European Women Are All I Want, Or Need

I’m repurposing this response I gave to all the haters of a very tame post I made. The post showed 4 different, gorgeous, European women.

My response was simply, that European women are amazing, and the others are just jealous haters. After that I was inundated with jerks that refused me the option to reply. A major immaturity in a setting built for debate.

In reply to all the heroes that lock their comments, let this be my reply. Since y’all said essentially the same thing, this works.

I said that this was all the diversity I needed. I said European women are amazing. Both are opinions and neither even mention any other race. If you think my opinions are invalid, GFYS, their mine and mine alone.

Then I made a comment regarding the constant hate towards white women. White women are only second, in line for the most openly hated people in America. After white men, they get the openly racist treatment like no other people in this society.

Since I prefer European women to any other race, and specifically, I am most attracted to American white women, I take the shit talking towards them personal. My daughter, mother, grandmother, and aunts are all white women that mean more to me than my life itself. I refuse to accept their disrespect from any so called, “other”.

Your comments have only affirmed my feelings and proved how jealous you are. Ever hear the trope, “dos thus protest too much”? It’s usually used on a guy overdoing it “proving” he’s not gay. For my mind, y’all are protesting too much unless there’s a personal issue inside of YOU, not us.

I want to find the right white woman that respects me, herself, and God. I then want to make as many babies as we can, and raise them to be models to their people and community. I want to raise them in a white community to avoid bullying, race baiting, and crime/violence.

These are things that should matter to all people in all places. These are also personal decisions that you have no right to even consider, much less spout off about with your own pouting match, about not wanting to look white.

To the “fella”, that offered the loudmouth a safe space, you white knight all ya want. I bet you’re crushing it, hahahaha.

Preference for company is racist? Who did I put down in my appreciation of the extreme minority of the human family? White women are like 5% of the world. So that makes them scarce, prized by just about all men on Earth, and for myself, the very best humanity has to offer.

If white women were a commodity lumped in with all human females, their stock would be several times higher than their closest competitor. The market place shows the true value of things. Marketers seem to think whitey is their best representation for their product, and the largest portion of market share.

Woke is going to destroy any company that thinks 12% of the poorest demographic nationally, is the best marketing strategy.

I choose to vote with my money in every single transaction. I no longer use Gillette or Netflix, and not because I didn’t like the product. I find their other actions offensive and refuse to support it.

This list is growing by the day. Every single interracial commercial I note so I can avoid that product. Every single commercial that berates white men I take note of and avoid that product. I dropped cable 10 years ago because of this crap. It’s all garbage and anti white.

All you POC’s that seem to relish in these times, or act like it’s normal and not even noticeable, are full of crap, or happy with racist entertainment. Either way, I want nothing to do with you.

This is a post that shows 4 very attractive women from European ancestry. Just posting this is “racist”. That’s the problem you lunatics. Act like you’re not jealous and then write a dissertation on why and how you are just as good. Comes off as pretty pathetic.

Anyone with an once of self awareness or confidence would look at this and say, good for them. Their beauty isn’t a threat to you at all. There’s still like a percentage point of white dudes that will give you a look.

For the vast majority of us, there is very little attraction between myself and dark skinned women. In fact, the attractive scale gets less so as the color darkens. Bone structure, attitude, and other things also seem to track with pigment.

Sure there’s always exceptions to the rule, but my tastes are these. If you think this is racism, you’re a hater that wants to force your idea of beauty on me. I only want to have the freedom to approach and perhaps date those that I think are attractive, have common interests, and the scientifically best chance at healthy children.

Just because you don’t fit the bill for my wifey criteria, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends or civil. You folks have gone so far with this mind reading nonsense that I’m done dealing with it. If ya don’t like it, don’t read it.

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