So I Spent The Weekend Reading The Turner Diaries

Can I offer ya some chocolate?

Wow. What an incredible book. This book was written in the 70’s and released as a book in the early 80’s. It’s so prescient and far seeing that you know the author was no dummy. No racist bumpkin. An idealist, and a very cold and hard appraisal of the situation as it was in his time.

Our author was surely correct about the progression of the state apparatus being used against the founding stock of America. He was dead nuts on about the use of the word “racist” being the almighty slur that it’s become. He also noticed that whites are racist, and blacks are obedient.

He paints a brilliant picture of how a new world, could in fact come to be, by the efforts of a small, and dedicated few. He doesn’t spare any feelings, or offer any condolences. He speaks angrily about the people who all but begged to be enslaved. He’s disgusted by the weakness of men over material comfort. On this I couldn’t agree more.

I have myself, laid out a means for an asymmetrical warfare approach on this government, today. I had no idea that my thoughts were so much better illustrated by this brilliant book. I had no idea that my notice of the state’s inadequacy’s were so well known as to have a book detailing my exact idea of how this could work.

The book makes no bones about the issues, and the problems. Jewish control over all public aspects of life. Jewish media, Jewish movies, and the Talmudic flavor of a once Christian society. The author correctly sees the state of Israel, and New York as the most legitimate targets.

It’s a gripping tale of an uprising done by a secretive “order” within a larger organization. They use the secretive and useful techniques that the masons have developed to ensure against subversion. The main narrative and character is obviously very proud and slightly scared of his oath to this order. As the story progresses we see and learn more about the ultimate aim of this “order”.

The racial stuff comes slow at first and then it becomes obvious that this is very much the result of interracial relations. In the book the state does some things that have happened, but just don’t stick out to most brainwashed Americans.

The total jobs program called TSA is, as far as I’m aware, mostly black employees. Blacks with the authority to ruin whiteys day, just because. The DMV seems to be far more black than my area demographics would suggest. We have offered the position of mayor to a hateful female black, that openly dislikes whites.

We have all across this country, been beaten with propaganda, that any speak of Black behavior is racist. The media refuse to tell the truth about crime, and violent crime in particular. We are locking up patriots for nothing, and setting holidays for robbing, pimping, babies that throw a fit when they get caught in the act.

George Floyd did more damage to this country than King George could ever have hoped for.

At least in the Diaries, blacks have been “deputized” by some Jewish, anti racism brigade. This coming after a nationwide sweep of all known gun owners. Just as we’ve said, registrations are simple lists for tyrants. Since they began the federal registry they’ve recorded hundreds of millions of sales.

Thankfully the gun situation is better today than it was in the early 80’s. The gun grabbers were making real hey until the “assault weapons” ban. Americans were lazy about their most important freedom. Since the sunset of that ridiculous farce, the people have made it nearly impossible to enact again. Every state that’s offered voluntary surrender of weapons, is disappointed when a sliver of registered guns appear for their taking. Even when it’s the “law” that they do so.

The Diary puts the conflict at the beginning of the 1990’s. Had this been put into action at that time, this would be a mission outline, not a mere book of dystopian future. The reliance upon hard infrastructure is still very much a reality for travel, and our utilities. The communication aspect has changed so dramatically as to make some parts of this book out of the question for any rebel group of today.

Other than the cellular, and networking capabilities that have grown into every aspect of modern life, the basic infrastructure remains unguarded, unreliable, and easily compromised. Bridges, freeways, power substations, and so on, are still as they were in the 90’s. Chaos and city wide destruction is still very capable a task for a fairly small group of dedicated patriots.

I suggest this book to everyone. Regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum, which this book despises, you need to know the possibilities around you. The ideological message is this.

We, the Anglo-Saxon people are at war with Judah, and his minions. The book promotes the absolute destruction of world Jewery. As a result of extremely selfish and arrogant leaders, the war turns into an all out race war. One in which the whites are forced to make waste of much of the Earth. All for the future of white children to live, grow, and enjoy the fruits of creation as they were instructed to do.

Today everyone wants to be a victim. The only people who celebrate their victories over others, are Jews. We used to celebrate the 4th of July as our Independence Day. Around here there’s far more interest in “All Hollows Eve, than the founding of this great nation. One heartwarming part of the book is their choice of date for the “big offensive”. July 4. I don’t want to spoil this book, I want y’all to read it. I know, I know. You’re not supposed to. That’s why you should.

