Why Don’t Americans Follow The Separation Of Church And State

Another whopper of a question that I just let rip.

Hmmm. I’m not exactly sure what to make of this question. There’s no such clause that separates church from state. That phrase comes from a private letter, written by Thomas Jefferson. Nowhere in the constitution is there anything, that says the state must be divorced from all religion.

On the contrary, it says that congress will make no established church, nor interfere in the worship of anyone. We are free to pray, free to worship, and free to do it anywhere. Certainly anywhere public, or common. After all, that’s the point. Most religions are evangelical to a degree or another. Hard to spread the word of it’s banned from the street.

It’s only Christian tradition, and Christian prayer that’s attacked. What’s new? They all complain of persecution but Christians know it like no others. As far as being oppressed, purely for religion, Christianity takes the cake. Jews and Muslims ain’t got nothing on Christians.

The strange thing, is that we can’t make any place a safe space for real Christianity without offending the devil. Apparently, mosques and synagogues are cool. Beautiful cathedrals in London are being turned into nightclubs. Houses of worship, filled up with drunken losers, all participants in a mockery of God.

The puritans began in England, then they wore their welcome out on mainland Europe, and crossed a massive sea, and settled an untamed wilderness. Then they began to create wealth, and the migrants followed. The next bunch were the quakers that settled in Pennsylvania. The first Americans were religious fanatics, when fanaticism was the norm.

Today they kick graduates out of their own ceremony for thanking God. Heaven forbid a football couch pray on school grounds. They put up Baphomet statues to honor Satan. They light a huge Jewish candle stick on Hanukah, in front of the Whitehorse. They make exemptions for Muslims and Jews, but if you’re a Christian, you’re separated from the state. Or society, at large.

Taking prayer from school, by the decision of some court, is all the sign I need to know who runs this country. Banning children from praying is wholly evil. What could be the purpose, for taking on this fight? It wasn’t some easy feat. Some jerk wad exploited the crap outta his kid, so he could grind his own axe.

How does an expressed prohibition from legislating against religion, become a prohibition upon, just one religion? How does a country that’s 100% Christian end up with such a satanic government? Jew by Jew by Jew, I suppose. This has been a long term project. Not something they could pull off with a generation.

When you need to destroy a people, you attack their customs, culture, and their past. It helps if you own the means of communication. With the papers they got us into a civil war, but that brought the country closer, in the end. By 1913 they owned enough media to own public opinion. That’s why we have the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the motivator for fighting WWI. Jewish newspapers, and Jewish writers.

We got Jewish radio, and WWII. Thank God for the papers, they remain as evidence. The Jewish gangsters were too flippant with the, 6 million Jews in peril, trope. You find it all over the news prior to any claimed concentration camps. We also see that Jews declared war on Germany, global boycott against Germany. They offer no reason for Jewish pogroms, yet we have example after the next. What gives?

Sometimes countries don’t like being poisoned from within, and they isolate the traitors, and then it gets ugly. Then the traitors bellyache and cry about how they got bullied, until some chump country gives them refuge. Germany was that chump, in the 1800’s they gave Jews full rights. By the time Hitler rose to power, this 3% minority owned the banks, the media, and the politicians. They soaked Germany with war debt, and then again with hyperinflation.

Democratic Germany was a joke. It wasn’t rule of the majority, but absolute control by an elite minority. Like the US today. They can call this democracy, representative, or whatever they like. It’s an oligarchy that’s governed by the Zionist agenda. This isn’t government, it’s gangsterism. They run game on country’s, like gangsters do shop keepers. That’s a mighty nice country ya got, it would be a shame to see it burn…

Then they knock us around for every cent we have, and burn us out when we’re bankrupt. Well, we’ve been bankrupt for a long time. They’ve been liquidating our assets for decades. What the hell is a “service economy”? That’s what they call this. We just make services, not goods, and we’re told that’s fine. No, it’s not fine to rely on commies for everything. What’s worse, we have nothing to offer in trade, except debt promises.

How can a scattered tribe of gypsies conquer great empires? They do it from within, and fainting as friends. Notice that Jews go out of their way to be different from “whites”. This was confusing as hell to me as a kid. You see white looking dudes talking about the wonderful genocide of whites. They are so racist and tribalistic, they hold ancient grudges. They hate Christ, and they’ve hated Christianity since they got their asses bounced from Judah.

