DMT, A Christian’s Experience

I haven’t personally listened to Joe Rogan since he totally wussed out over the moon. The fact that he’s a proud atheist, he mocks Christianity, and openly promotes the casual use of DMT. Everything a Christian needs to know, to know that Rogan is not to be trusted at all. Certainly not a trustworthy source of anything spiritual.

This is the issue I want to touch on. If religion, or Bible talk, makes you uncomfortable, turn around now. This is going to be full of this very subject. I have battled so many personal demons, I’ve given up completely and asked Christ to guide my life. I’ve accepted that God’s only begotten son was sacrificed for me. I accept that gift, and I feel compelled to share it. After all, if it’s been so good for myself, how dare I refuse to share it.

This brings me to some interesting problems. I fell away from Christianity, and I’ve explained this period of time as “agnostic”. Truth is, I never questioned the existence of God, I was mad at God. I was full of rage, and I hated God. I hated that he let me become the pathetic loser I was. I never actually admitted this to myself until recently, but this is the truth. I hated not knowing my father, I was angry with my mother, and I was disgusted by myself. I’ve survived 2 very real suicide attempts. On both accounts my only explanation is divine intervention.

As I’ve come back to Christianity I have done so through the Bible only. Me and the book, and of course, the Lord. I have come to accept my biggest sin is, failing to protect the one soul, other than my own, that I’m responsible for. I watched as my daughter went through a period of “searching”, and I allowed her to get into new age type nonsense. At the time I really didn’t see the evil in it. Today I understand the consequences. I’m terrified by what could come of this failure on my part. What is my punishment? What of her eternity, what have I done?

I’ve always been fascinated by the “Faustian Bargain”. The idea of trading one’s own soul for worldly gain. I see the way so many of our celebrities are totally sold out to Satan. I can’t help but notice how many are cut down in their youth. So many American celebrities die young, and die suddenly. Perhaps their contract is up, and they were fooled to think eternity would come after a long and fantastic life. Of course you can’t trust Satan to deal on the up and up. Any deal with the “great deceiver” would have to be taken with a mountain of skepticism. Yet, so many have openly proclaimed to have sold their souls for the fame.

Being constantly searching for truth, and wisdom, I’ve done quite a bit of DMT. My experience is not the type Mr Rogan describes. When I take DMT, I am surrounded by demons. I use the name of Christ to wrap myself in his armor before engaging in this. I believe DMT is a very special chemical. One that brings the spirit world to light, and allows for an interaction of sorts. The issue is this. Who or what are you interacting with? In my experience it’s an assault by demonic entities.

DMT Has a few effects. It makes your stomach drop out, and you feel a bit queasy. Then you notice a total change in your physical presence. You begin to see visual effects that are fairly benign and pretty. The real show starts when you close your eyes. This is where I spend these periods. Alone, and with my head buried in my Bible. After the fractal spirals, I come to a door. I’m led down a labyrinth of sorts for a time. Then I find myself in a room where I feel judgement. I can’t explain exactly how this is, but it feels as real as anything. It feels like I’m being tempted to offer something in return for continuing on this path. A path that’s shown me some things, but seems to be a trick.

I pull out before going on. It’s usually so powerful I’m crying by the end. The way Rogan talks about this drug is so wrong. I don’t see how this can be recreational. Whatever it is that draws me to this, it’s not fun. It began as pure curiosity, but has since become a tool for flirting with danger. I’ve seen and experienced things on DMT that are just impossible. I’ve had my phone refuse to work, and I’ve had a gun misfire. Things that can’t be purely mental. I’m not suggesting anyone partake in this, I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to. One could be taken in by evil and not even know it. You could be tricked into bargaining for your soul, and chalk it up to, just a trip. I wouldn’t be so flippant about this.

So what could be the danger for me? I don’t want fame or fortune. How could I be taken in and tricked out of my soul? Well, what if I were offered a bargain? What if I was shown hell, and then my daughter. What if I was told that I could save her, by taking her place? Would I? Would I sacrifice my eternity for hers? Yes, without skipping a beat. In a moment of weakness I could be easily led to believe that I have no choice. I knew God, and I failed to introduce my blood to him. It’s my sin not hers, how could I let her soul suffer for the faults of myself?

