A Word On Hitler, Gasp

The colorful version.

It’s occurred to myself, that I’ve spoken of this mythical man in a way that could come off, to many, as an immediate turn off. Too many people are perhaps unfamiliar with the fact that Adolf Hitler was in fact, a person. A super nationalist, patriot, in fact. I’ve chosen to approach all of my research regarding both WW’s with the most objective, and totally unbiased approach that I can.

They say the first casualty in every war is, the truth. This is the most profound, and 100% on the money observation, I’ve come to find. I think it’s scary in its very implications. It suggests all wars, in all times, have been motivated by lies. That man is not motivated to commit this mass murder, but used, by the users of lies, to kill his fellow man. My research has failed to find a war where this wasn’t the case.

So why, and for who do we patriotic, well intentioned fathers, brothers, sons, etc, go off to foreign lands to abandon our crops, our loves, and well, everything. This “Noble Lie” is always a threat to those very things. Your safety, loved ones, and way of life. The elites are able to manipulate the masses by threatening the very reason men live, for the gain of small, tiny even, groups of evil men. These men have been the money powers for centuries now.

The WW’s were so unusual, and such unprecedented events, they simply must be understood by people. I’m no historian, as with everything, do your own research, but don’t you dare hit me with a wiki rebuttal. I’ll destroy you. I may be a delinquent, but you’d be surprised how much I read. Furthermore, we are living in a brilliant time of documentaries. This is far and away the most amazing resource.

Being able to assemble an 11 hour documentary using only stock news reels that played once long before VCR’s, is amazing, and quite common. So much slipped before DVR. Including satellite feeds that people would record once they got VCR’s. The wealth of knowledge that exists in the basement of the big 3 networks, is the real record of the latter half of the 20th century.

Train wreck. So I guess I’m saying that I’ve seen things that I know many haven’t. Then I’ve gone much, much deeper, on my own. I do research so I admit, I’m always depending upon the works of others. Whether it be an article, or a biography, it’s not gospel. With this in mind, I come to revisionists. I’ll just name 2, for now. David Cole, a Jew who made a documentary at Auschwitz’s in the early 1990’s. He utterly destroys the possibility that millions of any type of humans, were systematically gassed, and burnt to ash. All while wearing a small hat, to boot. Gotta love that.

Next is a Brit named David Irving. What perked my attention about Irving was, he’s really the only historian of the WWII period, who can read German cursive, had access to loads of personal diaries, and read literally all the war time communiqué sent in German. He’s written several volume books about Rommel and was a best seller.

Then he decided to write a biography of Hitler. This made him an actual criminal, who I believe is either doing time, or has done time, for a book. He also had his home bombed, and lost priceless historical documents. I’ve heard him speak a thousand times. Never actually read any of his books. I have learned the truth about as much as I can, and the violence towards him, just confirms it’s 100% genuine.

First things first. You can not just stack human bodies like cord wood, sprinkle some gas on them, and watch it burn to ash. We are 80% plus water. Modern crematoriums only do one body at a time, and it takes heavy duty heat, for an hour or 2. Still in the end, the biggest bones aren’t consumed. They are crushed up and mixed in with the ash. The so called mass genocide, is admitted to have began very late in the game. 1944 or so. The original, and long lasting number was 4 million souls murdered in that camp alone.

Today it’s been revised to around a million. Still absurd. Then you have the leuchter report. A forensic examination looking for residue of the infamous zyklon b. Problem is, he found off the charts levels, as well as Prussian blue staining, but only in the disinfectant chambers. In the showers, nothing. As in, nobody was gassed in the room they’re still touring people through, as a homicidal death chamber.

So if the Holocaust is bunk, and I’m sure it is, there’s no reason to look at Hitler any differently than Stalin, FDR, and that drunken pig, Churchill. These were the leaders of the most globally destructive, and brutal act of barbarism, that we have come to call, WWII. When we strip away the cartoonish, and Hollywood propagandized, slander, I find only the most wicked lies. Every single year we are inundated with film after the next, and with every year it just gets less and less believable.

For modern Germans, it’s just wrong. These people are the victims of a shattered culture. They were destroyed and occupied by US, and Stalin for daring to use their own currency, choose their own leaders, and build the society they saw as best to fit themselves and their posterity. Of course we can’t be told this is the real reason. Even my great grandfather served in the Pacific, and I know many who have family that fought in Europe. These are people that would be crushed to know their loved ones were conned to fight the wrong enemy.

