in the same moral righteousness, and causes fought for by their fathers. These were the children of the revolution. They worshipped Washington, and Jefferson, and loved the Union. It’s just a matter of failure to abide by the contract.

The Union took the foundation of the southern economy and exploited it. They tried to incite violence from slaves, and generally treated the south like bumpkins, and less sophisticated, as the industrial, and filthy north.

This lasted for decades, and untold attempts at remedy. The race to make states choose slave, or free, was a race to war. Why? The balance of the national legislature.

This period should have been a huge red flag, and they should have been talking about secession far before the 1860’s. Since the feds centralized power, the natural tendency for cliques, and the seduction of power, was already tearing the country apart.

The idea that a slave society, and a free labor society, can be governed effectively by the people of these polarized populations, is beyond naive. It’s obviously going to cause deeper divides, and less leeway from each other for self governance, that’s different.

Look at what the LDS church went through to live slightly odd marriage customs. The puritans banned quakers from Boston. These guys were not woke, and diversity was no strength to them. The states had such unique customs, prejudices, and norms for societal interaction. Southern Hospitality, was real. I would give my right arm to live in the Antebellum South.

I’ve always loved the US South. I’m a Californian, but a yankee I am not. I would have refused Lincoln’s draft. I would have been calling Lincoln a dictator. Since he was prosecuting a criminal military invasion, on his own countrymen.

Then when he couldn’t whip the men, he gave Shitfaced Sherman, full immunity to bring “total war” to the women and children of the South.

This was unprecedented, even by the Brit’s. Independent acts of barbarism happened by British soldiers. Never would it be made policy to abandon the fight, and attack the very things men fight for, women and children.

Lincoln threw hundreds of years of well established rules of war, out the window. These were developed over the constant warfare of Europe. These rules can be said to be the difference between honorable contest, and barbaric conquest. More akin to a Muslim raid than a fight among Europeans. How many Southern Belles were raped? How many slaughtered by their slaves? Raped to death by blacks of whatever status?

Sherman’s march to the sea, that’s just amazing to military historians, and innovative by all who witnessed it. It’s a national disgrace. Worse than any holocaust because he committed this upon his own.

He arrested reporters, private detractors, senators, and even a Supreme Court justice. This man shredded the Constitution to preserve the Union that the constitution relied upon. He used force of character to destroy federalism, and murder maybe a million of the nations best young men.

Then to be allowed back into the citizenship that was their birthright, they were forced to take an oath to the District of Columbia. They had to then allow northern reformers to upend their society, and plunder while they were at it.

They were disenfranchised from national representation for decades. These men of honor, were treated to northern aggression. The war was at least within their control. After offering surrender, they were respected by Lincoln, but no other northern politician.

Lincoln famously had the band play Dixie in respect to the honorable foe that the south proved to be. He wanted the south to be brought back into full friendship as fast as possible.

Too bad he was surrounded by vindictive, and hateful tyrants, just licking their chops at the chance to inflict pain upon their own people. His death was no gift to the south.

The actor that capped him was more than likely a conspiracy of northern construction. A false flag, to bring hatred, and violence to the people who were hurt by this, and not the benefactor of the assassination.

Lincoln, regardless of his crimes during the war, was the south’s best friend. He was happy to see the southern states repatriated, and wanted them given easy relief from what could be called treason. He was willing to take their word.

His successor preferred a more aggressive approach.

If You lived in the south and all of a sudden was surrounded by a million wild cards, might make ya jumpy. Then there’s the all but forgotten, black terrorist attacks. Oh, you’ve never heard of black violence during the 20 years or so following this record set blood letting. Can’t imagine why?

I can’t imagine that there wouldn’t have been a case, or many, of black revenge. It gave cause and motivation to the KKK. The terrorism was treated properly. Those caught even considering violence were publicly hung. This wasn’t sadistic sport. It was a measured response to a hostile population, abandonment by half of the country, and the fear of the well being of their loved ones. I’d have done the same.

