Did Poland Need To Be Invaded?

Poland was being deceived by the wicked money powers that had engulfed the world into depression. They had received, as war booty, territory that was mostly Germans. The stirrers of sh** set to work, and started to butcher ethnic Germans by the tens of thousands. Poland was a pawn in the game of Risk that was WWII. Being able to look at it with such cold, and calculated attitude, allows for the exploration of any idea, whatever. This, so called, “Great War” has been maybe the single most pivotal event in human history.

The intense censorship that guards this event to this day, is in and of itself, something to consider.

After all, nearly the entire generation that fought has passed away, and still they treat this “historical” event, with religious faith, and they embrace dogmatic, and established myths, as gospel. The Holocaust can’t even be properly defined, yet, questioning it, is verboten. No scholar abides by the 6 million number, yet in popular culture, it’s taboo to refer to any other number, or even suggest that the number is lower, which is a fact that’s accepted by all rabbis and historians.

My whole life has had WWII on in the background. I have 2 great men in my family that served. My great grandfather in the Pacific. My stepfather’s grandfather fought in Europe, and he saw lots of action. In the 90’s the History Channel was just B-Roll of WWII footage with some brilliant propaganda from Chuck Heston. When not a special with Heston, they had plenty of the plastic patriotism to jam into every mind, but especially young minds. As I watched the channel became more and more ludicrous. Hitler and the Occult. Hitler and his Gay Lover. Hitler and the Allen’s. Hitler and the Rothchilds. Hitler the monster was the show, regardless the title.

Just my casual observation showed me a very odd representation of an event that seemed to be so totally open, and known by all. They might as well called it the Hitler Channel. 24 Hours a day of slander. Even a confused, and drug addled moron like my 18 year old self, could see there was clear shenanigans. I watched them go from reasonable documentaries, to ridiculous, and purposely hurtful towards Germans. Every year the world is given dozens of horror fictions, dressed up as history, and beaten over the conscience by absolute lies. The slander and wartime propaganda that never ended, has gotten worse with time, not better.

The normal way for history is for it to be revised after passions simmer. It is the duty of the historian, the keeper of “his-story”, to go back and look past the papers, and their counterparts, the newsreels, and discern fact from wartime propaganda. We don’t still think Germans were going around bayoneting babies? The same sources, are those that told you Germany was evil. The same papers that actually declared war against Germany first. The same papers that had nothing to say about the NAZI/Zionist agreement that was seeing several hundred thousand Jews be given free passage to “Israel”. With their property in tow. It’s the job of historians to tell us the truth, not the propaganda of the last 60 years.

In Hollywood they had to go slow. Watch older war movies and you’ll not likely hear the word Jew, let alone some Holocaust. As that generation aged and was clearly no threat, the powers that shouldn’t be, have accelerated their propaganda. This is hardcore psychological warfare now. They paint the honorable Germans as inhuman monsters. All of em. Bloodthirsty lunatics, out for blood and maniacally brainwashed to kill all non aryans. It’s become ridiculous, and to the good German people, it’s an insult that never ends. They had their country bombed to bits, and had their political and civil lives totally conquered.

Conquered by commies, and the diaspora that has infected this nation’s highest halls of power. A commie diaspora that’s been aiding the affliction of Europe for decades. One that has happily aided in the full destruction of a great and noble people. A people who’s only crime was disfavor from the Jews. This cost them everything, from their lives, to their children, and to their very own history. It’s all owned and been offered to them as a “gift”, for liberation. We claim we liberated Europe, but is that really how the real history books are going to tell it? Doubtful, I hope not.

It’s not the way I see it. I see a horrific deception by the world’s “elite”, to destroy Germany, and anyone else thinking bout pursuing the same ends. It was total victory for central banking, and the state of Israel. It’s no coincidence that FDR was the fanboy of Stalin to such degree he jumped to acknowledge the Soviet Union as legit. Something that perhaps could have kept the world from falling into that awful war for communist supremacy. That’s all it was. A global blood letting in order to hoist the global fiat money system upon all the Earth. To expand through force, subversion, and terror all manner of communism. To legitimize communism, and utterly destroy the very idea of nationalism.

