How Bad Do Schools Need To Get, You Lunatics?

I happened to be trolling the net, and I found myself on some .org site that’s just one of thousands of non profits destroying your schools. It just blows me away the language they get away with. These folks lost the discretion a long time ago. Today they’re just openly criminal, deceptive, and as communist as a bar mitzvah. For example, this little cutie is just beyond the fold of their “values” page.

This vision for equity in schools requires transformation at every level of the education system.

There you have it folks. These psychopaths that own enough collectively to feed, house, and clothe all of humanity, are instead, concerned with upending your schools for “equity”. Whatever that means. It sure ain’t got nothing to do with merit. Equity and merit are opposites. As far as concepts at least. You either believe in the merit of freedom, and the morality of free exchange. Or you believe childish fairytales, regarding equality of people. As if we all work the same, prioritize the same, or even try to be human at all.

Most people seem to be looking for a strongman, right, and left. This is the most crazy time in history, and we need so badly to just communicate. To open up a massive “safe space” for all ideas, or we’re headed for a misunderstanding that will end up making WWII seem like a prank.

The Germans held commanding positions in media, university, and the popular culture, and they were destroyed from without. The initial goal was destruction from internal rot, and malignant malcontents. When the great Germans united against their common enemy, they were successful to a degree that it caused an international panic. By the only international people. Their influence over the Germans might have been weak, but their control of Western media since then, and in America’s case, long before, has been total.

“Their lessons learned and implemented are undeniable. They learned that total control over media, all of it, was an absolute necessity. They learned that they needed to own our political prostitutes, without sacrificing their ability for reelection. They learned that Americans are utterly helpless to empathy. That we, as a people, are moved to help even when we have no idea what’s going on. Our “weakness” to see people succeed, has been our enemies greatest strength. Our virtue is to them, a specially appreciated means to hurt us. Their scorn for our general good nature, and positive outlook, is all to evident in everything they do.

They see us as suckers. The giant that’s an idiot. The monster that can be manipulated by the troll constantly in his ear. Constantly telling him he isn’t any good, and without the troll on his back, he’d be destitute. Think of the giant from The Princess Bride. That Jewish schemer that used his intellect to enslave the man, who is his better in every way, including the size to destroy the troll without even noticing. That’s how they treat America. We should all be in league against the evil 6 fingered dude, or star, and see past all of our other differences. As you wish…

Here’s some more from the programmers of your children’s beliefs.

President Obama signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act, the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, on December 10, 2015.

Yup, that Marxist puke signed this, but with who in the congress? Obama lost his party his first midterm. There’s more, of course.

Professional Development

The term “professional development” means activities that—

“(A) are an integral part of school and local educational agency strategies for providing educators (including teachers, principals, other school leaders, specialized instructional support personnel, paraprofessionals, and, as applicable, early childhood educators) with the knowledge and skills necessary to enable students to succeed in a well-rounded education and to meet the challenging State academic standards; and

That’s just a tiny bit of a thousand word paragraph. I’ll save you the BS. Just know this isn’t about one period, one day, or even one year. This is about the entire 12 year program, and just what their desired effect is. They make very little attempt to even, out of respect, include the idea that parents outta have any input. Beyond one brief mention among many “shareholders”, they’re mentioned once in this vision statement.

“(xvi) create programs to enable paraprofessionals (assisting teachers employed by a local educational agency receiving assistance under part A of title I) to obtain the education necessary for those paraprofessionals to become certified and licensed teachers;

“(xvii) provide follow-up training to teachers who have participated in activities described in this paragraph that are designed to ensure that the knowledge and skills learned by the teachers are implemented in the classroom; and

“(xviii) where practicable, provide jointly for school staff and other early childhood education program providers, to address the transition to elementary school, including issues related to school readiness.”

So this is really the meat of it. They are implanting change agents, that are going to be constantly coaching your teachers. As facts evolve with the accepted narrative, these agents will always be there to help “transition” your kid however they like. This is just a tiny look at one of the countless tax free, Jewish ran, or Zionist ran, clearly communist entities in your country. Committing open sedition. Communism is sedition in this land, boy.

I’ve bout had it with all the commie crap. These people and their political religion are incompatible with peace. Incompatible with prosperity. What’s worst, they’re purely evil with jealousy. Whatever it is that’s motivated so many of a particular people to utterly disdain another, it’s real. These cats are hateful of many people, but the folks that come from European descent, are the devil, according to these folks. We aren’t just Goyim, a slur in and of itself. We’re “Edom”. The Edomites, I suppose. They’re Old Testament absolutists, that are still looking, hard, for their messiah.

The end of the Old Testament read’s incredibly Jewish supremacist to myself. I like psalms, but Christ severed Christianity from the entire previous dogma. Ritual, sacrifice, and genocide are all sins thanks to Christ. To the Jews, genocide is just the fulfillment of prophecy. Something they’ve done before plenty of times, to all sorts of folks. Everything from circumcision, to sacrifice, to the “chosen people” all changed, in the year 1 AD. Since around 47 ad there’s been a war against this truth, that spread through the message of Christ.

These clowns that worship Satan, control the Earth’s money, and control the “supranational” elite, also make lots of time for your kids. In fact, they’ve been putting most of their chips on Jr, and Jane since the 1060’s. These are hardly, “explosive” reveals. They’re just run of the mill, everyday propaganda that’s blasting your kids from a million different directions every day. Commies absolutely lust after the chance to influence your kid’s mind. Today they own the school curriculum, the programming on all electronics, and all movies. They own your kids, unless you’re very unique and on the ball.

To y’all that are keeping your kids safe, hats off. It’s your only purpose on this Earth, is to protect yours, as well their future. If you don’t understand that the wars on for their minds like nothing else, you’re messing up bad. You need to make everything that’s establishment a joke. Mock the teachers, the politicians, and the PTA losers constantly. Show your kids you don’t have anything in common with anyone they know from school. You need to make yourself the authority from day one, and never allow any stranger to compromise this relationship.

We need you parents. Stand up and raise your kids from start to finish. They need you, good books, and love. Not shots, guilt, and bullies. Come on folks, how much longer?!?

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