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The Difference Between European Libertarian, And The US

From “nuclear soldiers”, to the “Gulf War Syndrome”, you name it. The state hates you!! They literally kill you and laugh. This seems to me to be a massive problem that’s unique to the US, China, and Russia. These nations have more than a “welfare state” to contend with. We are connected at the hip with the military. Like I’ve said, half of the so called free market trade in this country, relies on the military spending to happen.

The Debt Ceiling? Really?

That’s why this is all happening now. As they destroy our domestic food production, domestic energy, and stoke war with our enemies. They want us to hurt. They wanna see us suffer. They do not care one bit about the debt, it’s so called limits, or the entity that charges us interest to fund our needs, while taking their dividends regardless. This Federal Reserve gets a 6% dividend payment annually. 6% Of what?!? The entire GDP? Just the circulating currency? Who knows but we’re talking trillions of dollars to private banks, year after year, after year.

More Fun With AI And The Bias That’s Undeniable

As it is, the search engines are bad enough. Google, Yahoo, bing… and even DuckDuckGo, all sensor results. ALL OF THEM. Google Scholar remains a good source, to this day, but I have no idea what they could be hiding. Search engines need to be blown up. I wanna lively market for my precious search traffic. One that sees me as the consumer, not the product.