Corporation Vs Government, WTF

The pros and cons go one way, regardless the answer. A government like ours, in which the state is subservient to we the people. Letting them, “incorporate” would dissolve the Constitution, and draft a corporate policy that’s set by the share holders, not us.

Corporations are pyramids of power, and not democratic, in the least. They have a singular goal, as with any corporation. Continue to satisfy its benefactors with profits, and to do so with ruthless disregard for the lives of anyone.

Sure sounds cool, huh.

So, I think we all know our politicians would be chomping at the bit to get on board with this. Certainly if it offered them any kind of profit sharing, stocks, or bonds. As it is, they have an unbelievable superpower to invest. They have given themselves immunity from insider trading. So they write the anticompetitive laws, offer up favored corporations humongous “grants”, and know exactly how the market will respond to the news they got and used, weeks before the most advanced investors ever could.

This has led to investment strategies that simply follow the big moves made by certain politicians. Watching out for big trades from committee members, that sit in power over all corporate charters. These creatures can revoke your corporation on any reason whatever, because their all crooks.

All the ones that budget for lobby groups, at least. Openly bribing politicians for a pittance, compared to the profits. Billion dollar corporations can get your prostitute representatives to do just about anything for a measly $100k.

The benefits to the ruling class are limitless. No liability, no accountability, and no law that actually applies to them. That’s what we’d have. No more fantasies about equality, and if you want, you can be the president, either.

This would make plain the oligarchy rule that governs us. It would lift the veil on how corrupt the whole institution has become. It would allow them to drop the mask, and show us who, and what they are.

Corporate human resource officers, given an army of corporate security, that’s a lot like Blackwater, to loot, kidnap, and enslave anyone they can.

We already live under this, as a matter of fact. They just haven’t got the sand to tell you what they’ve done. So we live in a game of monopoly, mixed with Call of Duty.

The world is wholly artificial, but the pain we feel is real. The government are pirates, and we’re still treating them with respect. At least Biden is getting chanted at during his few and far between public interactions. That, has offered me some great pleasure and hope in the future. It’s youngsters leading it, and I’m damn proud of em.

Let us consider, now, just what this has already done, and will continue to do if not put in check. Before the start, that I put at 1913, with the Federal Reserves founding. Americans were the freest, richest, and most motivated people on Earth. The west was fully tamed, and the nation was growing by number and wealth daily. Was it easy? Hell no.

It was so hard that only 1 in 3 immigrants actually stayed. Two thirds left upon finding out you had to earn your keep in this land. You got no oppression from the state, but that meant no favor from them either. Our economy was absolutely free, and ran on hard money.

No regulations, no taxes, no victimless crimes, hell, hardly any criminal statutes. If you minded your business, and respected those you came across, your freedom was endless. This was such a unique moment in the time it happened, we caught the attention of the whole world.

The people were very content with the land mass they had already conquered. They were hard set against wars of adventure, and plunder. Even more oppose to getting tangled up in European wars. They considered the constant warfare over Europe to be a consequence of monarchy, and empires.

Still, we are hopelessly vulnerable to false flags. The USS Maine, would be one of our first, that I’m aware of. An American ship exploded in a Cuban harbor. Why, and how? We probably will never know. But to think it was an act of undeclared war, instigated by a basket case of an empire, like Spain, is retarded.

Spain was reeling in economic disfunction, due to the crazy amount of gold they introduced into circulation way too fast. The New World gold was doubling the crowns holdings. Inflation of natural causes. They spent the following 4 centuries recovering from the treasure that was found in absurd quantity. That so devalued their existing gold holdings to such a crazy level, and brought the mechanisms of state into “fix” it.

Thus, a recession of the economy that lasted centuries, that should have made them rich, instead.

One thing that governments and massive corporate conglomerates share, is inefficiency, tons and tons of “dead weight”, and corruption to criminal levels.

This is the result of top down, compartmentalized, and competitive, sometimes ruthless, internal rivalry and jealousy. They tend to breed psychotic attitudes, that are inflated with entitlement.

The monetary and power incentives increase at every level, and so too does the competition get, for the highest spots. Both institutions are full of suck ups, backstabbing, and sex scandal.

