Purpose and Place

David Baker

HVAC Contractor, Internet Troll, Philosopher, and Shit Talker


Baker works with a partner installing HVAC systems for California's upper class. He does his own thing on terms satisfactory to himself and his one equal, business partner.

This allows him the freedom to waste/invest time on hobbies. This is not trivial enough for me to call it a hobby. The topics are too intense and emotional for me to call it a hobby. My own petty pride makes it hard to trivialize my efforts. So what, right.

Nonetheless, this is my hobby. I want to exploit the extremely low barrier to entry and the awesome system of tools for dummies, to erect my own digital soap box. After having nothing but frustration from the "social media" sites, I have boycotted them all.

I post on the few that allow me, but that's it. Marketing back to myself is the only "engagement" they get from myself. I've been cancelled after having a month that was going to see my posts reach maybe 50,000 views.

I always understood that they get the value from my posts and was willing to trade it for access to their audience. Now they will get nothing from me. Not one view will come from any effort of mine.

I know an audience exists for my views because the ones that have survived the moderators, have done so with the appreciation of some, and sometimes a ton. I have no delusions of fame and fortune. Fame sounds like hell to me and has never been attractive to me.

If I make even enough to break even I would be totally excited. I expect to offer this for free. Yes, there will be a donation option on all of my posts. I'm an anarchist and believe in trading value for value. For those who find value, it's appropriate to be fair.

Freeriders are welcome and please don't take offense, "freerider" is just a common term. If it makes you feel guilty, that's good. You have a conscience and at least a desire to be honorable. This alone makes you good in my book.

Anyone that expects anything from me or makes any demands upon me, can fuck off. I'm happy to give away my time and money to communicate with human beings. Woke snowflakes have no place here.

I have no desire to get your view let alone your opinion. This is a public service to all human beings. Commies, "woke" douche bags, and "Karen'" like lunatics (of any color) are all , NOT WELCOME.

To those who appreciate alternative views, I hope you can get something out of the effort I've put in. If not, no hard feelings. To be blunt, this site is for a distinct audience. That said, I think it's useful for everyone to hear this stuff. I am realistic though.

I know, with unfortunately accurate pessimism, who is likely to be attracted to my writing. White men. This is obvious due to my being a white man and writing from that perspective.

I'm not racist by any definition. I have ideas that are controversial, but no different than the views found from both political parties. If race, history, modern politics, and conspiracy facts offend you, leave now.

If you can't read my writings like an adult, you are not welcome here. If you consider any topic "toxic", "micro" or aggression at all, or you feel you can "cancel" anyone at all, go fuck yourself. The world is yours, this is mine.

The rules here are simple. Freedom of debate, freedom to explore all ideas of interest, and the freedom to put my property to work solely for myself. My interests are those of a 40 year old white American. I write for the interests of all, but I give special attention to the forgotten. White men.

If you hate me? You aren't going to like my opinion. If you are mentally retarded and can't see that white people have interests just like all others, perhaps you happened upon this site looking for the food stamp site.

This site is going to support the interests of white Americans and it's going to give no fucks about it. I have no interest in being a jerk. I want peace and cooperation to replace woke and political struggle. I would appreciate any comments by anyone of any color, if it's fair.

I encourage any disagreements. I want to be told I'm wrong and if you can prove it, I will gladly accept it and credit you. My ego is flexible. I have no problem admitting my faults and I have always been my biggest critic. If I am lucky enough to get any comment of interest I will give it the attention it deserves.

I would love to make information our trade. If you have any input to my post it can provide clarity, satisfaction, or even comedy to the site itself. You have to be totally unhinged, and completely useless if you think it's worth threats, obvious lies, or personal attacks on thinkers, for thoughts you disagree with.

Haters are free to leave. Anyone who wants to contribute by commenting, please do. I won't accept single links or commercials. If you want to plug a site, God bless. Just make a worthwhile comment first. Add to the conversation and I will gladly let you promote whatever.

My Influences

Rothbard was and remains the ultimate Libertarian for millions of us. You could devote a lifetime to his work and iot would be a life well spent.

Tom Woods is just awesome! This man runs a daily podcast, has several NYT best selling books, and has his own homeschool curriculum.

http://ronpaulinstitute.org/ Ron Paul is the man. It was his presidential campaigns that really brought me over to liberty. This great man had a very successful life delivering babies. After that, he has devoted himself to the cause of liberty and has done more for said cause than just about anyone.


David is a "good ole boy" from a different era. I love shooting, camping, and talking about everything. If you think we can cooperate on something I would be stoked to hear about it. If you need help, reach out. I can't offer financial freedom or save you from creditors. I can be a sound board and offer a sincere appraisal. My hand is out to the Patriots. Patriots are safe here, and their cause is the same as this site.

Free Resources:

This is a wealth of knowledge that has an unbelievable amount pf free content.

https://www.antiwar.com/ This is a truly invaluable site for all things US empire and war related

https://tenthamendmentcenter.com/ This is the best place to invest in your own local issue. Most issues can be made better by nullification. This site's mission is to use the 10th Amendment to nullify oppression. Best part? They win!


I'm a total neanderthal that's completely confused by the society I live in. I'm offensive, honest, and a good man. I'm, here because I pay to be here, and I will say whatever I like. Come one, come all, to the freak show of commiefornia.

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