I’ll Level With You Guys, Health Is The Best Thing To Consider

Ain’t that a peach…

No matter what your take is on this whole scamdemic. Obviously I have my feelings. One inescapable fact is that the elite, at best, are willing to sacrifice a few to profit from many. At worst, they are willing to profit and kill as many as they think they can get away with.

For decades we’ve been sprayed by God knows what. I think these are localized enough, and slow acting enough methods that they definitely spray our skies with heavy metals at the minimum. They can do so all over middle, or just rural America and be fine. Still they must, as a matter of course, be doing things that actively combat the environmental toxins they release.

Our foods are sapped of nutrition. Even the outside isles are lacking in trace minerals, and trace vitamins that the body needs. Things like Selenium, iodine, and so many others are a tricky deal. You only need trace amounts, and large amounts would be toxic, yet a fully functional body maintains these nutrients. A body that lacks them will suffer.

My mom was just diagnosed with diabetes. She’s thin, lives on fruit, and is active. Sure diabetes is in our family, but this is a good syndrome. One that’s fixable through diet in most cases. My mom’s also a nurse, and while she is open minded on some things, I can’t give her health advice.

Thanks to this awful situation my mother took that awful crap they call a vaccine. She got terribly sick and to my knowledge has declined anymore. Pre shot, no diabetes. Post shot, my moms diabetic. I’m very much scared for her. I’m scared that my daughter’s jabbed and people just lied to me. I’m really scared for a lot of people. My prayers are truly out to many but my blood gets more of my attention.

Anything that can provide nutrients, and offer your body the tools it needs to do what it has to do, take, please. Anything that offers good science for detoxification of heavy metals, take please. These are almost never, and I mean never harmful. I’ve heard of charlatans, yes. Poison? Hell no.

The poison is the grocery store’s, pharmacy’s, and hospitals. So from here on out, I’m offering links to things that have with helped me or someone I know. Health is so important, and the Rockefeller plan is plain as day. Use medicine, food, and environment to destroy our minds, bodies, and souls. Stop destroying your temple, and see how you feel.

Just know I’m doing only what I think is right.





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