The American People Are As Culpable As Anyone

I think you should listen, and hear…

I know there’s all this crap happening, and soaking up your interest. I’m aware of the 24/hour news cycle and the desired, and powerful control it holds over the minds of the masses. I’m aware of the brutal assault on intelligence, logic, and morality being waged upon the children. I know that there’s a multitude of “excuses” to offer the poor American, who just can’t see, or act in the interests of anything beyond personal gain.

Scratch that. The average American works in the interest of “normalcy”, whatever the hell that is. The average American is willing to suffer any indignity to go along, to get along. The average American is just a useless eater, that can be swayed one way or the other. They haven’t an original idea, nor the inkling to express one if they had. They are, in essence, non-player characters.

Then there’s the “conservatives”. What have these cats “conserved” ever. It seems to me, these are the losers who play to the crowd, and pretend to oppose Bolshevism. They speak in flowery language, and pay lip service to the Constitution, and the Founding Fathers, etc… So fu**ing what? Talk is cheap and these cats have ran up quite a bill with their fat mouths.

I find “conservative Inc”, to be intolerable. If the last few years have shown us anything, it is the plain as day fact that no party is the people’s party. Not one rep, with extremely few exceptions, stood for the people, the science, morality, or the danger of following orders. With few enough to be worth talking about, every public servant is completely off the rails and beyond their oath’s. These oaths are not to some secret club. These aren’t some secret order you make Oath to serve.

All public servants are Oath bound to protect and defend the Constitution, not the people. To defend our law, our sacred law, and to guard it jealously against all enemies foreign and domestic. Nothing is more sacred, nor worthy of “conservation” than the sacred law of the land. A legal tradition that began a thousand years ago, with the “Great Charter”, or Magna Carta. A final realization of God’s law, or the Natural Law, if you’re a childish atheist.

Childish atheist? Ya, if you’re dumb enough, and so spiritually dead that you believe in nothing, I guess childish is too innocent. Atheists are not usually non believers, they are at war with God. They are the foot soldiers of higher thinking men, who can use these vacant meat puppets, for whatever they like. These base, and not in the good way, animals, are only motivated by Earthly delights. Loyal to nothing, but money. These are the types the clique gets rid of first chance they get. They have proven themselves to be traitors, at a cost. Hell, they’ve proclaimed themselves to be unrestrained by morality, and either indifferent or hateful, of the great creator of all that ever was, or will be.

Why harp on atheists, because they’re the most evangelicals around. The culture is a constant middle finger to all things natural. Our men using surgery, and man’s hands to make them “better”? Our girls doing the same? Killing babies is the highest priority of this proclaiming to want freedom. They refuse to honor the law that protects the rights of our kids to be religious wherever they choose. They have injected all manner of satanic symbolism throughout the entire culture. Next to the Ten Commandments, we see images of Lucifer?!? An androgynous, and goat headed beast, flocked by children, and with one hand up, one low.

This is what the conservatives have conserved. They’ve allowed your actual labor to be enslaved to the tune of several months of every year. How long do you work every year before it’s actually going to your own needs, desires, or interests? Mine is somewhere between 3, or 4 months. Months I work every year for free before offered the “right” to labor for myself. Conservatives? Yuck.

I’m no snowflake, and Libertarians aren’t exactly a collective that’s fraught with the same negatives as the others. They have their own. We have “beltway libertarians”, and conservatives that call themselves libertarians, and even liberals that call themselves libertarian. Then we have a strong set of completely independent anarchists that are a total mixed bag. This group, if any, deserves examination before full condemnation.

The beltway boys, girls, and everything in between, are scum. Not friendly rivals, they are the enemy, straight up. They need to be shown out for the scum, Shabbas Goys they are. These are the looney morons that abide by woke, racism, and whatever else is the fashion of the day. I could see this group hanged without much care.

The conservatives that smoke weed, or the liberals that might own a business, liberty is a matter of convenience. The state is bothersome, and cumbersome, but it’s still the people’s voice, and the only way to change anything. Gotta offer the house to get the slightest concession on matters of personal conscience. These are the docs that are going along to get along, and the teachers that are doing the same. These pussy footing “extremists” are out of place. The very libertarian existence is a measure of how rotten the system is. Only the most slow, or corrupt want this system to continue.

Then there’s the folks like myself. We are too, a mixed bag. We are the most independent, the most arrogant, and the most focused. As well, the most selfish, unmotivated and immoral people, as well. Some of us are guided only by morals and our own code. Many are rootless, and stuck in a spiritual rut that Ayn Rand just fails to fulfill. These cats are likely the most dangerous. They could easily infiltrate a great many of good groups, and fit right in. Unfortunately the same traits that lead a sound mind to the Golden Rule, lead a bad mind to survival of the fittest, Social Darwinism.

In this respect, even libertarians are being used as a weapon for the state, and its leader’s interests. Without even knowing it, so many Americans are actively working to see the destruction, or enslavement of white people. The pencil pushers, the media, the prison builders. All Americans working in the interest of their own destruction.

Why do we even have the labor to build a “super-max prison”? Why didn’t the American worker, and likely a union to help, stand up and say no. We don’t build prisons that make treat humanity worse than the zoo does its animals. Could this not have been done? How many turned down this contract before they got someone to put these horror show facilities in all states of the Union? Did even one contractor complain, or question the wisdom of so many, and so harsh a facilities?

It’s American labor that’s built the prison planet we live in now. Where was the union pushback when they built that mockery of freedom in Utah? That gigantic government monstrosity that requires millions of gallons of water, a day, to cool its servers? The building that houses the records of all of the behavior of all the people in this country, and God knows what else. Not only should that building be destroyed. The men that built it should be shot as well.

