National Divorce, WTF Not

If an alien were to look at our society we would appear an odd spot on the map. The elections show us that we have 2 clearly different types of people who fight like mad for power every election cycle. The lines for ideology are too hard to place in terms of principles, but the way Americans associate themselves gives us a stark difference.

Almost straight down the middle we have 2 polar opposite views for the future of this country. One side see’s Jan 6th as the worst thing since the civil war. Half the country could cares less, and is instead concerned with the treatment of the so-called, suspects.

Again almost straight down the middle, one half considers things like CHAZ, the burning of Portland, as well as many more cities, to be, hunky dory. Half the country see this as an insurrection, and in the case of CHAZ, they have the dictionary on their side. These are 2 irreconcilable views on the same events.

Half the country wanted Kyle Rittenhouse dedicated in stone as a hero. Half the country wanted to build the gallows he would swing from. Unlike the other events, the Rittenhouse trial was open to the public and we, who wanted to, got to watch every second. The media is so disgusting that the country is still split on this, regardless the fact that there was no real prosecution. If you watched the trials his innocence would be expected, not a surprise.

Half the country think they can save the world by taking untested, and now known to be risky, medicine. Likewise they have an incredible safety blanket complex with wearing a mask. They wear them around their chin, but when I notice and take mine off, I’m yelled at.

Half, at least, the country is over covid. They hate the masks, the vaccines, the forced mandates, and are ready for regular life. They are also looking at the science, and know their children have been hurt by this and are continuing to be hurt by the vaccines. This massive group happens to have science, common sense, and all of human knowledge on their side.

Half the country is convinced the very trace gas of life, CO2, is killing the planet and they refuse to engage in a reasonable debate. They always defer to the “experts”. Half the country has sought out the “experts”, and know that this is all politics. So half the country wants insane changes for something the other half disregards completely.

There’s a population that has lost their minds. They insist that they get to rule over their homes, and yours, in the same manner. This is not sustainable. I’m getting to the point in California where I’m finding it hard not to physically sock parents who still mask their kids. At the same time I’m constantly berated by morons who couldn’t know less about anything, but have to tell me just how selfish, cocky, and dangerous I am.

I could go on but it’s already clear that these 2 groups, as I have described them, are incompatible. In a country that is the size of the US, and already based upon a federal system of sovereign states, we have no reason to be ruining each other’s quality of life. We need to have an amicable divorce, split the country down the middle and leave it to the people to move where they belong.

Each new nation will have its own coast. Both nations should remain friends, and it’s this divorce and separation that could accommodate that. We should continue to trade with each other. We should also have a very loose policy for visitors. However, each nation would have sovereign control of their borders, their immigration policies, and the entire governments would be separate.

We can continue on with this warm, civil war if you guys think that’s the best we can offer the future. For myself, national split is the only way, and it must happen soon. There is a chance for a European heavy America again. There is nothing in the world I could offer my daughter that could top that. Let’s make the country’s we want, not the country’s we were born with.

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