What’s It Means To Stand On Your Rights?

It means doing what’s right, come what may. It means living by one’s own conscience alone. It means doing what you have the right to do, even when there’s consequences for doing so. It means standing up for those who you may disagree with, if their rights are being violated. Standing for your rights is only hard when tyranny is totally easy.

Everything we’ve collectively done over this contrived emergency, has been devastating to the whole idea of, individual rights. We let go centuries worth of well established freedom. For what? What did you gain, by this surrender of your liberty? A bit of money? Sad.

The thing about rights is, they only matter if exercised. Letting state agents dictate to you what rights you can enjoy, for whatever cause, is profoundly foolish. The “slippery slope”? We’re sliding head long into a technocratic dictatorship. One in which “rights” will come from good citizenship. Not God.

Our founding documents make plain, our rights are a consequence of our humanity. We owe them to no man, contract, nor anything on Earth. Only God can deprive you of the rights bestowed upon you by your creator. If you’re an atheist, your rights are a consequence of your humanity anyway. You’re the most “evolved” on Earth, by a mile, and you’ve “evolved” the faculties to reason your rights from logic, and observation alone. Either way you get there, you must understand that universal HUMAN RIGHTS, can’t be given or taken away, by any equal. So, unless you believe in a supreme people, like Jews, you accept that our rights are universal, and they belong to all humans equally.

If this is the standard, natural law is easily discovered. We can’t possibly all have right to steal, this is ridiculous on its face. Same with violence, fraud, and a few others. Universal truths that exist across all people, and time. The right to travel, accrue property, and pursue happiness is a pretty good summary. Tell me how we defended any of this, during the last few years. We went from a nation governed by the Golden Rule, and property rights, to a pathetic serfdom, that’s vicious in its implementation. So subtle is the change from man to slave. It’s not even perceptible by most.

Standing on one’s rights, means being a man. Come what may, standing on your feet, and refusing to bend for anything. When a man stands and knows he’s in the right, there’s nothing that can deter that man from completing his goals. We got to see just how precious few real men still call America home. We also saw millions refuse to be bullied, jabbed, or take any shit at all. The sheeple matter not. Every man that’s still standing represents millions more. We’re about to start to exercise our rights, and it’s about to get exciting.

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