It’s Official, This Is a Third World Commie Terror State

Ya, we can all just stop with the nonsense. We have been a blotted, and offensive empire for decades, but we’ve kept the home front pretty chill. That’s over. We now openly celebrate political prisoners. Not the prisoners, we’re honoring the jailers?!? There’s over 100 Jan 6rs that remain in jail today without bail, or trial. Over a year in solitary for some. All while “the people” celebrate this constitutional crisis.

Literally celebrating your own oppressors. God this makes me so sick, I wanna just rage. If you’ve never done time, you ain’t got a damn thing to say. These men, in all the cases I’m aware, are non violent, most have no criminal record. Their crimes, in reality are so petty that they would be let out if given trial. So they languish in horrific conditions without the right to a speedy trial.

A right that’s wholly worthless thanks to the Jewish media. The tribe have chosen these men to savage as examples for the rest of you. From the very beginning the Jewish media presented this event with the intention of crafting the news, not reporting anything close to real. This was a provocative use of some good people to exploit for a real life drama called, “The Insurrection”. Then they gave us the name, “Jan 6th”, something that was hardly worth mentioning in a year jam packed with civil unrest.

These folks have suffered such slander as to be unable to satisfy the costs in dollars. The Jewish media is the only reason that over 100 political prisoners languish without human rights, in the “land of the free”. The tribe is just hammering these patriots, but have you even heard of maxwell, the actual insurrection called CHAZ, or the black power riots that ruled the cities for a couple years? Nope, nothing to see there. These, 100 dudes, and the folks that think they deserve the same rights we afford presumed murderers. These are the terror in America.

Go ahead and applaud you commie pukes. Enjoy your sun while you feel it, it’s going to fade. These men have taken to good ole mail and networked together, and their families have as well. There’s a book telling some of there stories, either out or coming soon. The most important prisoners in America are going to actually get a voice. The tribe won’t be able to censor this book, even though they will slander it. The tribe is getting pretty open with their shenanigans lately, will their slander matter? Sure it will, but how much? I’m betting this baby moves some units, and when it does, it’s gonna move some hearts.

To all people who act like jail is no big deal, just 3 hits and a cot… GFYS. These dudes are getting swatted with their families, humiliated, caged like animals, and not the ones we like. They’re caged like lab rats, not zoo animals. They’re neglected in every human need. Socially, spiritually, and physically, prison is hard on every part of you. It’s a life changing experience, and the pussies that talk about it flippantly, wouldn’t last one night without breaking down like an infant. I’m just talking from the experience of juvenile hall a couple months stretch being the longest, and an adult that’s been to jail maybe 5 times for 2 weeks on up to 3 months. Even for a regular person, it’s “hard time”.

The fellas I know who went the prison route, they changed after their first term. One buddy I have went in for 2 years at 18. What he did was hardly worth a fine, let alone 2 years of indentured service. All from a long list of bad decisions as a youngster, and a malicious, and petty probation officer. He came out with our city tattooed across his neck. I was like, “I guess you’re done with the “job life”, huh?” We laughed, but I think we both knew I was talking straight. He’s just apart of the system now, and the system is apart of him. He’s been changed by his experience with our “justice” system. If you think he’s getting reformed, I have some sad news for ya. It’s the exact opposite. Time is easy for him now, and life is hard.

My last stint was the “hardest” time I’ve ever done. My mom visited me for the second time of getting locked up from 13 to 25. She brought my daughter, who was going to a swimming championship in San Diego. I couldn’t do it anymore. I’ve never been in trouble since, and I never will for anything wrong. I can’t promise that I’ll never be arrested again, I can only promise that I won’t break my moral code. I can’t promise that my morals won’t be outlawed. I can’t promise that what I consider virtue will even be “lawful” for any amount of time. In fact, I’m pretty sure that more and more people are going to jail and prison.

They’re going to continue to use their media, and regular slave system, to deter the patriots. Problem for them is the same as the insurgent problem. For all of us who see what’s happening, we’re taking in confirmation of the gravity of the situation. This is being gauged by them, as well as us. Who wins the hearts for the Jan 6rs? Do the tribe win, and the country cheer on their own overseers? Or does truth, love, and justice win, and the book about these men ignite a flame, akin to “Common Sense”? Or do the masters of the narrative crush the book effectively, and make it impossible to buy?

If people knew of the reality that, IS, for this hundred, or so, American fathers, brothers, and sons, I think they’d demand justice. If not, then we got a big problem. We have a population that’s ok with political gulags. We’ve let the horrors of the Bolsheviks go without warning, and they’re ready to open up shop in America now. All you champagne socialists that like to flirt with communism, like to get a cheeseburger today, and let your kids pay for it, and think that the state is god, take a bow. Enjoy the peace before you reap what you’ve sowed. Enjoy being on the “right side”, because soon something will come up, to put you in the same position as the Jan 6rs.

You may take yours last, and after totally selling out your fellows, your families, and all of your own humanity, but take it you will. Oh you can trust the Bolsheviks, the Russian said, um, never!! We’ve been warned and they are using examples that are a lot closer to you and me every day. First it was Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. This is a tragedy in and of itself. Just the treatment of these two people have been so UnAmerican it’s unbelievable. Then Snowden came out, and I’ve always figured him for a fake. That’s why he saunters free in any land. Either way, he demonstrates the establishments position on its “enemies”.

That’s the deal, folks. These are the enemy of the people, right? That’s what we use the jails for, for punishing people who have hurt our society, right? I think that’s an incredibly naive view of a clearly corrupt, and disgusting excuse for modern slavery. Still, if you think solitary confinement, let alone regular confinement is appropriate for walking through a building, you’re a lunatic. If you are still wasting brain cells tripping on the people from Jan 6th, 2020, you’re a brainwashed moron. You’re a commie fellow traveler and a tool for your own tyranny.

Hooray for the Bolsheviks! Booooo America!!!

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