About Me

I’m just an average guy that was born in 1981. I’ve watched this country go from a wonderful, safe, and easy going place to live. To its current psychosis that describes the world as it is today. If you think psychosis is too strong, than this isn’t the right place for you.

I grew up in broken homes, and around broken people. I had nothing positive come from my school experience. I was thoroughly anti-authority, by my teens. This only worsened, and became a lifestyle that would have killed me, or landed me in prison. I owe my freedom and life to the daughter that came from the only real relationship I’ve had, her mother, my high school sweetheart.

Since losing every possible thing in the so called, family courts, I fell into deep depression. It took years for me to finally pull up from the nose dive I had put my life into. I finally found philosophy, and regained my love of reading. A tool so thoroughly made into a chore by school, that I had loved before. I was reading everything I found on libertarian and anarchist literature. I was introduced to the “conspiracy theory” world. Then I kinda of lost it for a while. It took a while to come to grips with the world as it is, and not as it was said to be.

Now I’m a fully matured man, my daughter has moved out and supports herself. My life is far less interesting now, and far more lonely. I chose to create this website when the pandemic hit. I was having an incredibly hard time coping with the responsibilities of working around 4 different lunatics a day, all seeming to have their own mental issues. I took a year off of my “9 to 5” and worked for myself for about a year.

Today I’m back at the HVAC game, but still feel drawn to use this site to get my message out. The social media platforms have all treated me with censorship and threats to suspend or erase me. In Facebooks case, I was told I was banned for life, only to find my profile active a year later. Even so, it’s of very little use to me, considering the content I create.

I’m obnoxious, insensitive, abrasive, and honest. I’m an anarchist at heart, but understand that I live in a society that’s far from anything close to anarchy. I want to take back this demonized philosophy, that just asks that their be no rulers over me. I accept, and want governance, I just believe we are better off self governed. At the very least, I hope to further the cause of freedom, and expose corruption.

Since this is an investment in myself, I do ask for donations. Any help would go a long way.



Fight 4 Life