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  • The Real Toni Fauci
    In short, this book is a damning bit of evidence that can be used to build a humungous criminal case against Fauci, and co. All the public health creatures should fear this book. Then they should fear us. We the people must have justice against this medical tyranny. Enough people.
  • Instagram And FaceBook Shown Out For Sex Trafficking
  • So Elon Is An Antisemite Now
    Why do the Jewish criminals of the world never have to fight their own battles? Why have the Jewish people let their brand be so debased, and so appropriated by criminals? This is where I sit with the whole “JQ”? Why the support, and where’s the line for guilt? This type of crap does nothing to help the Jewish people, but it certainly helps one Jew at the expense of the rest. So, why the approval of these institutions, and criminality?
  • It Must Be A Strange World For The Tubeheads
    Whatever you do, do your own research. Read everything and question it all. Don’t take anything for granted, not a thing. The more you know, the more you realize how little you know. Good luck, we’re in this together…
  • Biden Is Being Abused At This Point
    This sucks. I have no interest in having empathy towards such a swamp creature as Biden, but here we are. I simply can’t find the “funny” in watching this man fall his way through his presidency. His wife, family, and the Democratic Party, have all shown themselves to be horrible, rotten, and shameless pond scum.

Any donations would go a long way in supporting my little effort here. These are big topics that the wider world needs to hear. Share the ideas if my words are too abrasive. We need to get the word out, and quick.

Just a deplorable doin my thing.

Thank You



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  1. It’s not that your a tradesman asshole, it’s that you’re a lying sack of shit. says:

    Ooo scary.

    You’ve got a list?

    Great just please don’t read it out loud.

    It’s hard to listen to your whiny little bitch voice.

    For someone who is so proud of his little service job and his superior white status you sure seem filled with resentment and hatred.

    Seriously “dude” Reno wants you, go quickly!

    And remember, try not to talk much. They didn’t teach that when you rode the special bus to special ed? It would really help your tough image if you never talked. As soon as you start talking we all know what you really are.


    • Not me dippy. The tradesmen of America. You won’t find it. You might end up on it, hell you could be on it now. If the blue collar labor went on strike. Skilled labor, not backbreaking labor, you wouldn’t have a choice but pay out demands. If ya think we can be replaced by our migrant replacements…. I’ve seen a lot of work fixing these things so I’m all for it. Don’t expect American quality, honesty, or warranty.

      I can go anywhere. You took a hard bit of time I was in and tried to superimpose it onto my life. My skills are in demand nation wide. You work from home cats, are house cats, and going to be replaced by fancy word models. Your value to the market is about to go to it’s true value.

      I hear Fiver is a good “side hustle” have at it!!


    • Really is a small world after all. For what it’s worth, they’re putting in solar tubes. Just saying, ya mighta given them that ability without knowing they were milking you for knowledge. They seem like the type. He liked a couple of my ideas and was so approving of my work, this was out of the blue.

      It’s really nice to know there’s real folks still out there. I don’t require that you agree with me. I’ve actually hoped for more of a, back and forth from this. I know I get things wrong. I’d like very much for those with ideas, to spread them. No snowflakes here, man. Just a loud mouth looking for the truth. I really appreciate your comment, in particular. This is civil, something these other folks pretend to be. Fake is what they are. The more I learn, the more happy I am to be rid of em. I just wish it had happened on terms that were less destructive. I might vet the next company better and protect myself from any company big enough to even need an “HR department”. What a waste of money.


      • Awe, two assholes that were fired by their HR for being hate-filled liars find each other to commiserate over how unfair the world is.

        What if you both just learned how to replace furnace filters and then just shut your fucking mouths about your stupid shit?

        Or, even better, what if you both just totally and completely fucked off?

        No point in looking at yourselves and wondering why your lives are such train wrecks, no, it must be those companies that insist on their employees not being tiny little turds ruining the company name by spouting racist shit while you do the shitty little jobs you do?

        It takes courage to look at your own dysfunction; cowards blame others.

        But seriously David Baker sounds like a retarded teenager with some kind of weird speech impediment. He really should just stick to writing because then he only sounds like a ranting, Nazi loving, bigot. But when you hear him, you realize he is probably special ed.


      • The tradesmen won’t be touched by AI. You scared bro? We make your world work. Disrespect us all ya like. I know how to set you back in time.

        I encourage you to keep belittling the trades. Do it with your name and see who comes to service your broken furnace, water heater, solar, etc… keep it up.

        We are already developing a blacklist of employers. You’re next. We won’t work for people with such hatred in their hearts. Or those that work to hurt the people’s of Earth. All of them.

        You have a reckoning coming. Get ready boy.


  2. Hey man I’m pretty sure this is discrimination. If you can prove they fired you for your views, and this podcast. I can empathize with you they surprise let me go and made a bunch of excuses up. I was a model employee never late never sick one day, I carried the certs to allow the company to install sun light technology and then one day they decided it wasn’t worth the hassle to add a new division. And without cause or notice I was let go on a fuckin Sunday lmao. From what I hear that company has a lot of design problems and constant self sabotage by the owner, who promises the world and then back stabs you as quick as a fart clears rooms.
    HR lady is very two faced it sounds like too. Infact the entire administration is complacent and will act extremely fake and happy all the time to your face. I will say though, the quicker you learn to control what comes out of your mouth the better off you will be. I don’t agree with all of your view points and think you can definitely do some more research, but I know what it feels like to be taken advantage of and let go with no regard for your well-being so I felt like I should let you know.
    – Day 29 guy


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