It’s recently occured to me, the language we speak might be confusing. I use a lot of terms that might seem archaic or out of context. This is just a matter of source material. I never read fiction. The books I read and listen to are older, more mature, and just smarter. They don’t dumb anything down and they assume the vocabulary of the reader is on par with theirs.

This is going to be a continuing list of less commonly used or less understood words. In no particular order.

A Priori – This is a big word in the philosophical world. It just doesn’t appear anywhere in popular culture. Dictionary says this; adjective relating to or denoting reasoning or knowledge which proceeds from theoretical deduction rather than  from observation or experience: a priori assumptions about human nature. An a priori truth is one that only requires our reason and logic to prove. “Rape is evil”, would be an a priori truth.

The State – This is simple. Any formal government. The US states are called “states” because they were independent sovereign nations. No different than France, just smaller. “The state” refers to the government in general. Sure you can be in a “state of confusion” all while living in the “state” of California.

Statist/Statism – This is the simple belief in the state as a higher power. Total confusion between right and wrong, good and evil, or legal and criminal, based solely upon a person’s costume or title. They accept the non-aggression principle for themselves, yet believe they can give strangers rights that no individual has, ever.

Sovereigntysupreme power or authority: how can we hope to wrest sovereignty away from the oligarchy and back to the people? According to the dictionary. The key take home is this. In America, sovereignty exists within the people themselves. We are the “supreme power ands authority”.

RacismThe belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially  so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another: theories of racism. This tortured dictionary definition shows us the issue. The difference between the races is scientific fact. IQ, health, size, etc… All racial or genetic, the same thing. Overt disrespect or violence towards another due to race alone. That’s my definition.

Libertarian –  an advocate or supporter of a political philosophy that advocates only minimal state intervention in the free market and the private lives of citizens: According to the dictionary. No, no, no. A Libertarian is one who is guided by a simple philosophy. The non aggression principle and private property.

Non-Aggression Principle – Very simple axiom that the philosophy of liberty depends on. It is the simple recognition of the “Golden Rule”. It is never moral to initiate violence or the threat of violence, unless in defense of life, liberty, or property. This principle is self evident and natural to us from our earliest interactions. “Do unto others, that which you would want done to yourself”.

Simp – A derogatory term for a man that is willing to accept the trashy female that he sees as a “10”. Consider a man who would marry a woman in her 40’s with children from several different daddy’s. This would be the model simp. It can however be used to entice anger from men whether they are simps or not.

Feminist – Psycho!