What The Hell Is Liberal Philosophy, If Ya Can Even Call It That?

Working on the language I promise.

Before they started to destroy our language, and make it impossible to communicate plainly. Liberal was generally regarded, as liberty minded. It should be the name for “libertarian”, but for obvious reasons, it couldn’t be. Just look at the word “progressive”, and compare it to those taking this title. Talk about a regressive, destructive, and hateful ideology, to call “progress”.

Modern liberals are the most closed minded, ignorant, and hateful people I’ve come across. Any disagreement with any of their lunatic claims, is heresy. These folks approach politics with fanatical, religious, fervor. Furthermore, the mere suspicion that you might be of a different opinion, is too much for their fragile minds to bare. They must have full agreement across all of their brainwashed ideology, or you’re an enemy. Dangerous even. This runs so deep within these lunatics, that they hardly even have the faculties to see it.

Again, modern liberals are tools for globalism, and not a thing more. They are so thoroughly controlled by the mass media, they haven’t had, nor could they even maintain if they did, any independent thought, on anything whatever. They are brainwashed zombies. Useful only to crush all of traditional America, and destroy any life that threatens the house of cards, that they’ve built their whole identities around. Truly pathetic sheeple.

These people live and die by the approval of absolute gangsters. The democratic platform is the most unAmerican, anti-human, and wholly satanic movement to get going in this country’s history. They regard civil discourse as a personal attack. They treat everyone that has different opinions as dumb bumpkins. No ability to respectfully disagree. Only hysterics. Only hatred. Any threat to the worldview that they absorbed, through mass media, and not independent study, is likened to ignorance, or hate. They simply have no good faith in anyone. If you aren’t in lock step with their own, unchallenged worldview, you’re evil.

These are the hypocrites that fall all over themselves to accommodate any other religion, except Christianity. Everyone else is respected for having genuine beliefs in their creation, their sacred texts, and their God. Only Christians are treated as fools for believing. Only Christians are given no respect, and certainly no protection for following their beliefs. Even though Christian’s follow the same God as Abraham, they are fine to mock by a religious Jew and Joe Rogan. Shapiro told y’all exactly how Jews feel about Christ. I believe he said that Jesus was a cult leader that the Romans dealt with.

Their hypocrisy doesn’t stop with religion. Far from it. They are absolutely bonkers when it comes to race. They can’t even accept that all races, can be racist. No, no. Only whites can be racist. All else is “reverse racism”. WTF? This is a truly sick mind that thinks racism is wholly owned by whites, and thus only whites can even be so. There is no race hoax, violent behavior that’s clearly racial, or even the game of knocking out unsuspecting innocents over nothing but race. These are all just the voices of the unheard. If you see otherwise, well that’s just proof positive of a dark heart.

Sometimes they rail against “big pharma”, sometimes they make you support the same, or threaten to remove you from society. Sometimes, like every time they lose, they cry election fraud. Sometimes they even take it far enough to implicate a foreign, nuclear power. Then they completely flip, and act as if questioning any election is tantamount to stealing it yourself. Sometimes they believe in body autonomy, and will even suggest that this autonomy trumps the right to life, of the soul they created. Then they help themselves to the private wages that we use our bodies to labor for. They push drugs we don’t want. They push materialist laws we don’t need. They are constant, walking, talking, contradictions.

These people are as liberal as Stalin. All the rights for the chosen. No right to even speak for the mundane. It’s gotten so bad with these people that I believe they would crumble within mere months of losing the public school system. So much of their collectivism, authoritarian, and infantile like ignorance is born and bread from the public school system pushing it. Everything comes down to celebrating death. Everything is antihuman. They fawn over the evil WHO, the UN, and all the rest of these anti democratic institutions. Meanwhile, they scream and fight over clearly undemocratic policies.

These folks care not one bit for democracy, or anything except what they decide is right. If abortion is right for them, they must fight until it’s forced upon everyone within the entire country. If global warming is going to make “Earth uninhabitable” within the next decade, you must obey. No actual evidence of such is ever provided, you’re just a crazy threat to mankind. None needed. They don’t “owe you anything”. They couldn’t explain their idiotic views anyway, so why try. If you disagree, and hold the evil opinion that Earth, gonna Earth, you can be destroyed. These people only know logical fallacies. Problem is, they were taught that these are arguments, instead of the very faults to properly rebut a well thought out argument. Strawman, appealing to authority, and every other one in the book, is all I hear when liberals talk.

These are hardcore statists. They are true believers, but their cult is ugly, anti-human, hateful of God, and very much dangerous.

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