So I’m Watching The Alamo, and it Hits Me

Can I offer you a chocolate?

Not 20 minutes into this film John Wayne delivers a moving monologue on the word “republic”. Talks about how this word moves men’s hearts. All in the background of a massive bar brawl. We learn almost immediately that the cause of this fledgling republic was taken up by many people, of many a nation, and of course many citizens of the other states, proper.

It’s also made almost immediately clear that this was to be a lost cause, in order to buy time for the larger cause. These men knew the odds. 7,000 Soldiers, against a mix of mostly soldiers, but plenty of civilian soldiers. For me, or someone like me, it just immediately grabbed my attention, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Not my first watch, but the first time I’ve seen it in a long time. I think I was a kid the first time and bored. Today I find the extremely flattering material, compared to anything today, and much of the “contemporary” films of the time. The Alamo is patriotic, promotes the white importance to the Mexican, and Indian people that hated Santa Anna the same as Bowie and Crocket.

In the first act, so to speak, Crocket/Wayne protects a Mexican female, and forced her “coyote” to pay up a tip to the colored kid who earned it. It seems Davey didn’t see race, but he sure saw injustice and wouldn’t stand for any of it. Not a bit.

This has to be a bit of love interest, even if short lived. Not likely historical, but proAmerican. Just not seen today. A strong white man humiliates, disarms, and offers to protect this poor lady, free of charge. He’s clearly offended when she questions his motives. She asks, what if I was old? In the end she cuts him some slack, but you could see he was hurt by the way she attached motives to him that were unfair.

You have to be so indoctrinated, and used to seeing pure hatred for you and yours, dressed up as an entertaining story. Otherwise these rather insignificant details would mean nothing to you. As it is they jump out at me in a visceral way.

When you watch any recent war movie do you ever come away feeling patriotic? Even when the US is shown in the most unrealistically good light. Blackhawk Down didn’t make me proud. Just sorry for my fellow countrymen that were left in a hell whole for 2 or 3 days while the most expensive fighting force ever assembled on this Earth, just couldn’t get em help. They had “skinny’s” with AK’s, and no radar, night vision, or anything more powerful than a shoulder fired rocket. And those men bled and died just because, to offer them the full protection of the military would be to “blow the mission”. “Peace Keeping” is the mission, and the scene in that dump of a city, was one of full blown war. Not cool in secret operations.

Even Saving Private Ryan. I’m not entirely sure what Spielberg’s point was. He wanted us to know there was at least one Jewish infantryman on D-Day. I know of one personally. My stepdad’s grandfather was there on D-Day. Not D+1, but on the day, and at Omaha, if memory serves. I’ve spoken positively on this man before. I found him to be a perfect New York Jew. One that gave me my first sipping scotch. Treated me better than his grandson by far. Just a good man, and one that has earned my respect. His grandson? Just a terrible Jew.

Back to the film…

In fact, we the audience, fall for this wise talking, street tough, New York Jew. My personal hero in the movie is the sniper, that equates his skill and weaponry with providence offered by the Almighty himself. I love the final scene, for him. He’s taking realistic shots, missing some, and nailing most, and reciting Bible verses as he goes.

Another Easter egg, of sorts, is the implicit Christian character of the people. Diverse in skin they were, but in faith, they were a monoculture. Crocket/Wayne walks his rescued concubine through the prairie and gives a stirring monologue on the emptiness that all of his past exploits had failed to fill. He sends this pretty love interest to safety, and charges her to dictate in English and Spanish the cause of Texas. He says that this is his life’s purpose, and that it’s the purpose of all mankind. Freedom to act, speak, and do as one pleases.

The movie gives us a glimpse into the psyche of the Texan, and their source of state pride. The once elected senator, Crocket/Wayne, was plainly, and inescapably unimpressed with the government. They elude to his “service” having negative impacts on all of his nature. Even his fondness of the ladies is questioned due to the corruption of DC. They, his men, saw his love interest as, the old Davey, and not the ex congressman. This is a veiled admission that the ruling elite are all queer as $3 bills. I remind you the release date on this film is 1960.

For those who might be interested, say some are thinking this was made by white Americans. It appears the story was written by a Gentile, then bought, shot, and sold by Jews. Even the cast, Wayne is the only Gentile. Only white gentile, that is. This movie began the decade that ended with Rosemary’s Baby. This movie stands in stark contrast to the most wholesome crap that they force into the market today. This movie is 💯 Americana. Perhaps the last of its kind. Certainly it was a safety blanket for the WWII gen to hold onto while their country was taken by a foreign power. In the culture war that followed.