Yes, I stand by that last statement. I have come to believe that we purposely were conned to aid in the communist take over of Europe. We didn’t liberate a single soul, but damned millions to hell on Earth. From the jump, it’s US money that armed the Bolsheviks against Christian Germany. From the jump, we allied with a genocidal maniac, that had already committed mass murder, and developed his Gulag system of slave labor. Aided by the papers who were wholly Jewish, and absolutely lied and covered up the starvation of Ukraine.

Bolshevism was completely Jewish. Trotsky, Lenin, and all of their top political officers, all Jewish. Literally some 90% of those causing the “terror” were of the tribe. The Bolsheviks were at war with ethnic Russians, and the “Red, vs white” revolution, was Christianity being slaughtered, and crushed by Judaism. They were wicked, and cunning. They paralyzed a massive land mass with barbaric displays of arbitrary mass violence. They instilled such a sense of anxiety among the people that they couldn’t trust their own children.

Sound familiar yet? How many of you would be delivered up as “racist” by your own blood? Do you even know? I promise you don’t. You simply have no clue the power that a skilled change agent can bring to bare over the minds of a class of children. You really should be more careful with the minds of your loved ones. If made to choose between you, and ostracism from their peers, I don’t care how good you are. They are picking approval of their “authority”, and peers, over you. Even though they will regret it, children can’t be expected to endure such pressure.

Adolf Hitler happened to notice this horrific destruction. He noticed the plan to kill all the intelligent, destroy the church, and bring in hedonistic debauchery. He saw Bolshevism as an expansionist program, and saw it coming for his precious Germany next. He also knew the history of central banking, and was hard set against secret societies. He outlawed like 30 separate secret cliques by name, and law. He outlawed usury, Kosher butchering, which is hideous, and outlawed the Free Masons. Of course the Jews hated him. He made all of their wicked ways, into criminal acts. For this, his countrymen loved him, his population bloomed, and his industry exploded.

We are told that Hitler brought unmitigated destruction upon his whole people, to protect Poland. Well folks, he invaded Poland with Stalin as an ally. He just outsmarted that blood thirsty moron, and caught his army way off guard. This was no surprise to the Soviet brass, but Stalin refused to believe the warnings, and probably even killed some for bothering him. We know he was well warned, and we know he had his ass handed to him by the far better, more disciplined, and honorable Germans. A great book called Stalingrad, details just how dysfunctional the Soviets were. Soviet troops were followed by their Bolshevik leaders, who machine gunned them down for failing to run into sure death. The movie “Enemy at the Gates”, shows just one scene of this, it’s so grotesque.

The Bolshevik orders that are still recorded for future historians, are plentiful and vicious. Their blood thirsty hatred for the German people, as a whole, was so total, and insane, that they encouraged rape, murder, and torture of German men, women, and children. The Bolshevik clean up crews had a simple standard, 8 to 80, was up for grabs. Women were gang raped to death, by hundreds of men at a time. Some only got a few and a quick death. Some were crucified, some burnt alive, some bayoneted in their private parts. Our ally’s.

Make no mistake, this was a war of racial domination, and destruction. The honorable General Patton knew damn well he had fought the wrong enemy, and begged to have the German people put back together. He knew the Bolsheviks were evil, had designs on the domination of all Europe, and he was sure they would only become stronger, at the expense of America’s wealth, and status. He was right, but the same media that cheered him for whipping hell outta NAZI’s, was near his death, treating him like a looney old man. He noticed this as well, and wrote a front page article trying to warn the people. He even said it was a Semitic influence.

This is just some of what I’ve found while researching the WW’s. It really is just one war, that had an armistice for as long as many predicted. As with all things I ask, who benefits? When I look at the ruin of Europe, the end of the British Empire, the domination of communism, and the dependence of the world upon the dollar to rebuild their shattered lives. I find the Jewish people as the clear winners, and the beneficiaries of a terror state of their very own. All while millions of Christians were doomed to Bolshevism. This is the undeniable fact of the matter. Christian Europe died, and the communist conspiracy gained free reign.

I’m no fan of collectivist, statist, authoritarianism. I’m not a socialist, of any kind. I would have gotten along fine in Hitler’s Germany, because I’m a conservative by nature. I’m an anarchist, but despise the libertine, lifestyle. Freedom to me means freedom to fail, not freedom from responsibility. I believe in governance, but am weary of any government. I also believe in patriotism, and support it. I’m disgusted by this beltway libertarian rejection of all things traditional. Their insistence upon being woke is enough to make me wanna vomit.

