Affiliate Links/Sponsors

This is a list of links I am affiliated with. I purposely put these on their own page and seperate from the sites I endorse. I have no problem with advertisements and I’m a free market purist. If “salesman” makes your skin crawl, you probably haven’t experienced or noticed good sales.

What consumer are you?

The one who seeks out professional advice, product knowledge, and even perhaps a personal recommendation? Do you bemoan the lack of service provided by box stores even when making very substantial purchases?

Are you the consumer who does all their research online and just wants to grab the right item and go? Are you annoyed by store employees offering to help? Do you hate commissions and believe service should be good without incentives at all? Do you tip Waitresses/waiters?

Incentives matter. Coming from an industry very much based upon commissions I can tell you that without incentive, service is impossible. Learning about products, practicing human interaction to be more natural, and a desire to please the customer in front of you, all require a personal interest in doing so.

If pay is the same for the guy that points to the back of the store when asked for the location of something. Compared to the person who takes you to the product, gives you an overview of the different options, and offers ideas that might have totally escaped you. Obviously person 2 wouldn’t exist.

If I want to sell MRI machines I know I can, with the work ethic and people skills I was born with. Sales is about trust and while we aren’t talking deep trust, (like trusting you with their life) trust is the determining factor. For myself, lying, cheating, and stealing are all disgusting to me. I will not lie to sell anything. I will never use fear to sell anything. If I can’t educate you enough for you to make the best decision, for you, it’s not the best decision. If it’s not the client’s idea, it’s the wrong idea.

Damn OCD again… This began as a plain site with affiliate links and ended up a rant about the virtues of sales. Well, so be it. This is my explanation for the affiliate link page. I am a capitalist and believe in the products offered.

Please do, do your own research on anything offered. I am trying to only offer things that will be valuable to y’all. If the fact that I have a page dedicated to making money offends you, fuck off. None of this is free and I spend a lot of time on it.

If you think I want to spend my nights reading reports on suicide, CRT, or war, I hate to break it to you. This research is often times extremely upsetting and figuring out a way to explain it, is just as hard. If I make anything by sending you to a product or service of value, I think I’ve earned it.

I love guns and unfortunately you need an FFL to receive guns and now ammo in California. This will help you get your FFL and start making money doing a great value for society by doing gun transfers.Since 2010, FastBound’s FFL software for A&D and 4473 has provided thousands of FFLs including manufacturers, retailers, distributors, importers, and pawnbrokers with guaranteed compliance with the latest ATF rulings, and an attorney-backed legal defense. Just click the link and check it out. We need more FFl’s. You can help your fellow gun owners while taking a fee for your trouble. Binance is a very popular crypto platform. It has phone apps and can be used as a wallet, trading platform, and even a way to join in “staking” coins.

A simple system for making money selling slogans. A gigantic niche to be involved in and growing by the day. With every new personality, corporation, or plain old person coming onto the net and looking to differentiate themselves, the opportunities increase as well. Use my link and check it out. You can sign up with an email and decide if it’s valuable before you buy.

This is a link to patriotic children’s books. There’s games, books, and puzzles. These are all patriot themed and America friendly. Doodle Dandy Kid’s Books. These are written for a conservative audience, for the most part. They offer a real difference when it comes to teaching American traditions and history. It makes the school books look like pornagraphy.

If you have spent any time on this website, you know how I feel about the schools. You should also know that I think working for some corporation is a joke. I want my child to be their own boss. Today young people with wits and initiative can be successful before puberty. They won’t get the tools needed for such an awesome life from school. I have an answer and all you need to do is follow the link and do what feels right. It’s at least going to give your kid something. The information is broad, important to anyone seeking success, and designed for 7 to 14 year olds to enjoy.