The Roman’s had it with their constant drama, and wiped em off the mountain top. Can’t imagine why they hate the Roman Salute so much. It was pagan Rome that did it, but it did just happened to be within a generation of them crucifying Christ. Cosmic karma I suppose. Their inability to learn from their own history is remarkable. Seems that when they’re on the march for Lucifer, they are scattered, and banned from Israel. Every time they fall into idolatry they lose their land.

They gave up on God and threw their lot in with Lucifer, like a few thousand years ago. Well before Christ came, the Mystery Schools and Secret Societies of the ancient Egyptians, and Babylonians, overtook the Hebrew God. These ancient rituals, and magic are all coded throughout the Talmud. The Freemasons are wholly founded upon Talmudic Luciferianism.

Scottish Right sure sounds cool. What the Scott’s have to do with Solomon, I have no idea. It’s quite likely that the Freemasons, were the surviving members of the Templars. The fellas that invented the first multinational banking system. Regardless of their blood, they were rich, and Scotland was a good place to rebuild a secret society, and they were welcomed to contribute to Scottish independence.

Whether they were evil from the start, or they were co-opted is irrelevant. The fact is, they were co-opted by the likes of Albert Pike, Manly P Hall, and even Alister Crowley. Whatever their original mission, it was global domination by whatever enlightened name they gave it. The destruction of the monarchies of Europe. The total destruction of the Vatican, and Christianity. The complete infiltration of all secret societies, fraternal orders, or any influential social club they could.

There’s a personal letter written by Washington in response to a concern of the Illuminati influence over American Freemasonry. Both the US and the Illuminati, were founded in 1776. According to the republics first president, the Illuminati control over the American lodges was already substantial, and a serious threat.

I believe he likened them to the Jacobins in France. The instigators of a wretched revolution, in which everything was to be changed. They rearranged the week to confuse the sabbath. They began their own calendar. Their bloodletting was consistent with their looney new government. One that lasted until Napoleon took em right back to empire, ruled by an emperor, himself.

Text book Bolshevism. Take a country, that’s already got some grievances, and incite the mob until they get a revolution. Then remake the society in the manner that best suits central authority. Then use that authority to loot the nation, and exploit its military assets to expand. Expand until you’ve gone too far with the host country, and like France, their puppet gets marooned in exile. Or the wars become unsustainable, or suicidal.

What was a main point of anger for the mob in France? The church, religion, and the emphasis upon “reason” over superstition. Good Christians don’t carry out mass murder like the French did. They were deceived to hate God, and to worship themselves, as gods. The French were old world, and were subject to a corrupt church and state. America has been a much tougher nut to crack.

This country boasted a literacy rate of 90+% in the 1700’s. This is directly due to the Protestant population, that all read their English translated Bible. While Catholicism was stale, corrupt, and probably far more gross then, than they could be today. In the new world, over 1,000 Christian denominations flourished. All without conflict, because there was room enough for all kinds. Even brand new religions, that came with very unorthodox practices, found their place, and made it a success. I’m looking at you Mormons.

When I hear idiots spout off about this never being a Christian country, I go nutty. How many references to God, do you need to see, in our founding documents, before you accept that God was a given? Not just the Father, but also his Son. This was the foundational belief of nearly all Americans. Even those that followed their own, unaffiliated faith, wouldn’t ever deny that they had faith. Even crazy people like TJ, that famously edited his own Bible. Since there’s been several versions of the Bible, and we know there’s many books that are not included, although spoken of in the official Bible. Enoch being the most strange, considering his status in Genesis.

I’m a fan of independent Bible study. I think that it should be studied, and taken as incomplete, at best. The folks that hold up the NIV and proclaim it the “word of God”, are stupid, lying, or both. The Bible was surely divinely inspired. What we have of it at least, and I’m sure the texts that are missing, are where the juicy stuff is, and they were books written by big players in the story.

