Beautiful place, wretched

Black Only?!? Hell Yes, Why Would I Care?

The answer on Quora acted as if this was a back-step. I disagree, and believe I have history on my side here. We were never segregated. We were integrated by force. Force and conditions unsatisfactory to all parties. As if homogeneous isn’t natural, healthy, and certainly a step forward, not reverse.

Reverse? This country was “forced integrated”. Through the 60’s and 70’s, and beyond, the race mixing/white genocide agenda rolls along. Bout time for voluntary association, isn’t it? Blacks were far better when “equal but separate”. Whites were far better when “equal but separate”. Let people choose their neighbors and you’ll see them come to look like church’s. 95% Homogeneous. No force needed. It took bussing, social engineering, and racial antagonism to get this current “progress”.

Progress would be going back before the 1960’s and striking every law since. No welfare state, anti-white laws, and no replacement schemes with immigration. Done, and done. I can fix the boomer disaster, and ya’ll can keep listening to acid rock, pretending to matter.

For the comment under mine, MLK’s message was communism. Malcom X was a black separatist that was money, money, money. He only failed when accepting help from “white/Jewish liberals”. MLK Was cool on Vietnam, but crap otherwise. 

Malcom X, and Marcus Garvey are the black “examples” we need. Integration is the destruction of diversity, human character, and it’s a myth to hide bad behavior by psychological warfare.

Muhammed Ali spoke to a British clown about race, on TV. He was offended at the idea of “blotting out his beautiful race”. He said he refused to accept race mixing as natural, nor common among any other species. “Blue birds with blue birds…” This was a punch drunk, loudmouth, boxer. He was wiser about race than our most decorated, accomplished academics, it’s fu**ing laughable.

Of course people should have any association that’s voluntary, and private. You can exclude me from your club, because I’m white, and I would respect that. What ya can’t do is this. Become ill-content with the vast success of the whites, and then use Jewish lawyers to manipulate the very freedoms that gave us this diversity back again. We go back to what works, and letting nature rule the day, and I’ll be the first to start negotiating on good faith.

Here on Earth we’ll never have this without taking it. We either take the territory that we refuse to cede, even one inch, to any “other”, or we are an extinct people. We should be silently celebrating these people think WE’RE holding THEM down. We should cry crocodile tears for every “all black” anything. Whimpers of unfairness, while gaining constant support from the “allies”, race traitors, and woketards who stand forced to accept that they’re the new “n-words”. Race realism in mass, and with a slap across their weak jaws to boot.

I believe in a young Earth. For those “monkey-men” guys, how do you even explain race? No matter. How do you explain the extreme racial purity up till just a few hundred years ago? Man’s traveled the globe for thousands of years. If race mixing is so advantageous, why virtually non of it took place, from top monkey man, till well into the 1800’s ad? The word “slave” comes from Slav. Even our slaves were within our race, even if outside the tribe. History, generations of try and fail, and countless mistakes honed our civilizations into finely tuned machines. Shared laws, customs, and common trust, and brotherhood. These gave way to the Western Civilization that we cherish so much.

Could the train have taken off in modern day SA? How about the telegraph, the thousands of uses for oil, and the readily available cheap power the US first seized upon for its incredible utility? We exploited this cheap, free market of labor, material, and transportation to become a powerhouse of individual initiative. We celebrate their names, Tesla, Ford, etc… While we’ve destroyed the world that made them possible. The turn of the 20th century, with the World’s Fairs, bicycles, and electricity, and a giddy people of tinkerers, DIY’er’s, and marketers set free to perfecting these things, and delivering the next.

Then this world suffered, unprecedented horror, for a few, 50 years, or so. The world was offered pause to the carpet bombs, and fratricide, of European killing European. All upon the condition of obedience. Your kids, their schools, and your family, all gone. Mom needs to work now, marriage is easier to brake than a timeshare, and you aren’t America anymore, and America ain’t you. To enjoy the tranquility of the 50’s, this country was willing to swallow anything. The UN, Israel, and Korea led right into Vietnam, rolled right into the political assassinations, the complete coup of the nation, and capitulation to foreign invasion.

Then demographic replacement. Now full blown genocide by number, hard, and soft kill weapons. Whites built the modern world. Our peculiar blend of wits, strength, will, and patience, have given us the Age of Exploration, the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and the Tech Revolution. The AI Revolution isn’t ours, but theirs. It’s not an exciting time of wonder, and new possibilities for communication, art, and learning. It’s a centralized matrix of bad actors compartmentalizing our world without care of input, nor never-mind, from anyone of us mundane.

In fact they openly discuss the “carrying capacity” of our Earth. They talk cold, and without feeling with regard to control over resources. They treat parents like criminals if they choose to exercise any parental authority. They use social pressure to force conformity of ridiculous behavior. They use absolute iron clad control over the “national narrative”, to a degree that’s frightening. 

They exploit the highly predictable third, or so of us, that happen to be susceptible to Stockholm Syndrome. They know some 1 in 3 will develop a “kinship” with their “captors”. That 7 in 10 will purposely offer the wrong answer to a question, if it’s reaffirmed by strangers, just to fit in. They know similar numbers are willing to deliver potentially fatal treatment to innocent people, if only they are given orders to do so by a perceived authority. Like inoculations, for instance.

The sound of black owned business, serving black customers, and using black employees, sounds like 1920’s Harlem. When black’s were religious, concerned with following the law, (because we’d hang em otherwise) and having legitimate kids, they were in segregated communities. Today they bitch because of Jewish, Korean, and Indian store owners because they refuse to take up these business. 

Immigrants that are willing to work their own cash register for 12 hours a day just to be their own honest boss. Mind you, all while being constantly hurt, killed, and robbed for their honorable lifestyles. Good entrepreneur with maggots that deserve to be curb stomped, for neighbors.

Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, and many more men would have passed without distinction through modern America. Hell, a good number might have gone criminal, rather than suffer the regulators, the looters, and the human resource departments. You’re not allowed to invent, revolutionize, or even choose your own food, nor medicine. 

You require a permission slip from a charlatan, costing hundreds of dollars an hour, to get 800mg Ibuprofen. The same charlatan will deny you informed consent with experimental, but now clearly ineffective jabs. Deny you absolutely safe and decades old Malaria medicine. These Men of Oath have completely sold out to their God money.

Speaking of money, these great men financed themselves. The money power has always been evil, and controlled for the few. The birth of American industry brought the “new rich” industrialists. The only force that could contend with finance. Funny how the banks escape the “robber baron” trope. That’s reserved for the men who built the US economy on shear will, and don’t give a fu**. The leaches of banking, and politicking are the looters and scum. Eventually finance overtook industry and the duopoly of capitalism flew the coup. 

Bastards went international. Third world basically for labor, raw resource, and it offers social engineers testing grounds for various programs. Vaccines, food aid, and famine. among other anti-human social experiments. Africa appears doomed by these maniacs.

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