The 1800’s needs to be studied and properly recorded in our history. It is recorded, but in scattered works, that are disappearing with time. Our text books are so anti American that we still harp on slavery after 150 years, and a million white lives spent.

The racial harmony? Non existent. Not now, then, or anywhere in between. It’s been one problem after the next.

Now California is a mere months from giving black Californians reparations checks. A free state, that was almost totally free of any blacks, until the 50’s, is about to pay them hundreds of thousands a piece.

A population that arrived in the 50’s, and were already so pissed off by 1964 they caused the worst riot in US history. The Watts riots.

California is the home of “white flight”. Just look at LA and SF. 2 Of the nations most beautiful cities, and prosperous beyond all belief.

The demographics changed due to wonderful diversity like Watts, the hippy movement, the Black Panther stronghold in Oakland, and now, with a couple hundred thousand duckets, the suburbs are about to be destroyed as well.

The first major violation of our federalist system, exploded into the bloodiest conflict in US history. Then the oligarchy of gangsters, took out the one personality that could have healed the country.

Then they completely sabotaged us, and polarized our people for all time. Today it’s a given fact, that blacks are far more violent than whites. I’m sure the southern people noticed this. Were any of the awful pictures forced into my young brain, even illegal?

They show white men standing around hanging blacks. It doesn’t provide context at all. Like, “the result of a horrific rape and murder case”. That would make the white men seem very honorable. Without any context, they look psychotic.

So we have been rewriting history as it happens. We all know the KKK was a large and respected organization, until it wasn’t. In the 1920’s some 2 million Klansmen were on the roles, and many marched down DC. The last democrat politician to be an ex Klansman died a mere 10 years ago, or so. Obama spoke to his honor and service to the country. Mr Bird.

What a loopy mind I have. Even when writing, I have no ability to remain on topic. To me everything connects, and there’s a logical path to all of my detours through a well thought out answer. I’m not retarded, just trying to answer questions, that tend to offer more questions to answer, as I go.

I also write like the great Hemingway. I just stream and edit after. This gives myself an unbroken stream of consciousness, that I can just run with. Then if I’m unhappy with any part, I edit it before post.

Lol. In final examination, we need to take the “original constitution” as it was ratified. There’s no good reason to separate the Bill of Rights from the Constitution. It was a package deal, or no deal. The 9th and 10th are the absolute proof of supremacy.

The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land only, in matters of their enumerated powers, but in all other matters, the feds are subservient to the states. The “supremacy clause” isn’t absolute. It’s reliant upon good faith by the parties to the contract. Faith that has been lost on the feds for at least a century now.

No IRS in the Constitution. They don’t work for the treasury either. They are foreign agents employed by the IMF. Just as our currency is a global, and private scheme. So too, is the income tax, that’s expressly forbidden in the Constitution.

The feds are prohibited from any direct tax on the people. Any tax that is progressive. All taxes are legally bound to be based upon the census, and apportioned among the people equally.

Taxing the act of working, was illegal. Installing a labor tax, and using your own success to gauge the level of tax owed, is so offensive to a free society, it didn’t come close to state ratification.

Three quarters of the states have to ratify amendments to the constitution. I believe the legislature in DC passed it. There’s no reason to believe that the states would. In fact, you’d be stupid to think this would ever be accepted by 3/4 of the American people, in 1900.

When they were 90% white, 100% Christian, and lived by private property, and free labor. This would have been called slavery by those of the time. The whites that had been through so much making black labor free, would never make themselves part time slaves, under any condition.

Certainly they’d be incapable of believing that we accept an effective tax rate, of around 50% of our labor. They’d laugh at us and refer to us as pathetic slaves, and pathetic people.

They’d certainly disavow us, and feel ashamed of what has become of their ultimate sacrifices.

They’d see our addiction with entertainment, drugs, and our hedonism for what they are. The decadence that ends empires. These men knew Rome, and admired her greatly. They surely knew of her fall, and the reasons there of.