They have made communism as cool as coffee, but nationalism? Being prod of one’s own nation? That’s a mental defect. That’s xenophobic, and wrong, if you’re a white man/woman, that is. If you’re anyone else you’re sacred and your customs are sacrosanct. Communism is the ideology of envy, backstabbing, and murder. It claims some 200 million souls in the 20th century alone, and it’s not looking very tired here in the 21st. Why in God’s name do we accept any of this in our culture? We should be mocking commies relentlessly.

Poland had to be invaded for several reasons. First off, they were butchering thousands of innocent civilians, that only happened to be in Polish territory thanks to the treaty of Versailles. Second, Hitler knew that Stalin had designs on expansion. He had to get prepared to crush Bolshevism, and by allying with the very enemy, he had a clear path to accomplish this. Poland meant nothing to the English people, the French people, or the rest of Earth’s people. It began as an agitation, and temptation for war, to be used against Germany. It ended up being Hitler’s springboard into his offensive.

Poland forced 2 things. It forced the Western powers to show their hand. Did they want war, or peace? Now that all of the diplomatic cables are available we see who holds guilt for this war. Hitler made peace concession after the next. He begged England to come to her senses. That he regarded the English as being like cousins, that were far more alike than not. He pledged to come to Great Britain’s aid if he’d empire ever should need it. Hitler made every single concession that could be made.

In the end Hitler’s first lieutenant, a man named Hess, flew over England, and jumped out over a field in an attempt to bypass the middle men making peace impossible. After his heroic, and unbelievable courage, he was captured by the enemies of peace. He remained locked in solitary confinement for the remainder of his life. Mr Hess died after like 70 years of this indignity that makes most men mad within years, let alone decades. All he sought to do was to talk it out, before the world devolved into world war. He risked everything for the sake of peace, and he was caged like a beast for the sake of war. That this isn’t well known is a tragedy of monumental proportions. One of the most unique, and heroic stories about the war, and most are clueless.

Another amazing story that the Germans have been largely denied, is their liberation of Mussolini from a mountain top fortress. When Mussolini was captured, Hitler promised to free him. A volunteer group of elite paratroopers, flew in at night, and took that mountain top fortress, and they took Mussolini straight away back to Hitler where they met on the runway and embraced like friends. It’s an amazing story that would be the basis for a million movies, but nope. The folks who make movies hate the German people, not just the National Socialists.

Poland was the “catch 22”, that cost Hitler the game, so to speak. If we lived in a just world, there never would have been a western front. All parties would have come to the table and negotiated out of the awful, and shameful Treaty of Versailles. All of Germany’s repatriated territories were done with some 99% support of the people. The last question that required attention was Danzig. The demons that profit from war, and actually worked to incite this war, made Poland a pawn, to be sacrificed for the greater plan. They let Stalin go to work remaking Poland in the Soviet image. Hitler was engaged in a “punishment expedition”, and called for surrender constantly. Hitler wanted to make a point and regain the territory that was German anyway. Stalin wanted to make Poland a slave state to the Soviet monster.

These are the facts of the matter, so who did what for Poland? We made them some promises, and the UK used them as an example. His Jewish sponsored media was all too keen to tell of Hitler’s bombing. Nothing of the reason for them, or the months of failed diplomacy prior. The Jews kept the whole war from the people most influential to the end. Hitler made every diplomatic attempt to solve the Polish problem. He was flat disrespected, and Poland all but dared him, do something. Finally, he did. After dropping leaflets asking for surrender, and after taking every town they rolled through. Then they asked that if these Polls intended to fight as insurgents, send out their women and children before we bomb you.

The Polls declined Hitler’s offers and continued to engage in terrorism, all the while being funded and sponsored by Churchill, and his sponsors. And so, the bombing began, and within short order, Poland surrendered. What could Hitler do now? Release them to Stalin, to be Bolshivised, conquered and then a dangerous border buddy. Stalin, and Bolshevism was to be stomped out. The end of official fighting in Poland, led to a hardcore attack upon the unwitting Soviet rapists.

