Websites I Endorse

For those looking for interesting information, here is a list of websites I visit regularly. Not every site has material OI fully endorse. I don’t need to validate my opinions by refusing to challenge them. In no specific order I give you a resource page. A website I check everyday. This site is a blessing that is under attack. They need support to continue delivering amazing truth bombs on every subject, but specifically on police accountability. You can imagine that anyone that threatens the entire country’s police, are going to get targeted for their efforts. An unflinching and most informed source for foreign policy news. From a strictly antiwar position. An unbelievable resource for libertarian material. Much of which is free. A real journalist based media outlet. Media worth paying for. Just, fantastically researched work that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Foundation For Economic Education is a brilliant resource that’s been at it for decades. Their mission statement says it all. To make the ideas of liberty familiar, credible, and compelling to the rising generation An excellent resource for all things that have to do with advancing human freedom. Tom is the man! In the liberty movement he is a rockstar. A very humble and incredibly well spoken advocate for human freedom. He has a podcast, homeschool curriculum, and writes best sellers in his sleep. Daves a great comic and he rejects all things woke. We need comedy and Dave and his buddies bring it. This is not exactly family friendly, but staying with comedy, LOS rules. 3 Of today’s funniest comedians on a platform that provides the freedom to be funny. Again, not for the youngsters.

Research sources, just a few.

Court decisions, laws, and research papers all searchable and usually available in PDF.

Searchable California laws, codes, and regulations.

FBI crime statistics. World renowned record keeping that keeps track of just about everything from ages to races of victims and offenders. Very useful.

This list will grow, just wanted to put some out there while on my mind.

I have no relationship with any of these sites and receive nothing but satisfaction if people choose to check them out.