The info on this film really harps on the authenticity of it. The whole thing was shot in Texas, a few miles from the actual mission/fort itself. It’s the American story of the Spartans. This was our “Hot Gates”, these 200 were our 300, and unlike the Greek telling, the only soldiers were the 200, not 3,000 farmers, plus 300 bad asses. Of course we aren’t getting new tellings of this wholly American point of pride. We get homoerotic, cartoon violence, that just repeats itself for 2 hours.

The Jews don’t see Darius, or Xeroxes as despots, but liberators. Why should they tell one of the founding legends of Western Civilization? Did they have such insane physique, all of them? Not likely. The “hop light” fighting style was just unstoppable given the proper conditions. Something like a skinny pass is the ultimate weapon for an inferior fighting force. Especially one with unlimited discipline. A wall of shield, spear, and sword is a wall worth avoiding, and that’s what the Persians did, with the help of a traitor. They don’t mention much about this traitor, but, was he Jewish? Was he happy to see Greece hurt, if it made them closer to power, and money.

Another brilliant use of this narrow pass method, was used against England. The Battle at Sterling ridge, was totally changed for the movie. I like Gibson, and still watch his stuff. The total rewriting of the battle that won the war, is a bummer. That was a brilliant tactical victory, and they played it up as a matter of high moral, stirring speeches, and cries for freedom. Tamp it down a bit Mel, the story is good enough without you.

Either way, I prefer my heroes in the John Wayne era, over this days disgusting “antihero’s”. To be an antihero, you have to be heroic. An average, or even a bit criminal to start, adopts a cause bigger than himself, and dedicates his life to said cause. Usually culminating in the unlikely, and least dependable character saving the day by exchanging his life for victory. Think Independence Day, Armageddon, and hundreds of others. We like to see the ordinary do the extraordinary for nothing but principles. That’s “movie magic”. We’re all ordinary. So we all dream to be…

Another thing I’ll say about the film is the relationship between the three leaders. Travis had the army, Crocket had his men, and Bowie had his. Crocket, and Bowie both held military ranks but lived civilian lives. Both had the full faith and trust of their men. Both were adamant about giving their men the full truth of the odds set against them. Travis believed that the men, if made aware of the force against them, would surely desert. This was offensive to the volunteers that chose the cause of Texas, and did so without coercion, or anymore than glory and a chance to fight tyranny.

This difference in attitude and respect comes to a head. The last hope for reinforcements is dashed by the news of their destruction by Mexican forces. At this moment the “civilian” leaders waiver. Is this worth their men, all of them? They decide it is not. Then upon hearing that Travis was staying to the end, and he wouldn’t think anyone a coward for leaving, the “antiheroes” come into their own. The famous line in the sand is drawn, and the rest, they say, is history.

As we move through the first waves of attack and retreat, we get to hear the words of the commander that’s benefiting from this blood sacrifice being made. He tells his officers of the desperate situation that the Alamo was under. He pleads with them to “never forget”. “Hopefully Texas never forgets”. Well, native Texans may have more pride, and knowledge of the superhuman nature of this military loss. But so to does this nation. All Americans love and remember the Alamo. What’s more, we remember the men. Crocket, Bowie, and Travis. True American heroes.

Are you people ready to surrender this to BLM, antifa, and the rest of these commie pukes? If you’ve got kids, get them watching old movies and see how much better they are, then their counterparts stuck watching whatever illuminates their screens. When Americans watched Leave it to Beaver, America was Leave it to Beaver. Garbage in, garbage out. Either dump the screens all together, or give your kids what you think is wholesome. What you think has a positive message. Things you actually believe in, support, and want your youngster to do the same.

If you would like to see a change in your kids outputs. Change their inputs. Nobody could grow up on John Wayne movies and hate America. It’s hard not to hate America when it’s pushing antiGod, anti science, and anti nature in every message or medium they have. Get back to the oldies.

Same with music. Just play some Sam Cooke, and then anything blacks sing now. The difference is whiplash. They go from romance, and treating women like queens to be pampered and protected. Then they go to calling them all whores, promoting pimping, and generally degrading women, and mainly black women. I like the Drifters, Smokey Robinson, Sam Cooke, etc… I hate todays pop music. The rap is so childish, and over the top gross, it’s impossible to bear. So repetitive, so offensive, and absolutely satanic.

I’m an ex metal head myself. I loved Slayer, Cradle of Filth, and plenty more. Now I can’t listen to them either. I find myself listening to a lot of new and independent artists, and oldies. Sure I still like to jam to some Iron Maiden, or Pantera, but I know I shouldn’t. I know that harmony matters, frequency matters, and subliminal messaging is a fact of life. I still love classical, white patriotic rap, and some older country. If I’m honest I still play some old favorites just because. Music is powerful, just as powerful as a movie, but we give them far less scrutiny for harmful content.

God bless Texas. God bless the United States of America!!



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