Enoch appears in Genesis, and is spoken of in the most high respect. Mary Magdalene is said to have written a gospel. There’s another book by David other than Psalms. Solomon is said to have a hidden book. And it goes on. The people who gave first person accounts, seem to have been discarded for the accounts of those a generation removed. Who better to hear tell a tale of Jesus, than his possible wife? Men are commanded to marry, and make babies. Being single meant you were off, and not quite right. Probably was seen with suspicion.

If a man isn’t married, does he sleep with married women? He’s probably a pervert, or a lunatic. Sodomy was against Jewish law, but Rome and Greece, kinda embraced the whole pedophile thing. For Jews it was only permissible under Talmudic Law, and only when done to a goyim, and a child or baby goyim at that. Their “holy books” say that as tears return each time the eye is poked, so to does the virginity come back to a child of less than 3 years of age.

Wonder how the world got so disgusting, like over night. We know now that there’s a global network of human traffickers, that deal in everything from on demand organ trade, to sex slavery, to outright snuff parties. We know our elites partake in this and it’s so well known, they got comfortable enough to forget to use their code words in any realistic, or sensible way. The white house doesn’t spend $30k on hot dogs. Some even decline to use code, and talk about pool parties with children.

We have to be the judge of these monsters. Our politicians were men like The Adams, all of em. Samuel Adams was a preacher, and a radical patriot. John Adams was probably a bore to hang with, but he was honest, loved and respected his wife, Abigail, and he was painfully disciplined in leading a virtuous life. Even those that have been called “deists”, were a million times more humble, righteous, and selfless than anyone in American politics can come close to.

They weaseled their money into our leaders, and not just political. They bought anyone that could be. If they couldn’t buy you, they bought your assassin. Political murder is as American as apple pie. Since Bobby Kennedy, they’ve held both isles of that position. So much so, that they were fully convinced we’d pick a Bush or a Clinton. The two most notorious political, crime families. One married to a rapist, drug addict, and the other, the son of a life long traitor, and brother of the guy who started 2 wars of aggression, justified by blatant lies.

Religious people would not have this. Christians are so reviled because they answer to a higher power than any king, president, or man by any title. We are bound to put God before ourselves, let alone the illegal plunder, and murder of an innocent, civilian population.

Christians wouldn’t take liars for news. They wouldn’t support the filth called cable TV, or the net either. If this country was still actual Christians the culture would reflect it. I look at the culture and I see satanic symbolism, mockery of God, and every perversion possible. Gay pride parades, using the covenant God made with Noah to never use water to destroy us again. Parents taking their kids to corrupt their innocence, and model to them their own worship of sin.

Virtue signaling, woke, and diversity, are all gross, and not inline with the Bible. Honor thy mother and father, love your enemy, judge not lest ye be judged, and he who harms a little, is doomed come judgement day. Our society is openly attacking our children, openly trying to pervert their minds, and make them desecrate their “temple”.

I think circumcising is a barbaric, Jewish ritual, and it mutilates the one thing that makes a man, a man. Christian’s didn’t circumcise until Rockefeller medicine brainwashed enough moms to believe only Jews had clean dicks. If it’s hygienic then I guess the vast majority, like 97% of humanity, was constantly infected at the most sensitive area on the body.

If this was so, it woulda been adopted for practicality, centuries ago. How many infected peckers, do you really think there has been? The hole is like a one way valve. Almost impossible to get anything in there. The foreskin is the lubricant. The foreskin allows for the motion without the lotion. Your skin is a sleeve and your piece slides inside it, and you were designed this way.

Now we all have been ritually tortured and a blood sacrifice is made in all American boys. Now it’s esthetics, and admittedly not about health. Women prefer the mutilated Jewish prick, to the natural, and trauma free, goyim prick. Ladies, please, from a man that’s cut, I would never let someone do the same to my son. It’s a choice, that can’t be undone, and can wait until any age to get it, if the boy wants to. If uncircumcised guy gets embarrassed by his piece, and mutilates it for the fashion, it’s gonna suck. Your sensitivity is gonna drop, your overall pleasure is decreased, and it might be painful compared to the way you were before. I’ve never heard of an adult circumcision improving the experience. I’ve only heard the opposite.

