They’re Slitting Their Own Throats

Yes sir, these freaks have gone way too far. There is a mass awakening happening, like nothing seen in history. This jab nonsense has become so disgusting, even the sheeple are starting to wake up. The “great” thing about the folks waking up now, is the horrifying reality that stands bare to see. This is genocide and you just can’t hide a mass murder like this.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s tens of millions of idiots that are beyond hope. This ain’t about them, this is about the real people. The people that have lost friends, family, and jobs just to remain human. Their polls are just about as reliable as their elections. They use them to shape perception, not count opinion. They’ve been in full control of the media, and the establishment for some 60 years. Even with their total control, the truth is too blatant for thinking people to ignore.

These shots are hardly soft kill at all. The first round, of 2 shots, reduces white blood cells by half. The boosters get you loaded up with absolute poison, and take your immune system completely out. People are flat dying all over the place. Blood clots the size of snakes are coming out of jabbed, and dead bodies. Babies are being spontaneously lost well into the last trimester of pregnancy. Young people are suffering heart disease, infertility, and death. People are dying during professional sports events. They’ve now classified it like, death without cause, or some crazy crap.

Again, this isn’t about the sheeple getting boosted. If you’re stupid enough to take this jab, for fear of Covid, you’re lost. I’m very sorry for anyone who took even one of these shots. I understand the hardcore propaganda. Getting another though? After we know that Covid was a nothing burger? After we know this is totally new to medicine? Ya, there’s plenty of Cali morons jabbing themselves, and their kids. Ya know what? I can’t help them, and neither can you. These are lost souls that are going to take their shots until they are dead. Unfortunately, they won’t last long at this rate. It’s disgusting but there’s nothing these people will listen to. Nothing can save them or their poor children.

Fortunately, they’ve lied and the numbers of natural people is still a commanding majority. What’s more, I figure it’s more Ike 2/3rds of Americans that are never taking another shot ever. These folks are waking up to a horror show. This ain’t 2006 when I started freaking out about the NWO. Little did I know they’d have the balls to go so far so fast. Their whole plan has only been successful because of their incredible patience. This conspiracy has been in the works for well over a century. Only now have they made it so plain.

The folks waking up today are getting to see pedophilia on a mass scale. Election fraud across the board. Narco terrorism. The Jan 6th hoax, and political prisoners. The beginnings of hyperinflation. A global lockdown practice run over a hoax. A world where 130 nations all work in concert for their own interests, and against the interests of those citizens. Global fiat money that’s so over leveraged that the system borders on such collapse that they’re openly calling for a “great reset”. The global rolling out of a toxic bio weapon, designed to cull some, and enslave the rest. The last 2 years are like the last 50 in terms of conspiracy. They’ve either lost their minds, or they are actually gunning for the endgame.

Either way, they are fu**ed. cutting loose some 30% of the military? Meanwhile they’ve given themselves immunity from the jab? From what I understand, they’re having a hard time jabbing blacks. Having a hard time jabbing Christians of all stripe. If we go off of those numbers, the numbers that know this whole pandemic was, and is goofy, we see the biggest army on Earth. I’ve spoken before about asymmetric warfare, we ain’t gonna need that. All we need is to say no. There’s enough of us now to just stand up, and punk these creeps.

Everyone needs to ignore these fools. Ignore the sheeple and their puppet masters. We are the silent majority, by far. They never tell you the truth, what would make you think their polls are even close to reality? No, no. They sure do count on polling for 2 reasons. One, for themselves. Two, to show you. Thinking they’re honest with these ludicrous polls is the height of naïveté. They make opinion, they count it to measure their “shock tests”. This test they might have won, but at what cost?

They shocked the system so hard that it woke too many up. They shoulda just stayed with the lockdown. The test blew their cover, and gave them the impression that they can do whatever they want now. Their inputs are way off, and the facade is crumbling. All they intended to do was test us, and they got their way. At the cost of exposing themselves. Now they’re exposing their necks, and I suggest we strike. Waiting any longer is getting too dangerous. The idea that we need full support from brain dead tube heads, is false. There’s always gonna be sheeple.

The Revolution was won by 3% of the actual people. 3%! We make that look like a picnic. As long as we get this done before they can totally own the forests, and woods, they’ve got no card to play. Watching anything other than the establishment media is riddled with explosive truths. The facts are pouring from every crack in the shattered culture. The people that still can’t see the obvious, are lost. They need to be seen as dangerous. The same as the loyalists were to the minute men of Lexington and Concord.

Saddle up patriots. Time to leave the clown show. That’s all we have to do, is stand up. Even from looney tune Cali, it’s obvious they’re losing. I may have a lot of morons around me, but they’re outnumbered by the silent. They outta consider that. All you libs, everyone you know that might not talk politics with you, avoids conversation in general with you, they aren’t as stupid as you. Keep flapping your yap about your great ideas about culling humanity, disfiguring your children, and how much you hate white people. You are irrelevant. Get used to it.

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