They are nothing but commie, fellow travelers, and have no interest in actually advancing human liberty. Just another political distraction to further disunite the people, by party rivalry. Just as with the other ones, there’s plenty of great people in these parties, but they’re being played, like it or not. A third party can be used to split the vote among any candidate that is actually human, and default us back to the Shabbas goy that they arrange for us.

I’m not trying to write a book on this at the moment, and I think this is plenty for any new comer to revisionism, to get started on. You need to know your history or we will be surely sorry. It won’t be our history that’s repeated, but that of Germany in America. They have used us to build their little terror state into a global power.

They used Germany until the German people had, had enough. Then things got progressively more, and more hateful between the native Germans and their Jewish minority. Zionism is Jewish supremacy. It’s international, it’s ruthless, and it’s largely motivated out of a hatred of Christ, and his followers. This is all well documented by Jewish leaders, and Hitler made it his mission to earn his fellows, and save his dying nation.

I’ve said before, I believe that our only out is nationalism. For all the people’s of Earth to embrace those things that make them a people, a nation, or a race. I don’t believe this would breed hatred or anything negative, but the opposite. Healthy respect for the traditions that have served your people for ages, is a good thing. Globalism aims at erasing these special characteristics that define so many of the people of this world.

Diversity is no strength, and common sense is enough to know it’s not. A jumbled up people of different religion, ethics, and cultural norms, are not good for any country that actually cares for itself. It’s only the move of a nation, so beaten down by their own history, as if it’s so awful it must be atoned for. This atonement comes by way of relinquishing power over the political system, to include all stripe. Then a massive and century long drive, to destroy every long standing tradition that has served your people, from their beginning.

The Bible states that we are all of one blood. This is the ultimate lie. All half truths are whole lies. The rest of the verse then goes on to tell us to remain in our respective places. Not to intermingle, not to blot out the very traits that were gifted to us by our creator. There’s a reason that interracial marriage is a tiny percentage of over all marriage. It’s weird to all, and unnatural on a base level. One that comes from a racial memory of sorts, not our intellect. This is intuitive, and those that can be honest with themselves know that what I say is true.

I’m not promoting an ethnostate for America. Not at all. What I am suggesting, is that America, and the West in general, retain their right to be who they are, with absolute control over their country. I want America to be American again. I want to celebrate the Founding Fathers. I want to celebrate the founding of this country. I will always celebrate the conquering of this continent, the building of this great land, and the great men who laid their lives down for me, and mine. This kind of pride makes me immune to claims of any “ism” that could ever make me deny these things.

We either embrace national guilt, or national pride. We can’t have both. We can’t teach our children that the greatest nation on Earth was invented and sustained by barbaric, whip wielding, slavers, and the slaves they abused. First off, that’s just not true. Second, it’s a total contradiction and setting them up for guilt. Just look at the total joke they’ve made of America’s birthday. May Day, the commie holiday gets more love than our independence anniversary. This is the result of diversity.

A smart man said something to the effect of, no one person, with their limited history, and knowledge of the world. Could ever eclipse that of the community, nation, or race, that developed those norms over generations of trial and error. These traditions may seem silly, outdated, or you may not understand why they’re there at all. They were developed through trial and error on a grand scale, over an impossible to fathom time period, and they’ve remained for good reason. We abandon tradition at our own peril.

Hitler was nothing else, if not conservative. He wanted to celebrate the great Germanic history, and was doing so constantly. These peculiar people who were constantly in and out of war, and friendship with the great Roman Empire. These great people who couldn’t be fully tamed, but had appreciated their contact with Rome. That’s why he adopted the Roman Salute. The swastika is an ancient symbol that is likely the sign of Atlantis. Hitler made these things so common place, and loved by the white world, he had to be destroyed, and his race was to be blotted out.

We need to learn from WWII. Not that Christian’s killed Jews. Jews are trying to genocide Christianity, and bring in a one world government, a global military, and enforce a single religion upon all the people of Earth. Luciferian is the religion you will accept, or lose your head. The 7 “Noahide” laws will be the new “10 commandments”. We will be held to the death penalty for doing anything that upsets are masters. The only racially pure people left, the tribe of Judah.

Why is “My Struggle” the most banned book in history? Why is anyisemitism a crime in near all western countries? Why is the Holocaust the only historical event that is taboo to question? Even though the 6 million number has been discredited since it first was challenged. It takes throwing 80 year old scholars in prison for a decade, for questioning the number to protect the lie.

The truth needs no defense, and can stand bare for all to see. It only needs to be seen, and brought to light. Nothing about the Holocaust passes the smell test. It’s too fantastic, too many people, and just wasn’t possible. It’s led to the destruction of Palestine, and the absolute domination of communism throughout the world. No more.

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