Now that I’ve thoroughly touched on dicks, pun intended, I’ll make my point. They have had to be sneaky, and patient with this country, but they’ve used the same tactics, and the success is everywhere to see. The killing of God has taken them centuries. As soon as God was uncool, families crumbled. Like day following night, first church, then the family, and now the children. We live in a police/surveillance state, and still some 50,000 kids go missing a year. 50 million world wide. You guys care about some illegal that’s given care and medical attention, no matter where they are, or their ability to pay. When tens of thousands of American children disappear every year? WTF?

This exploitation of a private letter and catchy slogan, separated the citizen from their maker, if in public. When I was young we still had prayer day at the flag and it was a choice, but every kid went. You know what I never saw at school, a gun. Parents were aware of everything the kids were being taught, because they cared and had time. I remember a huge issue over the “Sex Ed” material. This was far before they even considered talking about gays, let alone offering up illustrations to fill the gaps in, in their imagination.

They were testing my parents while pushing boundaries. They got so far before feeling the first sign of resistance, the momentum blasted them past marriage, and into your 6 year old within a decade or so. Talk about moral decline. What will we be celebrating 10 years from now? Hopefully we will be rebuilding by then. If we continue on this path, we aren’t lasting it to 2025. They can throw agenda 30, and 50 out. We’re cooked already.

They desired to control, and exploit a massive, hard working, and honest, and fanatically Christian country. After seeing the country heal, from the bloodletting of the war of northern aggression, they must have been discouraged. Perhaps the US couldn’t be enslaved? Then they found mass media. They controlled it with full knowledge of its addictive properties. Further still, for its ability to form opinion, and shape perception.

We need God like never before. He favored this country for generations, and blessed those that called her home. Now we are so lost in wickedness, that we could probably fit right between Sodom and Gomorrah. If there was a Babylon of modern time, it would be the US of A. Freedom of speech has given us uncontrolled, and constant access to porn. No way to protect children from it. It’s totally owned by Jews. It’s also banned by default in Israel. Ya, in Israel, you have to contact your ISP and ask for the cuck, smut. Their default is to consider their children. Not middle aged perverts.

Godless heathens are vulnerable to just about anything. In particular, certain times and places can make you more vulnerable, and less aware. I was little when Christianity was still strong, and still fought back. I’ve seen them compromise on everything, to a point that gay flags fly on church’s today. There is no sin they will condemn, no abomination they will even call out, let alone, shame the devil for doing it.

Separation from you and your creator, separation from you and the Constitution, and separation from you and your father. Mission accomplished. Marriage was a sacred oath made to God. What does a strong family need from the state? Nothing. A strong, God fearing, and loving family, is a net gain to society, not a drain. This American independent, and entrepreneur was totally capable, and wouldn’t even gripe if they were less so. They’d work harder.

How to break a country? One man at a time. The Anglo-American, father, has been the punching bag for all entertainment, for my whole life. From Al Bundy, to Homer Simpson, to the show Friends, the men are dumb, eat shit everyday for nothing, and effeminate beyond all reason. The dudes on Friends, are as gay acting as they could be, while keeping the characters. They look and sound like the type of guys who have female friends.

However it happens, this country needs to hit its knees and beg. Confess you’re an idiot, and worthless alone, and beg the good lord to have mercy on us. We have some 60 million babies worth of blood dripping from our hands. We’ve made a mockery of our lords greatest miracle. The day we commemorate his raising from the grave, has been given over to idol worship, Luciferian ritual, and even the name, and dates have been changed to further separate us from God. They have played our ego against us, and let us build their prison planet, to house us.

They took away your spirit, with religion. They took your fathers through welfare schemes, wars, and the war on Americans who sell black market goods. They took your kids by simply telling you they need to read. Now we’ve seen that there’s no limit to what they will try to take, only we can stop the assault.

We, the 97% are pissed off. You 3%’s called Jews are playing with fire. The type that can actually consume a body that’s like 80% water. Much hotter than some gasoline and chopped wood can produce. These idiots act as if humans are flammable. 80% Water folks, you don’t burn unless it’s hot and long. Modern crematoriums take like 2 hours a body, and the big bones are never consumed. They are ground up with the rest of the ashes. Jewish science is getting so old. It’s heresy to question, and it’s opposite all reality. Double speak I suppose.

God We Need You Now

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