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I'm a total neanderthal that's completely confused by the society I live in. I'm offensive, honest, and a good man. I'm, here because I pay to be here, and I will say whatever I like. Come one, come all, to the freak show of commiefornia.


These scumbags are not even trying to be civil to anyone who might have voted just against Biden. No! Every vote for Trump is a citizen that needs to be fixed. Living in the North Bay in Ca, I am surrounded by lunatics. I had a client today that couldn’t refute a word I said about the democrats fueling the riots with their open endorsements of more and more. Yet when I asked why Trump was uniquiley guilty of incitement when he has been totally consistent on riots and what they deserve, I was offered a vague, flustered and incoherent, because of everything he’s done, answer. I broke it off there before my easy temper could be totally drained.

What Now

The facts are seemingly clear. the election process is not legitimate at all. To what degree? Who knows. Trump got something like 10 million new votes. Even with all the shenanigans it […]