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Phantom. Tribalism, that’s criticized for the people who deny this to all they can, but will scream to the heavens if their tribe is criticized.

So Elon Is An Antisemite Now

Why do the Jewish criminals of the world never have to fight their own battles? Why have the Jewish people let their brand be so debased, and so appropriated by criminals? This is where I sit with the whole “JQ”? Why the support, and where’s the line for guilt? This type of crap does nothing to help the Jewish people, but it certainly helps one Jew at the expense of the rest. So, why the approval of these institutions, and criminality?

The Difference Between European Libertarian, And The US

From “nuclear soldiers”, to the “Gulf War Syndrome”, you name it. The state hates you!! They literally kill you and laugh. This seems to me to be a massive problem that’s unique to the US, China, and Russia. These nations have more than a “welfare state” to contend with. We are connected at the hip with the military. Like I’ve said, half of the so called free market trade in this country, relies on the military spending to happen.

Let’s Talk About Social Media

Every day that passes, and every time I post a new thought, I become more and more comfortable with this platform. Indeed, I’ve said things that cross the line. In this deal, there is no corporate line, or cancellation. I can’t be cancelled, and I am forever grateful for this platform of Spotify, Apple, and the like. I’m continually impressed that this rambling, and hardly bearable voice is allowed to be heard. That not even once have I been warned, or hassled. As long as this remains to be the absolute last home for free speech, I’ll be using it to affect the culture. To whatever degree I can. No matter how small or large I get.

Are We Really Sure These Cats Are Oath Bound?

Being reminded constantly of the utter farce these people are participating in, is our only weapon. Showing them out for the fraud is powerful. People will understand that oaths matter. Certainly if those who offered up fake oaths, had secret oaths that superseded all others, the people would get a nice cold shower.

Well I Guess We Best Talk Bout Ukraine

I was assuming this would flounder, in a similar fashion to their attempts to attack Syria. Unfortunately, the people seem to be all in when it’s horrible for white people. If it’s bound to hurt, murder, and displace whites, even the “peacenicks” are nowhere to be heard.

It’s Time To Give Vatican City Her Due

Here’s my deal. I see the build up of this culture war coming to a head. I see a lot of lost, unmoored souls, just floating around waiting to be snatched up. I see everything as a deception, and I’ve had some time to see some of the media you’ve all been subject to over the last couple years. It’s got me concerned.

More Fun With AI And The Bias That’s Undeniable

As it is, the search engines are bad enough. Google, Yahoo, bing… and even DuckDuckGo, all sensor results. ALL OF THEM. Google Scholar remains a good source, to this day, but I have no idea what they could be hiding. Search engines need to be blown up. I wanna lively market for my precious search traffic. One that sees me as the consumer, not the product.