I’ve read everything I can get ahold of that’s “banned”. From the Protocols, to the International Jew, to the Turner Diaries, the through line is this. The Jews are after world domination and if the white race doesn’t stop them, we are all goners. This is the ultimate message of thousands of hard to find works. Going back a thousand years or more. Why? How could so many different people, in different times, and places, all come to the same harsh conclusion? Martin Luther, and the author of the Turner Diaries, could be besties.

The author is dead, and by my logic that makes his work open source. Unfortunately, we have a ridiculously stupid copyright legal scheme. One that prevents the broad dissemination of information if there’s a copyright claim. Even if by the publisher, who we are rapidly replacing with self publishing. The model Thomas Payne took was to forgo the copyright and offer Common Sense totally free of any limits on copying, giving, hell, maybe even editing. I just know he refused to copyright it to see it spread faster. Fast did it spread. So fast that he was branded a traitor by the British before becoming one of, America’s own sons.

The book misses a few major events, but is nearly spot on. He missed the extreme police state switch by a decade. He does harp on the date 9-11. September 11th is an important day in this book. Why, or how, I have no idea. The author lets us know his contempt for the American people is just as real as his contempt for the Jews who run them. Indeed, he justifies a great number of deaths by simply stating that there’s no such thing as innocent when it comes to the American people.

A people get the government they deserve. A people who expect to remain a people, and to survive as a people, should make plans to protect the purity of that people. When Jewish agitators run campaigns on vague slogans about equality, they know they are causing trouble where it doesn’t need to be. They know equality is childish, but an effective tool to pry open a polity and wreck its inner workings.

This book ends in an “extreme” fashion. One that I’m not sure about the intentions of the author. Did he set out to promote such a brutal answer to securing a safe future for Europeans? Was this a warning of the unpredictability of war, and the possibility that we might ignite a global race war? I know a bit about the author and I have decided what I think. I think he’s giving us an awful wake up call, and wanted the maximum effect. I also believe that this is the future that the author foresaw, and honestly tried to avoid. I’m also sure that this man believes in the supremacy of whites over all others.

I would like to see a more natural world, that doesn’t make my subconscious soul ache, every time I go outside. When regular ole folks are hooked up to wires and shown interracial couples, they register a feeling of disgust. Not a noticeable, or even visible emotion, but one that’s picked up by electrical signals all the same. Same for same sex relations. Straight men will see the same disgust they saw with the interracial couple. Anything that seems unnatural, shows up as disgust.

The idea of diversity being a strength, was proven false before it ever got started. The liberal science of the 90’s was disproving the notion that jumbled up people cooperate, and civilize each other. The more jumbled up the people, the more suspicious, more judgmental, and less willing to cooperate they are. The further apart the people get, the more pronounced the problems become. The Diaries were written before South Africa fell. If the author had lived to see todays SA I think he’d rather be dead.

We have the Turner Diaries, the Protocols, the works of Ford, Luther, and a million priests and pastors of all time and place. Their message is always and in every instance the same.

Wake up Gentiles, and see who your enemy is. Face him, and fight him. For if you fail to take on the challenge of your age, your children will suffer a bondage not seen before on this Earth. This is the warning. Do you need to see the proof?

Rhodesia, South Africa, the Holodomor, the slaughtering of the Palestinians. Are these not all products of the same people? The same papers, same accusations, and the exact same fate for the whites who give in? Well, we’re seeing it hard and heavy in the US. Blacks taking the names of the ancient Egyptians, and the ancient Israelites. Both cases are being egged on by agitators. Black Muslims are almost an oxymoron. Yet, the black Muslims are strong, and care not that the founder of Islam was white, and cared for blacks least.

The Africans don’t really have a unifying religion. Voodoo, and a collection of strange and ancient traditions are the religions of Africa. Their moral code, if they have one, seems to be about as flexible as it gets. Eating one another is very common in Africa and it plays a dark part in the Diaries. This book is true to form, though not politically correct, it is true on many levels. It’s as harsh on the race traitors as anyone. In fact, they get it the worst.

We know that the mouthpieces that lie to us do so for their own gain, and at the expense of their own people. The corrupt media, judges, politicians, and on and on get it bad. The guilt of racism is defeated by the hanging of thousands of race traitors, men and women.

The excuse by one young lady who preferred the company of blacks, “I was just doing what everyone else was”. Or of a man, “I just went along to do business”. These were admissions of selfish motives. That got those who used such pathetic excuses no more fanfare than those who silently accepted their fate. This is a truly gruesome affair. One I’ve been thinking on for days since reading it.