What, you didn’t know what you were building? The country knew what it was. The state of Utah knew what it was. There was a lot of people that didn’t want it built and even an effort to cut the water source off at the state level. The builders, architects, engineers, and the labor should all be forced to answer for the extreme violation of the Bill of Rights, this building represents.

As I speak the state is starting to harden some of its infrastructure. I think they’re finally catching on to the fact that a lot of us know what they’re doing. We know this is racial, and we know they have not played fair. The county I’m in, as well as Napa County are both putting their electric under ground. An improvement that’s so long in the making one is left wondering why now? The travel infrastructure is being neglected completely. This is on purpose I believe. They want chaos the same as any revolutionary. Make no mistake, these are revolutionary’s.

Keeping your power on, while removing your ability to travel, is exactly what they want. The lockdowns showed us what they want. Now it’s only a question as to who cared to notice, their motives. The betterment of mankind has not been something you could blame an elitist in this country, for as long as I’ve been aware. If “terrorists” started to move against the state, they will have to contend with the barrage of propaganda that will be hardwired into the city’s, and sent out over the towers.

Who is installing and maintaining these towers? What safety precautions are necessary for working around these on the daily? How come I hear nothing outta the folks doing this work? Is this all classified type work? Is it done by foreigners? Who manages the projects? Who manages them? Certainly not the American people.

As I consider the guilt, or innocence of the people at large, I’m left with mixed feelings. I’ve been treated poorly by these people since I began to discuss things they weren’t comfortable with. 9-11, Waco, OKC, and so on… We’ve been trying to wake the American people for decades, and we’ve had these blatant crimes to point to in our indictment of the system. After 9-11, I think the case for innocence evaporates. Not that you should have known, by 9-12. Not that the people were responsible for the military action shortly after the attack. By 2003, however, the people had been given years to consider the atrocities and the state’s actions. Then they were barely animated when a total lie was offered to send our sons and daughters to die, and kill in a country that had nothing to do with the establishment story of 9-11. Iraq.

Truth is, the day before “shock and awe” was the largest protest in the world. Millions and millions of the Western World, protested. The media? Chose to decline to cover any of it, that I’m aware of. I remember the time clearly, and I remember protesting this to my friends and family. I don’t remember a thing on the news. At this time, I had a news channel going at all times. I was still essentially an NPC. I was a curious one though. I spent most of the Bush administration watching the liberal channels. MSNBC, CNN, and just a touch of FOX. When the liberals came to power, I switched, but by 2008 I was already disgusted by cable, and refused to pay for it.

Between 2003 and 2006, or so, I “woke up”. I realized I didn’t know shit. That I had lots to learn, and that I was scared by the world I was finding. I started to steadily open my mind to more and more “forbidden” thoughts. I was greatly aided by the founding, and extreme growth of YouTube. By 2012 or so I was a flat Earther, a Truther, and every other slur they had. Then I began to entertain the most verboten thoughts, and conspiracy’s. Race realism, or even race consciousness. Libertarian theory always resonated with me but like I said, I’m just not your average Joe.

When I read Atlas Shrugged, and immediately read it again, I came away with a different attitude than most. I considered the most important things humans “trade” is non monetary. Hugs, laughs, cries, and family’s. These are the trades, and market places I felt most inclined to protect. I’ve always considered the freedom to disassociate with people, as essential a right as to, associate with people. The idea of thought crimes, like racism never crossed my mind, because it’s so ridiculous on its face.

Then I began to watch the libertarian party, and was thoroughly disgusted. Outside of s tiny majority, at least back then, were scum. I started to read sites like American Renaissance, and it resonated with me. Jared Taylor is a very reasonable man, and he’s been unbanked, and so attacked that the attack itself caused the curiosity to grow. I read books like “White Girl Bleed A Lot”, and was just confirming what I knew all along. I knew that black and white people are just too different to really be integrated properly, freely, or reasonably. Then George Floyd.

After this travesty of justice I was done with the race baiters. I lost all self censorship, and began trying to defend Kyle Rittenhouse, as well the McDaniels from the Ahmed Aubrey affair. These two events had a large impact on me. First I was elated by the not guilty verdict of Kyle. Then devastated by the verdicts of the Aubrey affair. Then I can say I dropped all pretense of caring about what I’m called, by whoever. All the times I’d heard someone tell me to read this, or that, was still hard for me. A lifetime of Holocaust, and guilt. I shrugged that crap like nothing after Floyd.

Since then I’ve allowed my research to go where it goes, and I’ve offered no race a pass, my own included. In this reckless abandon for the truth I was compelled to get myself a copy of the KJV Bible. I felt compelled to read the entire New Testament. What an experience that was. No book has had an impact on me like this one. For that, I put the Bible above all other works. It was the way back to my creator, and savior. It also humbled me, and I needed to be humbled. As rough as it was.

I’m 41 years young today, and getting older every day. If it takes the average Joe 30 to 35 years to learn the nature of the world he lives in, we’re doomed. There should have been a huge support network set up by the time I woke up. There should be a way to make people understand the threat against them. Yet, I’m unaware of anything that could be called organized resistance to the utter extinction of white people. There’s plenty of white people saying this is conspiracy theory. White replacement? Oh you’re just a racist, why shouldn’t we be replaced? This makes me furious.

So I will leave the question to linger. Do you think you are innocent? The people at large, innocent? For myself, I find the word innocent to be too soft, and guilty to be too strong. I have lost much of what, could have been called loyalty to the people as a whole. They never appreciated it anyway, and would never reciprocate the same either.

What do you guys think?



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