More Fun With AI And The Bias That’s Undeniable

Chewin Chocolate…

I’ve got a bit of extra time on my hands, can’t walk and all. So I’ve been messing with ChatGPT. I’m not that impressed. I keep getting Medium article after the next praising the new app like the next PC. Plenty of articles talking about it changing society, and scraping whole industries. On this, some industries might be on the block. However, for those that need unbiased data, you’ll never want AI to replace search engines.

As it is, the search engines are bad enough. Google, Yahoo, bing… and even DuckDuckGo, all sensor results. ALL OF THEM. Google Scholar remains a good source, to this day, but I have no idea what they could be hiding. Search engines need to be blown up. I wanna lively market for my precious search traffic. One that sees me as the consumer, not the product.

Hell, I’d pay for a search engine that specifically focused on the results that Google and co, avoided. I want a search engine I can ask, “what were some cool things about Hitler”? “Has anyone recently compared the “learned elders of Zion” to todays world and history”? “Who owns the Fed”? “Who are the shareholders of the IMF, World Bank, and International Bank of Settlements”?

I’d love a search engine that just gave me facts. Ours are so bad and we don’t seem to know how bad they are. The “indexed” web, as in, the searchable web, is like 5% of the internet. That might be a completely high guess, it could be as low as 1%. I believe they are actively, and the WayBack Machine proves this, removing history as it happens.

Just a terrible time for answers in a world that’s so fraught with uncertainty. And along comes AI. The answer to teachers, writers, and possibly your future overlords. They have been trying to shove this genie back into its bottle for decades. The net was for them, and never intended to be used like it is today. It was for broad dissemination of info between universities and state entities.

Ever since the dot com boom, they’ve made a mint from it and let it roll role. Hey, it’s became a self selecting device of absolute surveillance. So they’ve enjoyed collecting our privacy, and categorizing all of us. At the same time they’ve had this wormhole into our world, we’ve had access to theirs. Thus making this a very foolish weapon to begin with. They have relied solely upon their authority to maintain control.

This net thing exploded thanks to the patriot movement, and the so called conspiracy theorists who were putting content out in droves. The commerce aspect lagged the info exchange by far. People were weary of CC on the net to begin with. The plain Jain message boards, and file sharing of sensitive info, was happening in the 80’s. By the time I could make use of the net, hardware, and ability, was around 2000. My interest grew fast.

Not in coding or building anything, just the library aspect blew my mind. I spent, or I have spent hour, upon hour looking at random search results with search qualifiers set for cool stuff. “NOT FOR WIDE RELEASE”, pdf, .org, .mil, .gov, and enter. I’ve tried so many qualifiers and site specifications as to see a ton of things that I know the average person just hasn’t.

God knows where’d I be if I was a hacker, I’m just an idiot that knew these tricks far before most the other users, of the net. I’ve been able to download the official CAFR’s for California, my county, city, school district… I’ve been able to prove the existence of a missing 13th amendment, and the reason we never talk about the only war we’ve lost, 1812. To my standards that is.

I’ve been able to find and read Henry Fords works free of charge. He’s dead so I think it’s morally ok. I’ve been able to access the library of Murray Rothbard on Lew Rockwell’s site, free of charge. Listened to most of Bill Coopers work, free of charge.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, isn’t just any book. When paired with a document found in an auctioned government photocopier called, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, we have a smoking gun. These documents detail our world as it is today. Ford said the same in his time, but I’ve seen far more than he suffered to see. I see a carbon copy, with WWIII on the brink.

If ever a time for genuine truth was needed it is now. I asked this “AI” what would happen if we halted the use of gasoline, and diesel tomorrow, to the cost of food. This is what I got.

1. Transportation Costs: Gasoline and diesel are widely used for transportation in the agricultural and food industry. Banning these fuels would require a transition to alternative energy sources, such as electric or biofuel-powered vehicles. The initial cost of replacing the existing vehicle fleet and establishing the necessary charging or refueling infrastructure could result in higher transportation costs, which could be passed on to consumers.

2. Farming and Harvesting: Gasoline and diesel are essential for various farming operations, including plowing, tilling, planting, and harvesting. A ban on these fuels would require farmers to adopt alternative energy sources or equipment, which could be costlier upfront. This could potentially lead to increased production costs, which may impact food prices.

3. Processing and Distribution: Food processing and distribution facilities heavily rely on gasoline and diesel for powering machinery and transportation. Replacing this infrastructure with electric or alternative energy sources would require significant investments, which could contribute to higher processing and distribution costs. These additional expenses may be reflected in the price of food products.

4. Storage and Refrigeration: Many storage facilities and refrigeration units in the food industry rely on diesel-powered generators or refrigeration systems. Transitioning to alternative energy sources in these areas would involve capital investment and potentially higher operational costs. These costs may be passed on to consumers, leading to increased food prices.

5. International Trade: Banning gasoline and diesel would also affect the transportation of food through international trade. Shipping and aviation industries heavily rely on these fuels, and transitioning to alternative energy sources for long-distance transportation could increase shipping costs. This, in turn, could impact the prices of imported food products.

It’s challenging to provide an exact estimate of the cost increase, as it would depend on the specific circumstances and the time frame allowed for transition and infrastructure development. However, it’s reasonable to expect that a sudden ban on gasoline and diesel without a well-planned and gradual transition could result in noticeable cost increases throughout the food supply chain.

Ya… so, this is crap. What I asked should have produced an answer like, “this would cause the immediate halt to all economic, and personal action”. This would be social suicide, and can’t be done. This couldn’t be done by edict. We simply all rely upon fossil fuels to a point that if we couldn’t personally use it, we’d likely starve, freeze, or die of heat stroke. This is the importance of fossil fuels to our way of life.

Just keep that all in mind when you’re voting next time my fellow moronic Californians.

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