Thanks to the Polish problem for Germany, and the ruthless bloodthirsty appetite of Joseph Stalin, the Germans got the drop on the Ruskies. The Germans began with such initiative, and moral, they woulda whipped hell outta these monsters. Too bad the US and UK we’re completely controlled by Jewish interests. No sane appraisal of this conflict can see the benefits of any part of it go to anyone other than Jews, and the state of Israel. We can also owe the UN to this conflict. The body needed to give legitimacy to Israel. We lost so much blood and treasure, it remains a sore, still too fresh to be picked at.

When we are ready to come to grips with the series of events that led to WWII, we will have so much figured out. Our ignorance of this most important, and most consequential, unique time in the human story. It’s this lack of knowledge that we suffer for. Everything we need is knowledge, the rest will sort itself out. The people suffer for lack of knowledge. Knowledge being power, the people are powerless, and they feel frustrated. The only cure for this frustration, this angst, and this uncertainty is knowledge. The only way to rise above this is to be wise as serpents.

So much can be traced back to these unprecedented World Wars. The fact that a group of secretive men predicted these wars, down to the combatants, and the spoils, is something to take note of. The fact that these same fortune tellers, happen to have foretold of a third world war, before the Great War even happened to coin the phrase, “world war”. Yup, the same internationalist gangsters that conspired towards both of the 2 most destructive events in history, also predicted a third. They think WWIII will be a crusade to end all crusades. Islam and Christendom are to battle to mutual destruction. Think anything after 9-11 has been unplanned? Just the normal reactions taken by a peace loving global military?

Since 9-11, it’s been obvious who this county considers worthy of American blood and treasure. The enemies of Israel, and of peace in general. They want us in constant battle, with no finish line, and an ever changing mission and enemy. They destroy our country’s moral, they waste trillions of dollars that are borrowed. They love to see 23 vets a day putting a barrel in their mouths. Our debacle in the Middle East will never end, until our money can’t sustain it any longer.

They’re just going to bleed us dry in the desert. Same as we did to them in the 80’s. Difference is, we are slated for destruction after we’ve served our purpose. They’ve stolen our wealth to the tune of 99%. They’ve collateralized you and your whole family for the national debt. They control your foreign policy. They have for decades, shown you how irrelevant to the border you are. They’ve gutted your production of everything, and given to you a “service economy”. One where I guess we all just service each others petty needs, because we buy everything from foreigners, who make everything we need to live.

Before we fell so hard for the plight of the Germany invaded Pols, we owned this world. We were mired in political, and economic sabotage, but had we been given the time to examine the depression, the roaring 20’s, and the scientific recession, we might have made big changes long ago. One country was standing out in the 30’s, for an “economic miracle”. One in which the media and the opinion makers are totally clueless to its simple strategy. Since theirs was a strategy of Germany for Germans, and debt free money, there miracle was just that, a miracle.

World jewery was not about to praise the great effects of declining Jewish money, credit, and the smut media was banned. All so called, “free expression” that denigrates Christianity, was banned. Kosher butchering banned. And the sin of all sins, usury was outlawed. This is war against the Jew. He lives on the scheme of holding the fruits of others labor, then lending out many times more than is in account, and then offers the actual lender, you, nothing but fees, interest, and of course they make your private business open to the state, for any reason whatever. Banks are scum, straight up.

So much can, and has been said about Poland. Should he have gone in? Should he have allied with Stalin? What were Hitler’s objectives in Poland? What were Stalin’s objectives? Can we really question who was better? Hitler was an angel compared to Stalin.

Poland had to happen. Hitler was brilliant for pulling it off that way. Had the West not been so thoroughly infiltrated by Zionists, there’s no doubt Hitler would have destroyed Communism, and we’d all be celebrating him. That’s what a just world would look like, apparently we’ve been without justice for a long time. Long before Poland. Had we been living a just world, no world war ever could have happened.

Oh you say Justice won the day in WWII? Tell that to the 60 to 80 million men, women, and children to end up dead for it. For what justice did they die? From where I sit, Israel.

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