Working to be a soulless corporate pirate, or a soulless political pirate, if you work for them long enough, they will own you.

By blackmail, designed dependency, or the power to blacken your name, across the entire industry you made a career in. What’s even better, is the allure this very power has on the heartless in our society all ready. The interns are just biting their tongue, to get the opportunity to use their “wokeness”, as their means to step on every one in between them and the boss.

Their whole lives have been prepping them to be “yesmen” with absolutely no soul, or integrity.

The cons? I can’t find a single positive thing for the people, and a more, undeserved, and disgusting offer of power, and privilege to the elites of today.

The most decadent, disgusting, and criminal elite class in American history. Rewarding the likes of Harris, AOC, and McConnell is the definition of insanity. These pukes belong in prison, not a board room, and certainly not an elected office.

Now for the truth. We are a corporation. The US, YOU, ME, ALL OF US. See the trick, it’s subtle, and not even noticeable when they do it.

The only time you see proper names spelled in all capital letters, it’s the name of a corporation. THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, is not the State of California. If you think names are irrelevant, you ain’t got a clue. Everything is in the name.

We’re taught to write proper nouns in grade school. Why do corporations, and the state refuse to follow the common writing style that’s “proper”? Because they don’t want you, the child of god, they want your strawman, a corporate fiction to represent you. Or you to represent it, would be more accurate.

You are a freeman of the land, and have no obligation to follow anything except the US Constitution, and any laws that are in pursuance there of. Your corporate strawman is bound to a corporate policy, that’s the thickest employee manual in the world.

They call it the Universal Commercial Code, (UCC). This is not concerned with any rights, since employees have none. You may enjoy some privilege for doing your managers proud, but rights? Not a chance. Only human beings, with souls, and a sovereign body and mind, have rights.

Corporations are fictions, you are a king in your own right.

We have to come to grips with this blatant con. They have left way too much evidence for us to pull right out of Google Scholar, to deny this anymore. What began as a looney legal theory, has proven to be 100% on the level.

Sure, there are folks getting screwed over for trying to regain their status as free, but that doesn’t make the courts right. In fact, most of this is well known to most of the courtroom employees. Certainly it’s well known to the judge, because the judges are actual beneficiaries of judgements.

They get a straight cut from the take, on all settled debts.

We have to take back the judicial tyranny we let them construct. That means taking every petty fine, ticket, or whatever it is, to court, and demanding you be tried before a jury. Demand your right to a jury as per the amendment that states you have a right to a jury on any matter that is more than $25.

Traffic court is a fraud. Family courts are frauds. We must abolish them. We must use our rights to crush them, before it’s too late. Right now, simply taking 75% of tickets to court, would explode the fraud and cost the state millions of dollars, instead of just cashing in for nothing.

The idea that a majority of tickets would be challenged in court was not considered. If it was, they surely knew it couldn’t sustain that system for long. Jury trials are expensive for the state. You are gonna represent yourself. Your legal fees will be minor, like notary publics, using correct postal services, and you’re gonna have to study the law.

You’ll have to study the laws that pertain to court, how to act, what to say, and what your rights are in court. You are the boss, and politely letting them all know, that you intend to bring suit upon each, and every one of them, is proper and legal. It’s also just, and moral.

We need to put the fear of God into these judges and call them on their oath every single time they act counter to it. It needs to be made plain, that you aren’t in violation of any law. You aren’t even within their jurisdiction. This concept alone can get you out of plenty of courtrooms. If jurisdiction isn’t established you move to dismiss, with prejudice. Then you ask that you be compensated for the gross violation of your rights, and time.

Then you invoice them with reasonable costs. If they fail to answer a legal challenge, you sue them. Like I said, easy it is not, but worth it it will be. What do ya have to lose, but your chains?

Tell ya what. Do like I did and try to prove me wrong. Of course you must do so in good faith and open mind, or what’s the point. When you find that I’m right, act. Then spread the word. All we have to do to reclaim our roads is defend ourselves in court, instead of paying the fine. In Cali every ticket is expensive enough to take a day off for. The price for freedom can still be reckoned in dollars, but if we fail to use it, blood will be the only thing left to us.

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