Who Am I Even Talking To?

Will you be my demo? Haha

Ideally, and in short, young men. I’m shameless in my stance on this, and as self righteous as any pathetic change agent, school teacher. I see who visits this site. I see who listens to my podcast. I get pretty good tracking on demographics by running that ad. There’s a reason for everything I do. I’m looking to get to the minds of the youth. It’s the 18 to 20 year olds I want most. Like I said, shameless.

These concepts I talk about aren’t for boomers. I use the boomers as a punching bag to illustrate the wrong behavior. When training up a fighter that’s set to fight the champ, you don’t care how many punching bags ya might hurt. It’s not about the punching bag, it’s about the fighter you’ve put all your money on. That’s what’s going on here. I’m looking to protect your nest eggs, by protecting my country.

Don’t get it twisted. I don’t care about your nest egg, and I do believe you’ll lose it, all on your own, if not smart enough to get away from dollars. Then I’m sure you’ll beg politicians to rob more from the young, to continue to make you whole, after openly bending you over. I don’t dispute the fact that they’ve been railing you for decades. My beef, is your attempt to always be made whole at the expense of the young. Every time you get bailed out, it goes on your “posterity’s” credit card. This is profoundly selfish.

So, I don’t support this behavior. I use the masses that make up this vague age group called the “boomers”, to show the youngsters the clear line between those my age, and those older than myself. Yes, my largest demo, by far, is men between 35 and 45. I’m talking to my doppelgängers. That’s only 3/4’s of the listeners. The next biggest demo is the one lower, and so on. Just as I have hoped for, with less success than I was looking for. The percentage of those older than myself is less than 5% and it’s every demo above mine. All the way up to 90+.

I make generalizations here. The issues I’m talking about require that I do so. I simply can not talk about national, international, or even marital issues without generalizations. I expect that those who find these words are grown up enough to understand this, and accept that I may not be talking to them, but about them, in a way. I also slam my own generation, but it’s different. My generation is still well within the physical shape to fight. There is still plenty of time for redemption in my generation. The boomers had their time, and for better or worse, they are spectators now.

This doesn’t mean boomers don’t matter. It doesn’t mean I think they’re all bad. It does mean that their time has come and gone. That for the most part, these folk’s days of picking up a rifle, are over. They can certainly put their money where their mouths are. They can remain solid grandparents, mothers, and fathers. They can continue to be the brain trust, so to speak. The knowledge of how things work on a mechanical level, this is a great resource. One that exists in many a boomer head. These men who have focused their lives on a trade, they have a value all their own. Just not political, anymore.

I’m in a game, and playing to win. I’m recruiting thinkers, not sheep. I’m also after youngsters that have less to lose, and everything to gain. Boomers have made themselves very wealthy from this system. Just look at what happens when the market, attempts, to correct an insane housing boom. It bailed them out, and continued to push homes out of your reach. It bailed out their retirement portfolios, their banks, and their pensions. All at your expense, with no reach around, at all.

I recently chastised a fella for a lame post about walking away from Quora. I told him that we don’t argue with the commie pukes, for the benefit of winning the commie puke. We argue for those thinking people that read the debates. You’ll never reach the “true believer”, that refuses to accept any argument, nor make one. You’ll reach the person observing the debate. If you’re doing it right. Too many boomers are fighting the wrong war. Like an old general, they are fighting the last war, and losing their ass. This is information warfare, not your daddy’s Vietnam.

Well, another train wreck of something, but I had something to say. It is to the youth that we owe the future. We have the past as a guide for what works, and what has failed spectacularly. Capitulation doesn’t work. Compromise doesn’t work. Mealy mouthed apologies for being white, male, and straight do not work.

Apparently acting like a doormat does not work.

So, to you young men and women, and yes even you very few, “non specific” folks, man up. If you found me you must have an open mind. Perhaps too open, and you’re looking for some levity. However you came to find me, consider the things I’m talking about. Consider the consequences if I’m right. Then you do you’re own damn research. You know how to use the net, do it. You have the ability to find the things I talk about, and the proof to back it up. Use these things to wake up your peers. Use your own discretion as to who is ready to hear what. Once you know the truth, you become obligated to spread it. Yes, obligated.

I’m here to tell you, you matter. Your generation has been totally abused, like no generation that’s come before you. The so called “Americans” that came before you, they have no right to even complain. They have been voting for this their whole lives. It no longer matters who or why, the time is now. Your time is now. It’s all of us that are counting on you. Feel the pressure yet? Is it getting real yet? Think it’s getting better, or worse? Come on youngsters! It’s time to put on your big boy pants, and own this country like your ancestors did. It’s time to be conquerors again.

It’s time you hear the “grown ups” tell you, we have your back. The militia is every able bodied man age 18 to 45, with all others held in reserve. That means you are the militia now. It also means that you can count on the whole ranks, now. Perhaps this needed to happen to provide the proper seed crop for a revolutionary generation. The lord works in mysterious ways. However it came to be, we can only take notice of the time we find ourselves in. Time is short folks. Catch up and man up, we need you in this fight. This fight needs its women the same as the original revolutionary’s did. Without good women, what will our good men fight for?

I’m appealing to you young lady’s as well. Do you really support this 18th wave feminism? Is this really what you want out of life, relationships, or marriage? Men want traditional gals. A queen of his very own to prop up, and lean on when he’s vulnerable. Men and women need each other, and their children need their love equally. We need tough women the same as we need tough men. It’s just different roles that we need to play. We need to cooperate, not compete. Never kneecap your man in front of anyone. Even your own children. Your man should never berate you for anything. Within reason.

You lady’s must be reasonable. Your man can not drop what he’s doing just to hear about a trip to the store. Work means work, for men. Women seem to think they can monopolize a man’s time, and not impact his productivity. Gotta be reasonable. Gotta have trust, or it won’t work. Man, am I rambling….

This totally came apart, and because nothing hits the edit room floor in this production, it fits in just fine. My points are there, for those that care to find them. I’m trying to talk to young people and I talk like my grandfather, so, I don’t know. Who knows anything anymore? Take it for what it’s worth, or shove it where the sun don’t shine.

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