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The Real Toni Fauci

In short, this book is a damning bit of evidence that can be used to build a humungous criminal case against Fauci, and co. All the public health creatures should fear this book. Then they should fear us. We the people must have justice against this medical tyranny. Enough people.

So Elon Is An Antisemite Now

Why do the Jewish criminals of the world never have to fight their own battles? Why have the Jewish people let their brand be so debased, and so appropriated by criminals? This is where I sit with the whole “JQ”? Why the support, and where’s the line for guilt? This type of crap does nothing to help the Jewish people, but it certainly helps one Jew at the expense of the rest. So, why the approval of these institutions, and criminality?

Biden Is Being Abused At This Point

This sucks. I have no interest in having empathy towards such a swamp creature as Biden, but here we are. I simply can’t find the “funny” in watching this man fall his way through his presidency. His wife, family, and the Democratic Party, have all shown themselves to be horrible, rotten, and shameless pond scum.

The Difference Between European Libertarian, And The US

From “nuclear soldiers”, to the “Gulf War Syndrome”, you name it. The state hates you!! They literally kill you and laugh. This seems to me to be a massive problem that’s unique to the US, China, and Russia. These nations have more than a “welfare state” to contend with. We are connected at the hip with the military. Like I’ve said, half of the so called free market trade in this country, relies on the military spending to happen.

Let’s Talk About Social Media

Every day that passes, and every time I post a new thought, I become more and more comfortable with this platform. Indeed, I’ve said things that cross the line. In this deal, there is no corporate line, or cancellation. I can’t be cancelled, and I am forever grateful for this platform of Spotify, Apple, and the like. I’m continually impressed that this rambling, and hardly bearable voice is allowed to be heard. That not even once have I been warned, or hassled. As long as this remains to be the absolute last home for free speech, I’ll be using it to affect the culture. To whatever degree I can. No matter how small or large I get.

The Debt Ceiling? Really?

That’s why this is all happening now. As they destroy our domestic food production, domestic energy, and stoke war with our enemies. They want us to hurt. They wanna see us suffer. They do not care one bit about the debt, it’s so called limits, or the entity that charges us interest to fund our needs, while taking their dividends regardless. This Federal Reserve gets a 6% dividend payment annually. 6% Of what?!? The entire GDP? Just the circulating currency? Who knows but we’re talking trillions of dollars to private banks, year after year, after year.

AI Stands For, All Israel, All Day

Again, what’s with the pussyfooting around? According to all the conventions on human rights, and the like, that I can find, Israel is rogue and basically a pirate ship on land. Their expansion by settlement is only missing one small part. They’re tearing down existing homes to make “settlements” in. They aren’t the “first user”, they are squatters, or conquerors. I would go with the latter and embrace it. Which is what they do in Israel, but they dare not talk about it outside of Israel.

Well, It’s Been A While, the Ruby Ridge Affair Deserves More

Randy decided and announced that he was going to look at Sammy one last time. He was immediately joined by Harris, as well, Randy’s younger teenage daughter. As Weaver rounded the corner of the shed a crack rang out. Boom. Randy is hit in the shoulder. Vicky sees the commotion and throws the door open ushering them back to safety. As they run for the door one more shot rang out.