Like I said I won’t spoil this epic tale for those who want to read it themselves. I can’t see any book having a higher impact on the fence sitters than this one. It is fiction, but only in the sense that we haven’t done it yet. It is the playbook that threatens the state most, and as such, this book is slandered to no end, and treated like Hitler himself wrote it. All banned books seem to be banned because they speak plainly and honestly about Jews.

The “conspiracy community”, if such a thing exists, is apt to blame the Catholics, the Masons, hell even the Mormons. Jews are off limits even in these circles. Just ask AJ and he’ll confirm, a Jew never did anything to anyone. Regardless of how many callers call, or how reasonable their comments may be, AJ filibusters and hangs up. As if the state of Israel were even legitimate?

Well, I’m no punk, no puppet, and I’m nobody’s bitch. I think y’all should read the Turner Diaries, and everything else that chronicles the relationship between gentile and Jew, going back some 2,000 years now. I’ve even been somewhat convinced that the whole, “Christ was a Jew” crap, is just that. Crap. Reading the scripture carefully it’s hard to tell if Jesus was talking to them, or what’s more likely, he was purposely avoiding giving the blessing of salvation to the Jews. This is proved out by his unwillingness to speak plain in their presence. The Bible explains that Christ spoke in parables to confuse the impious Jews. Also that they are not his sheep, nor do they know him. They are of their father the devil, in whom there is only lies and murder.

The Talmud was the religion that Christ came to discredit, and prove false. They called it the “tradition of the elders”, but it was the Babylonian Talmud that Christ meant to destroy. He came as a savior to his flock, who he knew, and a messenger to the tribe, who he knew not. This is all made pretty well clear in the Gospels. The books that chronicle the life and times of Jesus Christ.

In final examination of the book, the controversy, and its status, I’m left feeling as though we blew a great opportunity to act in the 90’s when they banned “sporting rifles”. We’ve blown many chances to act in concert, and as one people. We’ve been under a vicious assault on our beliefs, our customs, and our culture, from one people. A people that are brilliant at soliciting others to do their bidding. A people that, until recently, enjoyed anonymity, and were often heard but not seen.

This book isn’t banned because it lays out a plan to destroy the federal government. It’s banned for its language and attitude towards one group. Jews. You simply can not criticize these people. Regardless of their role in organized crime, international terror, or the extreme oppression they visit upon anyone they see as different. Their actions in Palestine are beyond the pale. They deserve to answer for themselves. Such a collectivist people oughta be judged collectively. On the whole, Jewish presence in any land is trouble. I think they should retreat to the desert and give the Goyim a while to forget.

We always forgive, and forget. Not me, I’m never going to forgive, and I’ll fight my life away making sure y’all don’t ever forget. I know why America is broken, and I know how to fix it. Can we do what needs to be done, and retain our own humanity? I think so. It’s a matter of politely asking some folks who don’t belong, to leave. Then make our requests more and more emphatic, until we’ve exhausted all civil means. This could be a peaceful affair, but it wouldn’t be easy.

God knows Americans love easy. This book shows us that just as they are moved to be worthless by tyrants, they can be weaponized by taking away their comfort. A fact I’ve known for some time. The question still remains, them or us? Time to choose, and it’s time to act based upon solid, moral, principles that can’t be denied. It’s time to man up.

Do it. Just hit play. What’s the worst that could happen? It’s a story book…

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  1. Nope, William Luther Pierce and his books including The Turner Diaries stink. They have no value whatsoever except for showing the twisted delusional mindset of mental gymnastics making white supremacists.
    Watching chickens pecking at grain>>>>>>>>>>>The Turner Diaries.

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    • I obviously disagree. Books are like guns. It really depends on the reader, not the weapon. I think anything that’s “banned” is worth reading purely because it’s banned. I appreciate your opinion but have you read it? Can you read anything that triggers ya? How bout the KJV Bible? That’s the book they wanna ban next. Already happening in Utah.

      You wanna burn books? We start with the communist manifesto, and we can work our way through the Frankfurt School. Light em up.


      • I would only say that BECAUSE I read it! Also, any notions of King James Bible being banned are unfounded. Also, your comparison is faulty because books are wholesome symbols of intellectualism and literacy. Guns are weapons of war.


      • Now you’re either lying or misinformed. Hard to offer you the benefit of the doubt but I’ll play. The Bible has been misinterpreted some 300 times in the last few hundred years. All “new” versions take “liberty” with the actual manuscripts. This is the opposite of “wholesome”, and “intellectualism”. Propaganda is the weapon of war used first. Truth being every wars first casualty. Guns follow ideas. I’m for an open market of ideas, not mealy mouthed slogans.

        I’m inclined to burn all copies, save for a reference, of the entire Talmud. All of it. How’s that rub you?


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