Cry For Help

I’m raising $5,000.00 until 09/25/2022 for My Life Raft. Can you help?

Not much else to say. I’ve been at this, basically since the germ hit. When I began I was comfortable, paid up, and had money in savings. I was working constantly, and I was even able to sub contract for a full year, and didn’t have to punch a clock.

That’s long gone, and the weather has gotten quite dark. The people are nasty, rude, and out of their minds. If I’m not this, I’m that. Whatever it is, I seem to be broken. For the first time in my life I’m losing hope.

I’ve lived a wild life, so far. I grew up as an intern for career criminality. Lived like I’d be long dead at 30. Didn’t actually become a man till nearly 30 years old. Now I feel like I’m so far behind, the game is lost, the moves in the game seem to all lead to checkmate. I have to flip the board.

For me, that means starting somewhere new. Given the fact that I live in the worst, governed state in the Union. I live around the most disgusting people on Earth. The cost to live here is higher than just about anywhere else, period. The pay for what I do, compared to a waiter at Denny’s is way too close. The illegals own the state, and have taken to letting us know, that they know, and are happy for it.

I’ve given enough to this state. It’s taken everything from me. At 6 months old THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA took my father away. Then in the 2000’s the same state took my daughter away. To be fair, I was allowed 4 days a month, but child support was attached to my pay. They’ve taken, and held hostage, my drivers license so many times I’ve lost track.

I’m looking for help and it’s a good cause. I’m a good man. I’m honest, I pull my weight, and I need very little to be satisfied. A shack on some scrub, with water, septic, and internet. That’s all I need, or want. While there’s millions of acres of raw forest, I couldn’t buy any parcel of it. It’s purposefully wild. The plan for Cali, is total human prohibition. The land will thrive, because the only place people will be allowed is tiny pockets perhaps near LA and SF.

I want nothing to do with globalism, antihuman, and antiGod lunatics. They are turning this mighty economy into fiat, to be eventually valued properly. All Cali assets are doomed to go to zero. 30 year mortgage, so you can pay a higher property tax payment, than the original mortgage payments. This state is designed to rob you, on purpose, and with aggressive agents. Agents that are Bolsheviks. Everything about the way this state governs, is Bolshevism all the way.

I know I write some stinkers, my podcast is full of stuttering, swearing, and bigotry. I’m trying though. I try to make it keep going. I try to get motivated for someone, somewhere, to maybe do something. Maybe it’s just vanity. Maybe.

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  1. Jesus you whine a lot. What if you just took responsibility for your own life and got a job? Oh ya you can’t because the blacks are holding you back.


    • Thanks for that, really, thanks for putting in the effort to be a jerk.

      I have a “job”, and am doing the best I can. I ran this site for years without making a cent. I never got a single cent to cover the several hundred dollars, annually, that it costs. I hoped there was perhaps someone who might consider helping me out in my time of need.

      This site has cost me more than money, but real life employment as well. Now I’m employed by a company that treats me like a man, not a “human resource”. I never thought I’d be so appreciative of just being allowed to be me, when I’m my own time.

      I’ve stopped even mentioning that I do accept donations because what’s the point.

      Why post anonymous if you’re such an example to follow? I stand on my name, which explains why you found me. The great thing about this site, my opinions, and well all things on the net, is the choice. Choose to be somewhere else if you have nothing to add. Nobody made you stalk me here. Grow up, or man up. I’ve left you a proposition to meet up and settle it like men if you’ve got the sand. Continue this route and it won’t end well. Life has consequences, grow up.


      • David Baker I don’t know who you are or why you keep harassing me but I want to try to make a helpful observation—you really talk A LOT about dicks and gay sex. I don’t talk about that stuff because it’s not interesting to me. It’s not on my mind because I’m not tempted by gay sex.

        But I’m wondering if you talk about it so much because it’s in your mind A LOT and that’s because you are tempted by gay sex and dicks?

        I’m just asking, don’t get offended!

        There’s no shame in being gay curious David Baker! I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom—love is love buddy!

        Only you will ever know but it MIGHT be that you’re gay and that’s OK! Instead of all the self-hatred and vomit you spew, learn to accept yourself and be kind to yourself.

        Remember Jesus loves you so much that he died so you can fellate without guilt.


  2. You’re making a living?!!!

    Great maybe now you’ll make right on your child support payments you deadbeat dunce.

    But you seem to be avoiding THE question as to whether you might talk about gay sex and dicks SO MUCH only because you might be gay and therefore are at war with yourself not all the minorities you blame.

    Fine. That’s a personal question. None of my business.


    • This is my property faggot. I make the rules, and I’m letting you continue this harassment because it shows who, is who. You faggot, loser. Get a life.


      • I thought you were out working?

        And there you go again with all the gay talk. You really can’t help yourself can you? I’m just saying that might be something for you to look at.

        I mean calling me that name is not a problem because I’m neutral on gays. None of my concern. But it’s such a big concern to you David Baker, that it features in just about everything you say! Obsession might equal temptation in your case. Just info for you to use.

        But please don’t reply, you might get fired from the job your working at today and then you’d blame me for you not paying your child support. Yet again.


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