They might not be surprised by our current demise as I first thought. The Protestant work ethic, was the opposite of the decadence of Rome. The Amish have kept true to their faith, and culture, and they are the smartest, healthiest, and most self governed among us.

These religious “fanatics”, were the norm in the 1800’s. The country was soundly Christian.

The denominations numbered over 1,000, but all Christian. The founders thanked God for the blessings they achieved. John Adams, our second president was a very pious man.

Society will always have elites. Always have a natural hierarchy of merit, if not a hierarchy of force. The founders were the most unique elite class in human history. These were all comfortable men of means and status.

They put THEIR FORTUNES, HONOR, and PROPERTY on the line, and signed, sealed and delivered their challenge to the most powerful human on Earth. Then they saw it through to the end. Many lost homes, their lives, and the lives of loved ones. Today we allow them to be slandered as spoiled slavers.

Massachusetts was the first successful colony. It exploded and made itself a major commercial hub over a few decades. They allowed women to vote pre 1800, I believe. They were very diplomatic with the neighborhood Indians. They were forced to retaliate after a raid murdered many innocent people, out of the blue.

They pulled themselves together and went and wiped out a tribe that wasn’t very liked anyway. After that they were conflict free until they were drug into the French Indian wars.

No slaves, no genocide, and no oppression for the ladies. Where does this most important history, fit into the current narrative? It doesn’t, it actually refutes the current narrative, so it’s buried.

Why are we being constantly slandered for the exact points of national pride so celebrated by, we the people? Have we been so brainwashed to see our whole past as one long stain upon Earth?

Even when so much of the world wants nothing more than a chance to get here? This isn’t normal among any other people. Only whites, and American whites are the leader in self loathing.

Think the Chinese teach their children how wicked the CCP is? Anything about the commie revolution, and Mao’s ruthless use of starvation against his own? I’m sure they do not. I’m sure they are propagandized to love the CCP. They do so by omitting the evil, and inventing positive history to make the kids proud of their country.

I don’t want to propagandize American kids with anything. I would like them to learn about the country, both good and bad. The founding should still be revered, celebrated, and the men of the time should be heroes, not villains.

Slavery shouldn’t even be brought up until high school. The kids should be proud of the country before you start detailing our mistakes. Treating this topic as if it’s an easy matter, and should have been an obvious evil to all people at all times, is asinine.

If we could, you wouldn’t find a single American that wouldn’t wish to go back before the first African indentured servants were brought by a Dutch ship. Then refuse them, and keep the existing law that forbid chattel slavery.

Just imagine the peace we’d have today, if we had somehow avoided the short term profit, of importing a couple million Africans into our country. We had a chance to resettle them after the war. Why we didn’t, can be chalked up to northern aggression.

Now that they’ve found themselves ghettoes in every big city in the Union, this is poetic Justice.

As with the illegals being bussed to NY, the bossy, self righteous idiots, are getting a tiny taste of the hell that exists at the border. DC is suing. NY Is going to spend more tax dollars to virtue signal. To who, I have no idea.

When blacks invade a progressive town, whites run. Detroit was 2.5 million people in 1955. By 1970 like half the whites left. Now this massive city that can house 2.5 million has a population around 500,000. This is the starkest example of hypocrisy, and reality vs, utopian idealism.

Whites can’t fly anywhere anymore. Thanks to the forced integration, the open invitation for anyone to come in and enjoy our services. The anti white quota system, and so much more. Leaves whites less and less option to disassociate with criminals, foreigners, and the gangs and violence that come with.

White people deserve a place in this country. A place for white people, white history, white customs, white religion, and white pride. A place to hold true the history that actually built this country, before it was lost through sabotage.

If not, I wouldn’t wanna be the focus of the building rage. The country has been simmering for some time. We’re about to boil over and who knows what happens when we get pushed too far.

Americans are famous for taking it, until they aren’t. Then we have a reputation for going overboard, a bit, in our reaction. We are getting close to that reaction, keep pushing and you’ll regret it like you never knew you could.

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