Ways To Help

I’m a single guy working my ass off to live through this nightmare we call life. I’m drowning in the chaos. There’s several ways you can “pay it forward”.

First, please share what I’m talking about. Use your own way, and your own judgement to make the message most likely to be received. For those of us in this fight, it’s often our closest people are the least interested in what you say. This certainly is the case for myself.

I do know that I have people listening and reading my thoughts, and for that I am grateful. however, we live in an expensive world and nothing I do through this medium is free. Operating costs are real, and they require dollars. I would be thrilled if this could just break even. As it is I’ve never got a single cent from this, and had very little interaction with anyone through it. If y’all threw a couple quarters in my tip jar I’d be over the moon.

Still, this is a public service, of sorts. The message is the money. I also use this as my own therapy in a way. I don’t expect every post to be a home run. But some do get a fair amount of views. For those that are valuable, I would hope to get a positive reaction. I’m just gonna make it plain, I’m hurting. Since I started this whole venture I’ve been having the hardest time I’ve ever seen, keeping a job. I seem to be on constant watch, and it’s taking its toll.

If you can, please help out. No amount would offend me, and anything is better than nothing.

Again, I’m appealing to your conscience. Value for value. If you find this website and podcast valuable, please show it. Thank you for your consideration.