Here’s the tricky thing. I left myself breadcrumbs that are warning me off of going deep into DMT again. Every time I take it, I come to a point where I have to choose, and I’ve left myself an Easter egg, of sorts, that wakes me up and pulls me out. I’m desperate to regain what I found, but scared to death of what it might be. The closer I come, to that point, the more intense the warnings. Can you play with such things and retain your soul? Can you outsmart the devil himself? If this allows for such spiritual access, then can it be used for good? All I’ve taken, and these questions remain.

I absolutely believe in God, as well the devil. One loves you openly, and comes to you honestly. One requires deceitful behavior, and identity to corrupt you. One requires your consent, and uses the most precious things in your life to swindle you of your soul. One is pure love. The other, is pure hate. If you’re full of hate and you play with DMT, don’t be surprised if you’re being assaulted by demons. Don’t be seduced by anything that asks anything of you. When walking through hell, it’s best to keep your tongue.

Christ said it’s not what we might intake that defiles us, but it’s what we allow to flow through us. It matters what you do, what you say, and how you act. Taking DMT won’t defile your soul, but you could, if you’re not cautious. We all have weakness that the devil can exploit. For myself it’s a feeling of failure as a father. Have I made a bargain in a time of weakness? I dunno. I’m too scared to go back. I have DMT and took some this morning after reading the Bible. The demons come, and they go. I always keep the Bible close, and I pray before every “session”.

In final examination, I have to say that I think DMT is a tool. Like all tools it can be used for good, as well evil. It really matters who is controlling the show. Never let go of your control. Never allow yourself to be “taken in” by anything. Once you relinquish free will, you’re asking for trouble. Keep your head, keep your faith, and hold on to your ass. DMT Is one hell of a ride. Only you can choose the destination. If you “offer yourself up”, kinda the way Rogan describes it, I pity you. You’re so hollow you accept the guidance of sneak thieves and conmen. Giving yourself to anything other than Christ, is very foolish.

Obviously this is all fairly personal, and wasn’t said lightly. I’ve thought a lot about this. DMT, has never been so readily available. It’s also a crazy time of deceit. So many false prophets like Rogan, and the TV. I’ve taken just about every single drug I’m aware of. There is nothing like DMT. Nothing. LSD, shrooms, and ketamine are kinda fun and can be benign. Party drugs are what they are. DMT Isn’t a party drug. It’s a powerful chemical that happens to be apart of our dreaming process. This is probably why closing your eyes is so much more intense than staying alert. Sleeping and dreaming are one of those scientific mysteries. We know people need sleep, and will die if not allowed to sleep for long enough. They don’t really know why. Maybe we require this spiritual exchange that comes from the DMT release in our REM sleep. Again, I dunno.

What I know is this. If you can see the demons, they can see you. If you’re an atheist, new ager, or some other weirdo, I’d stay away from this, until you find some truth. Going into this with some sort of fun expectations, is probably going to be very surprising. This is just the experience of a flawed and curious Christian. I’ve been as plain and truthful as I can be. For those that are curious about DMT, perhaps you are so for good reason. For those that are scared of DMT, perhaps you are so for good reason. Make no mistake. This ain’t liquor, weed, or anything else they call “drugs”. DMT Belongs in its own category. It’s that much different than say, heroin, crack, or the rest.

While the others may have their dangers, there’s only one that can cost you your soul. That’s how I see it. You’re free to do you, but I felt I could help. So many are searching, and they aren’t sure what they’re even looking for. It’s human to believe in God, and our culture has done everything to destroy man’s relationship with his creator. This thirst for spiritual guidance has so many kids looking into new age, esoteric, and demonic nonsense that’s just wrong. This idea of being a god yourself, is such garbage. Can you create all of existence in a week? Can you create anything, for that matter? You’re a weak human, and you were created for the pleasure of an intelligent mind. The arrogance engulfing the world is foul. The king of this world is clearly winning. The original deception is still working. Man is still asking for the wisdom of God, and constantly being played.

The lie that you can be god yourself, if you simply accept the forbidden knowledge, has totally taken over our pop culture. We are living in the Garden of Eden, and the serpent is selling apples everywhere. By whatever name, this is Jewish magic, and evil. Seek the truth and it will set you free. Just be careful to discern truth from lies. Never forget there is a war on for your very soul. A personal war, in which you are under hardcore attack. If you think I’m just talking jive, and taking drugs, think what ya want. I began experimenting with this sort of thing, to kick a hardcore drug habit.

I spent years filling a void with whatever I could find. Spiritual bankruptcy seems to be epidemic. At least that’s how I see it. Take it or leave it.

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